Season 9 Episode 10

The Real McCoy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • The Real McCoy

    Wow this was one of the best shows with CSI New York. My mother died of Alzheimer's disease and Aaron Buckley did a great job showing emotions like it was real. Can't say enough-well done.
  • Expected more

    I expected more from the case; it just seemed kind of "been there, done that" story. Not really any surprises with it.

    However, Adam's story line was great! Finally we get to see more about him. My heart broke when he talked to his father about the abuse. Also, it's good to see that Adam has a girlfriend. I hope they stick together because Adam really deserves a love-live after 9 seasons.

  • CSI NY

    I liked the storyline with Adam, and dealing with his father who has Alzheimer's, and knowing he had a girlfriend, the kissing with Mac/Christine just no chemistry i do not see how the writers do not see that, its like kissing your sister. But like the storyline of Adam, but Christine could been left out would made it better. Took away from the Adam story.