Season 5 Episode 5

The Cost of Living

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • Good but not the best

    *Lindsay first appeareance is in minute 21 and in a 'flashback' that lasts like 2 seconds, and then appears again to say what she found out in the clock...Which gave us the most DL moment we had so far... They were in the same room and talking to each other!! YAY!!!....(You can see that I'm being sarcastic, right? )

    *The Greek guy is really creepy...I guess that this story would have a continuity in a following chapter...

    *Mac was funny and relaxed! He plays with the paper plane, makes jokes...I like him that way!

    *Danny and his converse...Love it! *Flack and his ties...Again awful! But he was very sweet not telling the girl that her shot was what caused the death...

    *Poor Stella...this year she is getting a lot of action, first with joe on the premiere and know with the creepy guy...although falling from the stairs should give you some bruises, right?

    *Adam is just too cute to be true!

    *Hawkes: He just said it...Who is better than him??? That guy is so smart! Love him!

    *The story: I like that all was based in a NYC 'treasure' and they were somehow trying to prove a murder that took place 80 years ago. The murder weapon was just amazing, who would think that a souvenir could kill???