Season 3 Episode 14

The Lying Game

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a shoulder all dancing and performing in front of everybody had a magazine launch party. But after the party to showgirl in the murdered the victim was drowned but when the CSI team arrives on the scene you look over the crime scene Stella begins photographing the scene. Detective Flack & Dr. Sheldon Hawkes arrive to take the body out of the toilet they discover that the victim is a little heavier than she looks this time they discover that that the victim instead of being a Jane Doe is a John Doe.

Flack is updating the team on when the rooms were cleaned he suggests they go interview the congressman because apparently the victim and the congressman had an argument. Stella figures that whoever murdered the victim didn't know of this exchange that was happening.

Outside of the apartment building clothes are being thrown out the window and a gentleman and his girlfriend requests that he stop throwing close out the window. Justin sees a truck driving by spraying something that might be blood but he isn't sure. Mac is standing on top of a truck with a bloody hand covered up to its feet and a lot of salt. Detective Taylor gets information from Danny about the driver and only then the driver is a little rattled.

To get to the body out of the truck everybody literally has to remove a lot of salt from the truck. Mac believes the victim may have died as a result of blunt force trauma. Sid & Mac find of the victims hand caught in the gears of the truck. Detective Taylor wonders if you the reason the victim was hit was due to road rage. Mac notices a black material on the victims hand and wonders if it could be asphalt.

The victim's name is Robert Gallagher is president at a very big company. Mac interviews two men who knew the victim fairly well. Mac tells them he would like to interview everyone to see if they can tell him more about what happened. As the interview concludes both men wonder if their suspects in the crime.

Danny interviews a woman who apparently has won awards because she requests that a particular golf ball that is being held for evidence to be put back in her trophy rack. She tells him that there's no way that Robert Gallagher could have crossed her path that because she's a pharmaceutical technician.

Sid tells Stella he found some bruising on her cheek that was at least two hours before her death and there was some other viable trace in the hair and tissue in the fingernails that suggested she fought her attacker.

Stella tells Lindsay that she didn't get a hit off the earring. Stella asks Lindsay if she has anything Lindsay indicates that the hair could've come from hundreds of samples. Stella tells her to run it through GCMS.

Detective Flack tells Stella and Lindsay that a woman was upset over the congressman's voting record. He also found that a member a group called raining queens was missing.

Stella is in the dressing room interviewing one of the showgirls about when they last saw one of them. Stella is busy examining a hair dryer and then we see a flashback of one of the showgirls the being burned by the hair dryer. Stella notices the watch is wet and she asks one of the showgirls health of the watch got wet.

The showgirl says she got wet in the shower. Stella asks if she can borrow it. Lindsay finds calcium chloride in that toilet water Stella realizes that one of the girls was actually telling the truth about the watch. The test results show that the calcium chloride is high for the toilet water.

The result of the trace on the hair came back as crustaceans which leads Stella to believe that that they were serving some kind of a crab at the party. Stella and Lindsay go over the tiny nine when Quentin arrived at the taxes and trade banquet. She left the party after her solo act at around 8:30. She left the banquet at around 9:30 there is still an hour unaccounted for. Her toxicology report came back with an elevated blood alcohol level which they can account for.

Stella Detective Flack question one of the party guests about the showgirl that was murdered he gets quite a surprise when he you realizes the lady he went out with for the party was really a guy.

The gentleman tells Stella and the detective in order to get in the banquet you needed an invitation to the when Quentin got in she went right over to the congressman and get very upset him as Stella and Flack think that the congressman and the showgirl had a relationship.

Danny tells Mac that what he pulled out of the victims face was sodium carbide Grit which is used on skateboards. Denny and Mac next go to Robert Gallagher's office and begin testing for blood they test the state boards for blood and find one that is consistent with medium that velocity blood spatter.

Mac believes they have found their primary crime scene. Now that the state board has tested positive for blood they wonder how to get a body out of a room filled with skateboard the next best thing to being able to get a body out is using a golf case. Golfers' cases usually carry a lot of golf clubs so that golfers can play the teen holes.

The grit from the skateboard is an exact match to the wound on Robert Gallagher's face now Danny has to find the source of the contaminants which were Sulfur Magnesium and oxygen from the skateboard. He mentions to Mac that his mother said skateboards that were dangerous .Mac instructs him to go to all three places and find a hole.

Sheldon reports that they trace found under Quentin's finger nails leads to a cold rape case in Connecticut. Sheldon figures that it would take to long to gain that to get the information they need to find out who killed the showgirl. The detective is rather determined to get the information they need.

In Mac's office Stella and Lindsay wait for Mac who comes in minutes later. The mood in the office is somber. Stella mentions that Lindsay will need to take some time off. Lindsay mentioned that she received a call from the prosecutor's office in Montana at telling her that they had ever had apprehended a suspect in the crime in which four of her friends were killed. She was the only witness and survivor of that crime. Lindsay tells Mac and Stella She isn't sure what scares her most is testifying in front of the guy who didn't or seeing the friends faces .She mentions the she will leave for Montana tomorrow morning. She gives Stella a hug Mac tells her she is tough and will get through it.

The crime that the Lindsay speaks of in this episode happened in silent night where she mentions she was the only one that survived the crime and leaves the crime scene.

Danny is quietly watching all of this un fold he seems to be on the verge of tears as he sees Lindsay telling everyone good bye not knowing whether she will return to the team.

Danny tries to find the Stern institute and finds a beauty parlor.

After the lab that Mac asks about the alibi of both suspects but he continues to stare at the paper for a few minutes noticing something different about it. One sheet of paper is white at and was printed at a different company the other piece of paper which is yellow and printed at another company as well but was low on ink. Mc and Denny at that trying out the phone numbers and discover the some woman from both companies is the same one.

Mac and Danny go to a center where you can place a call for an alibi and they will help you figure out a good alibi. That Mac wonders if one of those issues would be murder. The lady tells Mac that murder is not on the list,

The Mac tells the lady that that it is believed the company was to create an alibi for the homicide. The lady says alibis can't be used for illegal purposes.

Detective Flack tells Stella that the rape that involved congressman Garth 8 years ago was away to keep Sarah Conrad quite the so the case wouldn't go public the rape never get reported. Some years later the evidence in the case was put in the system in the hopes of getting a hit on that someday. Stella figures out that this is a clever way to get around the statute of limitations and is a stranger rape case at the time congressmen Garth was at that point that a campaign manager.

When the rape happened Sarah wasn't sure which guy had committed the rape of and later recanted the story about the rape. Stella and Flack question the congressman about why he never gave his DNA sample at the time of the rape. He claims he was never asked for the DNA sample. Sarah is Quentin Conrad's older sister.

Stella wonders if Congressman Garth has any scratch marks. He tells the detectives he didn't touch Quentin or his older sister detective Flack has an interesting idea as to how to get a DNA sample from the congressman. The detective goes over and that tells the baby that she's a beautiful girl and carefully takes a rattle from the baby which the congressman that just touched.

Lindsay is looking for Danny who is out in the field. Sheldon wonders why she does and just tell them they buy in person she says it's no big deal and leaves the note on his desk. Mac interviews one of the suspects who claimed to be in marketing seminar was really having an affair somewhere but he didn't have his wife that because they just had a baby.

Danny heads off to the Soho Regency to find out more information. Mac is given an update on the showgirls case Shelton and Stella try to the congressman on murder charge as well as the rape charge. They have enough evidence to convict him on the rate but not enough evidence to convict him of murder Quentin Conrad earlier in the evening and the DNA was possibly transferred then. Mac finds this a little hard to believe and told them because he wants the congressman to see prison from the other side. He also tells Stella and Sheldon that he'd gotten off the phone with the commissioner that he wants an indictment warrant given to the congressman.

On her way to Montana the Lindsay is setting the cab wondering if she will see Danny before she leaves she asks the cab driver to stop for a moment that that and she sees Danny walk into another place. She asks the cab driver to go ahead to the Airport.

Back at the lab Danny is busy typing of some nodes in the computer when some paper falls to the floor Danny reaches down to pick them up and notices a card form Lindsay that tells why she left Mac scares Danny in his reading of the note to have an update on the case.

Danny that tells Mac at that he'd found the structural elements on the skateboard that are magnesium sulfate the used to relieve sore muscles.

Mac tells the suspect that magnesium that used in high concentration and makes someone float.

Mac tells the suspect to come clean now so his trial will go better. The suspect tells Mac that one of the men in the company was sent to the seminar which made the suspect angry and then finally got his undivided attention by hitting him with the state board.

Sheldon decides to reenact crime of how the showgirl was kill again he puts what they know into crime reenactment software which displays the crime on that computer so they can get a better view of it and the victim was definitely drowned. They then discover the perpetrator left a water trail after killing the victim.

Sheldon and Stella discover the substance they use to find blood will also react to bleach enabling them to pick up blood as well. They go to a hotel and follow the trial to a Frank Clark's room. Frank states that the reason he killed the victim was because when they were at the banquet the victim came on to Frank and kissed him.

Frank felt sick and went to the men's room a few minutes later Quentin comes in the men's room as well to tell Frank that they had enough for one night. Frank and soaks her head long enough to killer her. When asked how he felt about killing the victim Frank stated he didn't feel scared or ill he was doing the world a favor. Flack arrests him.

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