Season 1 Episode 22

The Closer

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

A girl slides down a fire escape pole, and runs down an alley and into a street in (what looks like Brooklyn?) A passing truck hits her, unable to stop in time. She flies, and he stops, gets out and checks on her. Flack is questioning the driver; Mac and Stella are on the scene. She is just in lace. There are bruises on her wrist and a laceration on her cheekbone. Stella checks out the body, while Mac goes to the truck. Flack comes in the truck with Mac and tells him what he found out from the driver, he just was going to finish his shift, just pulled out of the driveway so he wasn't going very fast. His story checks with Mac's speedometer findings (there is a mark where the speedometer was when he hit her).

Stella goes into the exam room where Hawkes is with her DB. The DB is Margo Trent. Hawkes lifts up the white sheet, and he shows that the skin expanded to compensate for the pressure. There are traces of semen on the inner thigh and a stamp on her hand, her BAC was low, implying there was no drink minimum. There were tiny puncture wounds on the soles of her feet, but they don't have anything to do with cause of death, tox was run, results were negative. Margo Trent died because she was hit by a truck. It's no longer a case of homicide, but since Flack will probably want to run on rape charges, she asks him to get a sexual assault kit.

Stella arrives to where she was called, Danny and Aiden are there, a DB in a car, and his name is David Novotny from Brookline Massachusetts. A Boston fan in the Bronx. There is dried blood in his nose; he's been dead and in that position for over 12 hours. He was sitting in expensive seats. Boston won the game, so Danny is thinking maybe a NY fan that was a sore loser took it out on him. No blood drops in or outside the vehicle. The bloody nose happened earlier. Stella's guess is that David got into the car and died there. There is a ball in Novotny's car, a souvenir from the game, foul ball or home run, and Danny thinks maybe someone felt it was rightfully there. Stella looks at it, and sees a brown hair.

Danny and Aiden are in the stands, and Danny says how he was almost in the minors. They find Novotny's seat, and process it. Danny finds blood by the seat. That's where he got hit, but no one dies from a bloody nose. But no one dies from a bloody nose. It's up to them to find out what he died from.

Mac is in his office and gets a call, from some inmate? He is saying Mac made a mistake, he couldn't have known, and he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in a cell. Mac asks who it is, and he doesn't answer, but he quotes something Mac said in court two days prior. The man on the phone is a Mr. Sullivan. He claims he didn't kill the woman they say he did. He is made to get off the phone, and so the call is cut short.

Danny and Stella are with Hawkes who is showing them Gilbert's ruptured spleen. The rib was broken. He made it back to his car where he died from internal bleeding. Also, found in Gilbert's hair is trace, he puts it in a Petri dish and Danny heads with it to the lab. Aiden is seen working on printing the ball. He stuff in his hand is cracker jacks. Apparently Aiden know what happen, and is surprised people still do it. People put the cracker jacks in their mouth then spit at someone else, anyone within a five foot radius is a target. So they are going to track the cracker jacks. Stella brings the cracker jack to Jane, who swabs the jack. At that moment a tech arrives with information on the hair found in the baseball. It has something strange in its blood, something from another case earlier today. They head to Hawkes and he pulls out Gilbert's corpse. Margo Trent was connected with Gilbert Novotny- her hair was in his baseball.

Danny, Aiden, Mac and Stella are in the lab checking out the info of Gilbert and Margo. Mac is distant. They are checking out the foul ball footage. They were seated a foot away. The ball hit her in the head and Gilbert "caught" it. Margo's death was an accident. So they split up the people, Aiden and Danny on Gilbert, and Stella and Mac will focus on Margo. Stella senses that Mac feels something is up. And he admits the inmate that called him. He feels he's right. She assures him they didn't do anything wrong and not to worry about it.

We go back to Mac with Flack at the apartment Margo fled from. Someone tried to bust through the door. The room is the bathroom and the window is open. Which she went through, that explains the punctures on her feet. Flack finds another baseball at her apartment. Stella is analyzing the stamp on her hand. With some computer work, she figures out what it once said. Bixby's Bar and Grill. Stella finds, a man whom she was with there. He claims that yeah they had an argument and then 10 minutes later had sex in the bathroom. Stella smirks and asks what the argument was about: it was that she accused him of stealing one of her clients- and he did. He has an alibi, his wife.

Mac is at the lab going through the case of Alyssa Danville (the woman Sullivan was accused of killing.) He looks over the evidence again.

Aiden is with Mac; Gilbert's ticket was purchased by a local station. He was caught on tape being aggressive with another listener. So they head to the station, and they listen to the recording. Messer lectures him on riling up fans, and gets a call. Aiden continues the interview. He doesn't paperwork all the calls. Danny comes back; she got a hit off the DNA, an Anthony Reanetti – the Tony from the previous call. They head over to his work, and find Tony from the Bronx, who on seeing them, immediately runs. Danny chases after him. He tried to climb a fence; Danny leaps up and brings him down, then cuffs him.

Danny and Aiden bring him into interrogation, and show him the spit on the cracker jacks from Gilbert's hair. He claims innocence. And Danny says then why'd you run? He claims he was running because he hasn't seen his parole officer in a few weeks. And then reasserts he had nothing to do with Gilbert's death. Aiden reminds him of the radio show. And he says it was just talk. He says he wasn't there and that he was thrown out because of spitting the cracker jacks at him. And that then he went home. He doesn't have any real alibis.

Stella goes to Mac's office, and sees the Alyssa Danville files back out, and then we see Mac back at the prison talking to Sullivan who is saying there were no mistakes and that he stands by his results. Sullivan says he didn't kill that girl. And he says he wasn't in that alley. He claims that he was chosen because he fit the description. But Mac says the DNA was the same as his. And he requites Mac. He admits he lost it, that he lost the hammer. He says he lied about never having the hammer. He says that he lost his hammer, and that if the hammer was his, it changes everything.

Mac is having coffee, and Stella comes over, and talks to him saying she couldn't sleep, and she is upset. And she says she should have been consulted. They go over it for a bit, and then decide to go over the facts from that case. The coworker testified that every time she walked by, he was looking at her. Then she goes over the hammer bit and Mac tells her about seeing him and what he said. She's shocked he believes him. And Stella says if they had known that the hammer was Sullivan's it wouldn't have changed the test results, but it changed the conclusion. So they have to retest the hammer- they need a judge's consent which could take days. Mac says that its more than just the sincerity in Quinn Sullivan's eyes, he needs to find an answer. He talks about Claire's death. He admits to how powerless he felt about her death, and here he feels like he has the power to change the man's fate. Stella softens up, and fights back tears.

At the examination room, Hawkes is going over Gilbert's corpse. He finds bruises and the stitches from a baseball. A fastball fast to the gut. He tells his findings to Mac, Danny, and Aiden. So Mac gets Danny to replay the scene and see if they can figure it out, how fast the ball flew to break the rib and rupture the spleen and break through the door. Danny throws, but nothing cuts it. They need something 94 mph. Danny couldn't do it. At that moment someone comes in with the evidence he requested from the judge.

Mac goes to the lab with the hammer and tests the blood. Stella joins him and he explains the crossover technology they use in cancer research. He's excited because he separated the epithilials from the blood and the epithilials only contain Sullivan's DNA. Stella abruptly asks why he hasn't taken off the wedding ring. Mac says he doesn't know; he doesn't want to.

Mac goes to the lawyer and tells him that he wants to get it reversed, he wants to be recalled. But the lawyer won't do it.

Stella finds Aiden and Danny going over the stadium footage; Danny has an ice pack on his shoulder. They see that someone wasn't there originally but then after the foul ball was in the seat between Margo and Gilbert. The guy in the middle is looking oddly at Gilbert and isn't smiling. Stella recognizes the face.

She heads to the guy from the picture, a ball player they saw the other day. He was with Margo and he was annoyed with the guy throwing spit balls. Stella shows a picture of how angry he looks at Gilbert. He goes to pitch and Danny and Stella go behind the man clocking, they glance at the clock and then Danny gets an idea and heads to the stands. He catches the ball the player places his spit on, and swabs it in the lab. He hands it to Jane who tests it. She gets the DNA from it, and analyzes it to the balls from the murders. It matches.

Danny and Stella have him in interrogation. Asking about the balls, and they go up with the evidence. They say how he ruptured Gilbert's spleen. They ask why he was so angry. He was angry because when they were on the jumbotron, Gilbert leaned over and kissed him. He was angry of being made a fool. And Margo made fun of him, and that's what she was running from.

We see Mac back in court the defense called him up. He comes up with his information, as the court proceedings go through, we see Sullivan being released. Sullivan walks up to Mac in the courthouse, and he asks why Mac helped him. And he says because he told him the truth. And Mac informs him is job is to process the evidence and get the truth and that he normally doesn't care whether it makes the suspect guilty or innocent, but this time he wanted the evidence to prove him wrong from the first time. He liked the prospect of changing everything.