Season 3 Episode 14

The Lying Game

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • I still don't think I've come down from my shipper high.

    This was an awesome episode. Second best of the season, after Not What It Looks Like. For many, many reasons, most of which center around the fact that Lindsay was on screen for more than 30 seconds, and that we finally learned what Lindsay's secret 'dark past' is all about. Even though what she told Mac and Stella was basically what was in the summary - that she was the only witness, that four of her friends died, that she had to testify. But we learn that the guy was only recently apprehended, which is why she has to testify now, and also that the phone call a few months ago is the reason behind her abrupt change in behavior. I'm also glad that Mac and Stella were very supportive - especially Stella, after the couple of arguments the two have had this season.

    I love Lindsay. I'm glad there is an excuse for her behavior change. Lindsay is one of my favorite characters, and I didn't like the way they were writing her, mostly because we didn't have an explanation for it until 312, and a more detailed one until tonight. I will miss Lindsay while Anna is away on maternity leave, and when she comes back, I pray that she will be the Lindsay from season 2 - the one I have come to love.

    Also, we shippers finally got the recognition we deserve! So many shipper scenes to make us giggle and squee! This episode serves to solidify our ship, and proves that TPTB are behind us 100%! Why else would there be so many scenes focusing on Lindsay and Danny as they watched each other? Why else would they make it a point to show Danny's reaction to the card that Lindsay left him, which she signed, "Montana", his nickname for her? Why else would they show how hurt Danny was that he didn't get a hug? Why else would they show Lindsay watch Danny from the cab? And why else would they have Hawkes make such a big deal about the fact that she was only leaving him a card as a goodbye? Hawkes knows what the rest of us shippers know. They are meant to be. Hawkes is a D/L shipper!

    Plus, it gives us all hope for the future, that there will be much more shipping when Lindsay returns from Montana! I can hardly wait! I miss Anna already!

    Oh, and there was a rest of the episode, though I must admit I only paid attention to the important scenes, so here we go.

    It's high time there was a drag queen episode in NY. I mentioned that a few weeks ago, that I'm surprised there hasn't been one yet, and here we are! Unfortunately, when you follow the rule of generally the first character introduced is the killer, you discover that, indeed, the redneck hick (and I'm allowed to use these terms, because I am one) is the killer because, "That queer kissed me." So I drowned him in a toilet. Yes. How progressive we rednecks are. We drown drag queens in toilets. Though I did enjoy that he was caught by his own stupidity - that the trail of toilet water is what gave him away. No miracle technology, no Stella's breasts giving her the answers, just a criminal being stupid.

    The alibi case was interesting, though the woman at the company had me wanting to smack her. She works for a company that pays people to lie for them, and she expects them to be honest about what they're using the alibis for? How naive can she be? Makes me wonder, though, if a company such as this actually exists. And, surprise, surprise, the fake alibis fall through. Don't try and outsmart Mac Taylor. It just isn't done in civilized society. However, I find it interesting that it was the business partner with the 'real' alibi who ended up being the killer.

    The part at the beginning with the dog had me worried. I was afraid the dog had died! You don't kill animals. You just don't.

    Flack was especially awesome in this episode. I've been wanting Flack to get back to normal after what happened between him and Mac, and it seems that he's finally back on his A-game. He was delivering those lines the way only he can do it, and I officially love him for it. "Better make that a John Doe." Oh, Flack. You slay me.

    I believe that is all I have to say for now.

    Important things to remember:

    1. Danny watches as Lindsay hugs Mac and Stella goodbye, then watches her leave Mac's office. He looks hurt that she doesn't come over to him, even though she obviously doesn't see him. I think he heard her talking, and knows that she is leaving, and is disappointed that she doesn't come to hug him or tell him goodbye. He leaves looking upset.

    2. Lindsay walks into a room. Hawkes is like, "I thought you left." She says she had loose ends to tie up. She means she wants to see Danny. She leaves him a note. Hawkes goes, "That's how you're saying goodbye? A card?" We know that it will be harder for her to say goodbye in person. If she had to face Danny, she probably wouldn't leave, and she has to leave.

    3. Lindsay spots Danny walking to the lab as the cab pulls away. She tells the driver to stop. She watches him walk into the lab. She wants to run after him and kiss him until they both pass out, but she doesn't. She knows if she sees him, she won't leave, and she has to.

    4. Danny finds the card. He reads the note, which is posted in a comment at the bottom, and he smiles. He smiles! He even laughs a little. And he hides the card when Mac comes in, but he's still holding it. This means he wubs her. And... she signed the note 'Montana'!!!!

    Oh, yeah, and...

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