Season 7 Episode 1

The 34th Floor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • Great premiere!

    * I really liked that the opening was a continuation of the finale and that we actually got to see everything that happened that night.
    * I like Jo's introduction... getting to the lab and finding a dead woman! And the BYOB (Bring Your Own Body) joke was great. * Jo's scene was Adam was really funny... He's just to easy...:lol:
    * Flack's hair is a big NO! Just combed in a different way and with less grease or whatever would be much much better...:roll:
    * I loved that Lindsay got the present from Stella and the note, but I'm kinda disappointed that this is the only mention we get of her...
    * Mac/Lindsay and DL scenes at the rooftop were amazing. Mac is still acting as a father figure with Lindsay and I love it, and DL seems to be closer after this experience...awesome!!:D
    * The case was quite good too, A young woman that liked to have relationships with married men gets killed by one of her lovers after him finding out that she's pregnant, all that mixed with a burglar that actually tried to save her life and got stabbed in the process. Sid discovery of what the weapon was was great, and the little scene with Hawkes, Adam and Jo examining the shirts was really cool too.

    All in all a great premiere. I liked Jo, although maybe she's a little bit too flirty and too forward for my taste but she will bring in a different side of our characters. Flack's hair has to change!
    Just a little :roll: moment, although I totally loved Danny and Flack's pursuit scene making Danny jump after he was in a wheel chair less than a year ago?:roll: