Season 6 Episode 15

The Formula

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

In an exhibition F1 race held in New York, one of the racecar drivers dies in a fiery car explosion. Mac and the team are called in to investigate when the situation looks less and less like an accident and more like car tampering and murder.

The victim is a once-famous driver whose career has definitely seen better days than now, and he has racked an impressive amount of enemies over his life, all of whom would be more than happy to see him dead. His main rival on the circuit is a female driver (Liza Gray), who definitely had motive. While driving in an earlier race, the victim nearly killed Liza.

Fibers from Liza's racing suit are found in the place where the car was tampered. Liza confesses to taking a look at the victim's car before the race but she has an alibi during the timeframe in question. Video surfaces of the victim's wife meeting with the victim's crew chief in his hotel room. They say that they both wanted the victim to retire, so they set up the engine to short circuit in order to make him lose the race. They never meant to kill him, however.

The car's engine wire was damaged, and Sheldon locates the tool used to do the deed, along with a fingerprint. The print is from the racing car owner, who wanted to replace the victim with a younger driver who would win more races and bring in lucrative sponsorships. He killed the victim to get him out of the way.