Season 5 Episode 9

The Box

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on CBS

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  • Mac and the team investigate a body found in one of the most unlikely of places. Meanwhile, Lindsay's and Danny's lives change with some surprising news.

    Without a doubt the best episode of the season up to this point in time. "The Box" is also, in my opinion, one of the best of the series period. Carmine Giovanazzo has given his best performance of the series here. This episode grabs the viewer's attention right from the beginning and never lets go. Intercutting the episode with Danny's conversation with the parents of the victim was another great way (aside from the case itself) to keep the viewer interested in the episode until the end. "The Box" definitely prooves that "CSI: NY" is one of television's best shows.
  • This episode was exactly why I love this show. It was emotional, griping, had a great storyline, a great case and great chemistry between the characters.

    I love how they caught out attention, having us learn more about Danny. They grabbed us fromt he start and wouldn't let go. The stories with Danny and how he was dealing with the news that Linds was pregnant and how he talked to the victim's parents. i was a little annoyed with them- kicking their teenage daughter out.. what will happen if their grandson gets a girl pregnant, will they do the same? the storyline was great, so sad about the victim. and all around it was a great episode with great moments, and the touch of the sonogram was just perfect. i just wish they had danny gripe linds' hand at the very end, rather than just touch her hand with his.
  • Great character development episode for Danny!

    This was one heck of an episode. And that it showcases Danny, as I think it was time. That they given him an episode of his own for once. Loved the way he talked to the parents. Really hate it that the parents kicked out their daughter. And seeing that, they needed to reconcile with her. While investigating a body, in an unlikely place. That you would ever find a body. Meanwhile, Danny gets dropped a bombshell from Lindsay. Two words, two little words. That will change forever....she's pregnant! This is due to the real-life actress playing her, being pregnant. Now both of them, are caught in a dilema. Wondering, what they need to do. Since she's pregnant!
  • A terrific episode with both a compelling case and some excellent character development

    I thought this was a wonderful episode more for how everything came together and how Danny's work on what he thought was just another case ended up touching him so deeply. For me, this a whole is greater than the sum of its parts episode.

    Danny's conversation with a mysterious couple is beautifully interwoven with the case, which is moved along at time with Danny's narrative. Danny begins by saying that he broke his wrist which ended his baseball aspirations. Interestingly, Carmine Giovinazzo had baseball aspirations which were dashed by a serious back injury. I thought he shone in the spotlight in this episode. I was very touched by the parents' realization of how they messed up with their daughter (the victim) by kicking her out of the house for selfish reasons when she was pregnant. Their regret leads Mr. Harris to tell Danny that no matter what happens between him and Lindsay, Danny must no have any regrets. They are blessed to have another opportunity with their grandson, who survived in her mother's womb when she fell to her death.
  • Lindsay tells Danny that she is pregnant.

    In this episode of CSI New York, the following happens. The CSI team are called in when a body is found in the trunk of a car that has been crushed. From the bones in the trunk they estimate that the female victim was between 17-25 years old. The team trace the car and believe that the Jane Doe in the back is the owner of the car. They head to her house and find that is not the case.
    When the team do a facial reconstruction of the victim, they run it through the database of missing people but get no hits. When Lindsay sees the picture of Jane Doe, she knows who she is and passes on the name. Danny also learns in this episode, that Lindsay is pregnant. The team soon realise that the victim was pregnant with a baby boy when she was killed, and the child was cut from her body. We soon learn that the victims name is Nicole. When her parents learnt that she was pregnant they threw her out. It soon becomes obvious that the doctor who Nicole was seeing was in on her murder. We soon learn that the owners of the car stole the baby and are now passing him off as their own. They soon find the woman and she has the baby. She locks herself inside of a toilet and the police are outside waiting for her to give herself up. We soon learn from the husband that Nicole wanted to get rid of the baby and Nicole agreed to give them her baby. But she changed her mind. She then fell down the stairs and died. And since he knew that the ambulance wouldn't make it until after the baby had died as well, so he cut the baby out. The police and the team manage to talk the woman down and get the baby off of her. We then see that it was the grandparents that Danny has been talking to the whole episode. They are there to pick up their grandson. They are handed their grandson and we see Danny and Lindsay standing together, almost holding hands.
  • A huge step up from last weeks episode.

    I loved this departure from routine with Danny telling the story of the crime. There are obvious errors that seem to occur in every such scenario, such as how does he know what Sid and Sheldon are talking about, or what's going on in interrogation, when he's in another part of the building? Leaving that problem aside and ascribing it to "writers licence", the rest is CSI at it's finest: There's a set of puzzles to solve, but there's not an extended amount of time spent on watching them get the results, mostly just talk throughs of what they did to obtain them. There's CSI character development, which gives a kind of twist to the overall season storyline, and the whole episode is set up to meld together really nicely. There's also a surprise element when we discover who Danny is telling the story to. Coming on the heels of last weeks disaster of a 100th episode, CSI:NY has reprieved itself completely with this episode. In fact I would much rather have seen this one as the 100th because it epitomises a good CSI storyline.
  • OMG I think this is my first ten of the season!

    Yeah we have the revelation that Lindsay is pregnant with Danny's baby. But it's how it was handle and the case involved that just put this episode over the top. It was just fanstastic. We have the victim, a young pregnant woman who coinsidently knows Lindsay. The team works feverishly to first identify their victim. Once that done that learn that more was stolen from her than her life. Her son was stolen as well. But this poor young lady died because a woman was obsessed with having a baby of her own. The writers as well as the actor's did themselves proud with "The Box".
  • The whole episode is told from Danny's point of view, as he explains the story of solving the case and the discovery that Lindsay is pregnant to an elderly couple.

    What a great episode! Danny is an unbelievable character, one of my personal favorites. I have always been a D/L shipper, but even still seeing the promo and hearing rumors that Anna's pregnancy would be written into the show, I was horrified. Even though Danny is and will always be my favorite character, I've never pictured him as the fatherly type. But of course, Danny is always full of surprises, one reason why I love him to death. This episode was sad, especially when Lindsay was telling Danny. The look on his face when he found out that she had known for weeks and not told him made me want to cry! Last season their was a little controversy of whether Danny ever cared for Lindsay, after it was shown he cheated on her with Rikki. After seeing this amazing episode however, no one will ever doubt Danny's love for Lindsay again.
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