Season 3 Episode 14

The Lying Game

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Mac: (Enters his office to see Stella and Lindsay waiting for him) Something wrong?
      Stella: Lindsay's gonna take off for a little while.
      Mac: When?
      Lindsay: I leave tomorrow for Montana. A couple of months ago I got a call from the Bozeman's prosecutors office. They apprehend a suspect who was wanted in a multiple homicide ten years ago. Four girls. They were uh... they were friends of mine. I was the only witness.
      Mac: And the only survivor as I remember.
      Stella: They want her to testify.
      Lindsay: I still see their faces. My friends faces. The mothers' faces... I don't know what I'm more scared of. Standing in front of the monster who did this... or seeing those faces (She gets up as Stella gives her a hug)
      Stella: Hey, you take care of youself, kiddo.
      Lindsay: Thanks.
      Mac: (Gives Lindsay a hug) You're tough, Lindsay. You'll pull through this.