Season 5 Episode 5

The Cost of Living

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • Stella's life may be in danger

    In this episode of CSI New York, the following happens. A man named James is found dead. We see Stella getting attacked, due to the case both she and Danny are working on. The next day the fisherman who both Stella and Danny interviewed has been murdered. Although he only heard the gun shot of the murder, he saw the killer running off. Someone came back and scared off the fisherman and now he is dead. During the autopsy we learn that James isn't the real James. We learn that a video was made by the real James 3 year before and he put his entire life up for sale, so that he could start a new life. They track down the real James. The team soon learn that the real James killed the man who basically replaced him after his new life turned out not to be so good. At the end of the episode Stella meets with some people from the Greek government and soon realises that one of the men, is actually the one who attacked her. She quickly makes an excuse and leaves the building.
  • The body of a man who fashions himself a modern day Indiana Jones is found in an alley. During the course of the investigation Stella is attacked and threatened. Elsewhere, a look into the dead man's identity reveals he is not the man he claims to be.

    I was disappointed in this episode right from the very beginning. "Indiana Jones" being able to move a train car with a crowbar? That's is absolutely rediculous and I didn't buy it for one second. Plus the whole "identity sale" aspect of the story is just preposterous. I wasn't buying that either. I was disappointed in Flak for not telling the truth about "Indiana Jones'" death. The truth is always a beautiful thing. Don't even get me started on the "rat fisherman." A huge disappointment. The strong performances by the main cast do help this episode somewhat. A complete waste.
  • Indiana Jones meets Mac Taylor.

    I found this episode entertaining, although at this point Stella should just stay at the lab. Seems that every time she's alone and away from the lab something bad happens. Mac and Stella were cute together. I liked the way that Mac looked like he wanted to seriously hurt someone when he was watching over Stella. The young Indy wannabe story was ok, though the whole tie in with a mysterious FDR era whodunit was anti-climatic compared to the necklace mystery. The name switch was an interesting twist though.
    I did find the whole coin thing being a story arc interesting, and I wonder how they're going to continue it.
  • A murdered "Indiana Jones" - wannabe, which leads to lots of unexpected plot twists and possibly a season recurring storyline.

    While the beginning looked quite cheesy and is hard to picture there are people and events like that out there, the rest of the episode had even more plot-twists that a "Saw" movie. Perhaps the whole story development was done to the point which would be considered far-fetched, but it was still enjoyable to watch and definitely kept the suspense going.

    The main characters were lovely and clever as usual. It's great to see things run smoothly between them and work all together for the end-goal. Looks like Stella might be having another bad day but being the fighter she always is, she manages to escape. And she is half-way to cracking the case at the end of the episode but I guess she's a smart girl for not acting right then and there.

    A few things I would like to highlight, being a Greek myself:

    - I loved Stella's and the bad guy's Greek. Spoken very fluently. A bit more cursing at the fight scene wouldn't hurt anyone! - Well done on the correct interpretation of the coin and the correct historical facts. Also, well done on the emphasis of how that coin (featuring King Philip) belongs to the Greek government.

    - I am not sure where they are going with the whole storyline. I hope they don't turn it into a whole Greek government Vs NY Crime Lab. Bad guys are to be found everywhere of course. I just hope they don't make all of the Greeks look bad, in another attempt to glorify the New Yorkers.

    - The security guy at the embassy: Bad, bad Greek! Could they not hire an extra that spoke better Greek?! Pick me! I can stand there, pretending to be a guard and speaking in fluent Greek!

    - The whole Cyprus storyline: Though it was kept brief, I did not like the fact the girl talked about the excavation site in Nicosia, in "Northern Cyprus". I mean, you guys got everything else right in this story. And having a Greek in the show (Melina), I'm sure would help in getting a few things straight. There is no such thing as "Northern Cyprus". Cyprus is one island. The Northern part is of course occupied by Turkish troops but it's not a different state or country. All I'm saying is they could have easily avoided any confusion there or misunderstandings, and simply say "Cyprus" - end of the story.
  • Good but not the best

    *Lindsay first appeareance is in minute 21 and in a 'flashback' that lasts like 2 seconds, and then appears again to say what she found out in the clock...Which gave us the most DL moment we had so far... They were in the same room and talking to each other!! YAY!!!....(You can see that I'm being sarcastic, right? )

    *The Greek guy is really creepy...I guess that this story would have a continuity in a following chapter...

    *Mac was funny and relaxed! He plays with the paper plane, makes jokes...I like him that way!

    *Danny and his converse...Love it! *Flack and his ties...Again awful! But he was very sweet not telling the girl that her shot was what caused the death...

    *Poor Stella...this year she is getting a lot of action, first with joe on the premiere and know with the creepy guy...although falling from the stairs should give you some bruises, right?

    *Adam is just too cute to be true!

    *Hawkes: He just said it...Who is better than him??? That guy is so smart! Love him!

    *The story: I like that all was based in a NYC 'treasure' and they were somehow trying to prove a murder that took place 80 years ago. The murder weapon was just amazing, who would think that a souvenir could kill???
  • Indiana Jones does NYC.

    I was expecting an action packed episode. The action was there just a little bit more subtle. Yeah we had our Indy opening and Stella attack but that was about it. Which was fine. I was worried about them going to over the top. I loved the aspect of a city below the city. I really enjoyed the complexity of the overall case. From James Sutton, not being the "real" James Sutton as well as the link to FDR and a long ago murder of a judge. We also have the fact the Mitch Henson "bought" James Sutton's life in an Internet auction. This episode just had a lot of pieces to a great big puzzle. I love puzzles. Always love Adam. Greek is such a pretty language, even while Stella's being attacked. I was also impressed with Flack, always the gentleman.