Season 5 Episode 15

The Party's Over

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another Great Episode.

    The Deputy Mayor is killed and it is up to the CSI team to figure out who did it. Their first suspect is a cop who looses the electronic chip out of his badge during an altercation with the Deputy Mayor. The next suspect is Robert Dunbrook, a sensationalist news editor. The surprising twist to is all is the Deputy Mayor was killed by his 15 year old son.

    There was character development on a major level with the Blu Flu plot of the story. We find which of the Cops are dedicated to job.

    Robert Deunbrook is going to prove to be a thorn in the side of Mac Taylor.
  • OMG great twist!!

    Ok so spoiler alert.
    This episode was really good, interesting and there was no danny/lindsey Drama which is a nice change!! So they kid did it, wow, i think thats a first with this show, his father deserved it though, he was mean!! I loved Adams involvement in this case, he really seemes to connect with the kid and relate to his problems, very sad!! I really hated that Danny left Hawkes to the court case, i know he was standing up for what he believed in but a criminal got away because of it!! Totally on Hawkes side here, sorry lindsey!! The ending was cool, I was screaming for Stella to go ask adam to go have a drink with her or something I think he needed 1!! They should b together!! Cool case, alot of Stella and Adam!!
  • Character Development on multiple levels. This episode gave us a deeper insight into the life experiences that form and affect the motivations of several characters.

    This is my first written review of an episode, so please bear with me. In reading other reviews and the trivia section, I have noted certain comments pertaining to the actions of certain individuals that I feel need clarifying. As I am the newby on the block, I can't edit or add to the trivia section so I will try for some clarification in my review.

    First, to the base case. Any incident involving a member of the local government's executive branch is automatically a high priority and high profile incident, mandating a maximum effort on the part of the local law enforcement agency. This was well portrayed in the episode, without being overly dramatic. It also showed how priorities can shift, from investigating a suspected murder to actively searching for a missing child.
    The processing of the evidence eventually led to two suspects, one of which was more preferred than the other. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the real world, the preferred outcome was not realized. As here, the people that need help the most are the ones who frequently do not receive it as those around them are too engrossed in their own lives to stop, look, listen, and recognize their calls for help. Now, to the other items.

    Work actions, such as the Blue Flu depicted here, have a serious impact on the operations of any government agency. It was stated that just over 40% of NYPD officers had called in sick. In a department with approximately 37,000 officers, that is about 14,800 officers off the street. This is significant. One of the trivia comments was about Jake sitting in the precinct house for several hours without anyone assisting him. Earlier in that same scene, the officer covering the desk had stated to Flack that he was covering the entire precinct with just three uniforms. This would me that life safety incidents, such as active shootings, active domestics, etc. would take priority. A 13 year old boy sitting quietly on a bench would be a very low priority.

    I stated that there was character development in this episode. I will start with the most evident.

    Danny. Danny stated to Stella that he came from a family of cops. This could be a reference to Carmine's real family. His father and a sister served with NYPD. It has been stated that this is inconsistent with the previous background given for Danny, but not really. You can choose your friends, but not your family. The only two real mentions of family are Louie and an uncle who manufactures and installs awnings and canopies. There is no mention about the rest of his family, and this adds an interesting new dynamic to his character. Louie was a member of the Tanglewood Gang, and we don't know what other relatives are or were involved in criminal activity. As coming from a family of cops, this is quite plausible. His father or other relatives could easily have been police officers, and this would explain a great deal about Danny's motivations. It would explain why he works more on instinct and intuition than Mac does, as both of these are primary tools used by line officers such as myself while working the street. It would also explain the antagonism displayed toward Danny by certain members of the force, as having relatives tied to criminal groups, by association, taints the perception of other officers and administrators. This is has great story potential, and I hope the writers make good use of it in the future.

    Lindsay. This episode showed how devoted she is to Danny. She stood by him, even defending him when Hawks voiced his disdain for his actions. She contacted him regularly to check on him, and probably to keep him updated on the latest information concerning the work action and commands response to it. A small note: it was noted in the trivia section that Danny coughed when he answered the phone in case it wasn't Lindsay, and someone commented about the caller ID. Most if not all police officers have unlisted/unregistered telephone numbers, which means that the caller ID would show any incoming calls as being unknown or restricted. Danny wouldn't know if it was Lindsay, Mac, or Sinclair calling. Hence the caution.

    Adam. This is a character that has developed considerably thru season 4 and into this season. His back story is all too familiar and prevalent today. His ability to bond with Jake came from empathy, not sympathy. This made it all the more difficult for him, as he knew that in getting the truth from Jake he would be forcing him into the criminal justice system. But at the same time, Jake finally had the chance to get the help that he really needed. These were the most significant character development items that I observed. There are other items I would like to comment on, but they really belong in the trivia section.

    I have found that CSI:NY seems to have hit its stride this season, with major character development (which is a primary drawing card for me) without becoming a soap opera.
  • Many members of the NYPD have staged a walk-out in protest of the Deputy Mayor's decision to delay their paychecks in order to deal with the city's budget crisis. Things escalate when the Deputy Mayor turns up dead at one of his fundraisers.

    This episode opens with a vengance as Mac pursues and takes down a criminal. As well staged as that scene was, what really makes this episode work is the human aspect of it. Seeing how the team deals with the case while at the same time dealing with the tough economic situation make this episode worth seeing. It can be said with 100% certainty that AJ Buckley gives his best performace to date here. Again Carmine Giovanazzo is at the top of his game. I hope Giovanazzo is not forgotten when the Emmys are handed out. A very good episode.
  • Mac may have met his match!

    Adam gets great screen time. And that hopefully he can get in more screen time. As he is really a good character. Here, he helps a kid, that has OCD. As he and the kind bond. Danny joins a Bird Flu strike team. As Lindsay gets little screen time. This could also be due to the actress's real life pregnancy. Over having little screen time. Mac and his team, have to work against a police strike. In order to get the job done. Don is trying to get back at work, after he was the subject of an IA investigation. And nearly lost his job. Stella also goes out, on a date. She seems so involved in her job, that it was good to see her, find a life. For once!
  • Danny joins officers in the "Blue Flu" strike. Stella and her date run into the deputy mayor at a party, but there's just one problem: he's dead. A publisher proves to be a nuisance to Mac.

    This episode is one of the classic episodes that make *CSI: NY* what it is. It's got a fair amount of character focus and we learn that Danny supposedly comes from a family of cops (which contradicts his earlier statement back in season 1 where his family was involved in the criminal underworld of New York). Lindsay is also seen very little in this episode (most likely due to Anna Belknap's real life pregnancy) which makes it a little better--I am a big fan of Aiden Burn and believe that Lindsay is a poor choice for a replacement for such an awesome character.

    The episode itself also had that last minute dark twist that made it awesome: the true identity of the murderer that killed the deputy mayor. Mac and his team also have to work amidst a cop strike when a lagged pay rate goes into effect due to the city's budget crisis (another large twist is revealed here). This episoed had a lot of twists which made it highly memorable. A must watch.
  • Adam helps a kid with OCD who he relates to. Danny goes on strike and Stella has a new love interest.

    This episode is incredible, great on-screen time for Adam and shows that he uses all of his insecurities to get through to a kid with OCD and possibly hints that Adam has the same condition. Also shows Stella's new love interest in the form of a Firefighter and Danny goes on strike in support of the cops who arent getting paid and Hawkes isnt very happy about it and calls Danny selfish and Lindsay defends Danny.
    Great character development involved. Amazing plotline one of the best episodes of the season so far. A must see for any avid CSI NY fan!!
  • Politics and single fatherhood...complicated...

    Stella look AWESOME in that dress and I loved the flirting with the fireman. I wanted to shout a 'IT WAS ABOUT TIME', a bf that is not a psycho!!! He was quite hot... Nice stomach...
    I missed Flack, for a moment I thought that he maybe had the flu too, maybe that means that we would see a lot of him in the following chapters??
    Danny, wearing Carmine's group shirt! I liked that he followed the 'strike' and the scene with Stella in his apartement was great.
    Lindsay, she appeared a lot! I loved that! and I really loved to that she sticked out for Danny!
    Hawkes, I kinda understand his posture on the flu thing but he should be more supportive... I liked that at the end let Danny help him.
    Mac and Gillian, I kinda like their relationship...
    And saving the best for the end...ADAM! OMG when I saw him cry, I so wanted to hug him. He had LOTS of screentime and he deserves it! All in all a really great chapter!
  • Definitely One of My Favorites.

    Okay, we all know Mac can't go too long without having a new aversary to spar with and from the looks of the NYPD budget and adding the "blue flu" Chief Sinclair seems to be unaavailable. So we have Robert Dunbrook stirring things up and from what we saw tonight, it's going to be really interesting. I think this is going to be one of better arc stories yet, but we'll have to see. Now I LOVED Adam being so involved with the murder of the Deputy Chief, or more specifically his son. You really got to see a different side of Adam. I thought it was great how the murder was explained, it wasn't the strength, it was the placement. Very believable. Then we had our team on differing sides of the "flu" issue. I loved how they showed the perspectives from both sides using Danny and Doc, as well as Stella. But I also loved how that even though Doc and Danny believed differently, they respect each other's beliefs. VERY AWESOME Episode!