Season 3 Episode 17

The Ride-In

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

It is a beautiful night in New York City Mac and Stella are standing outside talking about the latest case that Stella was working when she cut herself with a piece of glass. The victim Emery Gable was HIV positive. Stella didn't realize that until the autopsy results were complete.

Mac wonders why Stella didn't tell Mac sooner. Stella felt she could handle the crisis on her own. Mac offers to give her some extended leave of absence. Stella declines the offer saying that the only thing that keeps her slain is work. Stella tells Mac she took an HIV test right after the exposure to the blood that test came back negative. Stella has to wait approximately ten weeks before she can be tested again to see if she's been exposed to aids.

Victim number two is approximately 30 years old cause of death so far is a gunshot wound he was found under a pile of money. The victim's name is Noah Hubbler. Danny and Detective Flack go inside the house and find various Bible passages quoted in and they also find an ark.

Danny believes that robbery can be ruleded out as a motive for the murder. As the detectives go inside the ark they are shocked to find animals as well as people inside. Defective Flack and Detective Taylor begin interviewing the people who are inside the ark they are shocked to find that they have been on the ark for five days.

Detective Taylor asks the residents why they were on the ark one of the residents tells them that they were on the ark because salvation that was promised to them that the pact was they had to pay a large sum of money was at $100,000.00.

Salvation was guaranteed to anyone who donated money into the building of the ark. Danny begins processing of the scene to find out where the source of the blood is coming from. Mac finds what appears to be DVDs of answering machine messages left by some angry lady.

The second victim was apparently protesting against a tobacco company. Stella and Sheldon are shocked when they find their victim dressed as a cigarette they can't figure out exactly how he died because there's no name or an idea as to the cause of death. A passer by from the building above said she saw cigarette running.

The victim was running an antismoking campaign against the National Spirit Tobacco Company to indicate that smoking does kill. The victim gave Stella and Sheldon the directions to the primary crime scene. As they begin to gather evidence they find a green cigarette which neither of the two detectives has seen before.

Detective Flack tells the people that they can get back on the arc once the crime scene is clear. Mac figures out that it takes a 5000 $120.00 bills to make up $100,000.00 he figures that the reason the victim was buried in the money was because he himself couldn't get a ride on the ark.

Mac is busy watching the DVD called you can survive the end of days explaining how it was his (Noah's) calling to get everybody on the ark.

At the lab Sid is explaining how Noah died when Mac notices a change in the medical examiner's voice. The medical examiner explains that he may have a touch of indigestion because the meet hero he had didn't go down quite right. A few minutes later another body arrives at the lab at the medical examiner tells the person where to put the body.

Stella decides to come and check on the autopsy results of the tobacco victim when she hears a saw blade still running. She finds Sid collapsed on the floor and unconscious. Stella desperately tries to revive the medical examiner. Stella frantically calls for help somebody comes and gives Stella (the epinephrine that she will shoot into the medical examiner's leg so it will get into the bloodstream faster. Sid was dangerously allergic to something in the sandwich which he ate and didn't bother to tell anyone about it.

In the next scene Stella is busy telling Sid family will be notified and then everything would be fine. Mac arrives on the scene to find out what the commotion is about Stella begins to panic because she there wasn't any other medical equipment around to protect herself and the medical examiner from possibly exposing him to AIDS.

Mac tells Stella that doing CPR is a very low risk the possibility of transferring the disease. Detective Flack interviews Janice the one who left the first 28 messages on the answering machine that because she was angry she was supposed to make that millions off a moisturizer but the detective wants to know why the calls she made ended two hours at before he died.

Janice says she was supposed to meet a man named bill Walters but didn't realize that he was dead until detective Flack told her he was. Janice is informed that pyramid schemes are illegal in New York. Sid's notes say that the victim was in the early stages of cancer. The autopsy also revealed the lungs were badly damaged. The cause of death was poisoning. The victim apparently smoked two a packs of cigarettes a day.

Stella and Sheldon still can't figure out why the victim was protesting against the tobacco company. Detective Flack finds out a lot of background on Noah. The victim also known as Patrick Dent had some licenses for a nonprofit organization and some fishing licenses as well. The victim was also a master in changing his parents 'cause it turns out the New Orleans police found out he was impersonating a police officer and he was arrested for two months ago for that particular crime.

The Danny interviews someone who was putting power lines near the ark Danny learns the young lady wanted her money back after she decided to invest in another one of the scams that she invested the money in only to find out that the that the $100,000.00 she spent went to building the ark. We flashback to Patrick and the lady arguing about getting the money back he seems surprised that she suddenly shows up. Danny thinks back to the shoe prints he found earlier and realizes that it came from the lady putting up the power lines

Stella had Detective Angel talk with security at the National Spirit Tobacco Company only to find out that the victim who worked there was only a nuisance and it didn't cause any trouble. There were some interesting things found on the cigarette such as hair spray which contains butane that was used as an accelerant when the victim was on fire. The second piece of evidence was a stain that came back to an unidentified male who worked at a bar where the employees handled the cigarettes. Three of the employees were not there the night the victim died.

Stella interviews Damon about this guy because he was protesting against people smoking he claims not to recognize that although later tells Stella that he does recognize that guy because he had his cigarettes taken away from him and then Damon spit on the guy.

Sheldon has everybody in the lab smoking a cigarette to try and see if they can find out if burning a cigarette can make it turn green. Stella hopes everybody will get hazard pay first. The smoking test is also being done to help police find out what brand of cigarette the victim smoked.

Stella is called in to Mac office to keep him apprised of the situation and to explain why the smoke is going on in the lab. Mac tells Stella he spoke to Sid's wife and that he is being held in the hospital overnight for observation.

Stella blames herself for worrying so much because now the medical examiner will be all right. Mac also updates her on Noah and that the $100,000.00 every dollar bill is all counted for which leads Mac to believe that he is not hurting anybody by taking money from them. The evidence also shows that it took nearly a year to build the ark because Mac believed he was taking god's message to the people. Stella tells Mac that this case may be different from all the others because there may not be in a scientific explanation to back the evidence. She believes that this person may have been delusional but that's a theory Mac isn't ready to subscribe to.

The weather report indicates that there will be no rain on Sunday and everybody will be allowed to go back on the ark. Sheldon discovers that the cigarette was made special order from Kentucky to the National Spirit Tobacco Company that the same company where the victim was protesting.

Stella learns that the cigarette was called Spirit Green that apparently has lower nicotine but Stella begins to worry about this smoking addictions that people have and will cause people to smoke more to satisfy their addiction. Stella wonders how the victim got that specific cigarette the person in charge tells her he has no idea and then maybe somebody in products development gave him that cigarette.

While leaving the tobacco company Stella notices police officers running after Jason Williams's wife because she wants to see her husband and they won't let her. Stella flashes back and asks the wife if that is her husband she tells Stella yes he is and tells the police officers to let her go.

In the interrogation room a representative from the national Spirit Tobacco Company tells Stella that Jason was in marketing and he thought of the way to advertise the new cigarette to hopefully lure customers to buy the cigarettes the campaign was good but when Jason started protesting against the company the company felt that they couldn't have his services because it made the company look bad and made him less than friendly. Stella becomes rather upset because the representative hadn't decided to tell his family yet because he was trying to figure out a way to tell her. The representative also mentions that the campaign was used as a way to answer the health industry.

Danny tells Mac that the money found that the crime scene was counterfeit. Mac and Detective Flack go to interview the man whose prints were found on the money. All he wanted to do with the money he printed was to go cross country thinks the best place to hide the money was in one of his cars. Detective Flack and Mac decide to try and help him get out of jail but there is a problem when the amount of money he printed has his finger prints all over it.

Adam Tells Stella he found hairspray on bad just like what was found on the cigarette the magazine also had it traces of hairspray Stella decides to get Detective Angel to see if she can use the numbers on the Mac is seeing two at identify who it may belong to.

A few minutes later the Sheldon is talking with the owner of the bag and the she tells him that she couldn't recognize the person very well that except that she could see his hair. She shows him where she was bitten he also requests her clothes she wore that night and that a photograph of the bite mark be taken as evidence.

The bite mark comes back as having to sharp points leading everyone to believe that Heidi could possibly have been bitten by a bone Stella recalls an incident thafst happened at a stadium in new York leading her to believe that the crime was mascot bashing and someone was wearing a dark outfit. Stella has found the killer to be a vampire.

Stella figures out that the reason Jason Williams was set on fire was because the he was the victim of mascot bashing and the vampire tried to tell Jason to join a union and higher security so he would be protected. Stella also tells Sheldon that Heidi wasn't interested in getting security team there because of where she worked.

The vampire Who set Williams on fire didn't think he would burn even though it he wanted the suit to be flammable he just wanted give the guy get an idea of what it was like to be unprotected and not be a part of the union that would have protected them against mascot bashing.

The reason that Noah became delusional was because he had a series blood infection that apparently had gotten worse over time because of the medical instrument that was left inside the victim's body.

The bogus cop was to invest in something but then lost everything worse or so she claimed. She forgot to mention that she lost everything because of a very aggressive agency that collects all the money.

Mac mentions that while searching the ladies home they found lead isotopes that were the same in the bullet they found in the hole that was in the park. Mac plans to use something called lead memory to charge the lady with murder.

The lady tells Mac that she'd killed her partner because he stabbed her in the back by telling her he wanted out of their latest venture because he believed the world was coming to an end and although she didn't believe it. She thought Patrick was trying to pull a fast one on her. When Patrick told her someone really didn't give him the money she didn't believe him and shot him and poured the counterfeit money all over him. When Mac tells her someone really did give Patrick that money she can't believe it.

Stella is surprised to see Sid back at work so soon after his hospitalization Stella remembers that morning when she brushed her teeth her gums bled a little bit and when she gave CPR to the medical examiner she worried she might have given him the virus due to her Silvia possibly carrying the virus. Stella knows that giving someone AIDS that way there is a small percentage that anyone could get the disease that way.

Mac interviews Mr. Strauss one of the passengers on the ark who brought the car with counterfeit money inside and he didn't realize the money was counterfeit he just figured it was a sign from god but finding $500,000.00 didn't strike him as odd at all. Mac leaves possibly heading back to the lab and as he heads for his car he stops and someone and asks them if it is Sunday the animal keeper tells me it is Sunday and the oddly enough the forecast is that Mac looked at changed because a rumble of thunder is heard with the clouds darkening up and a rainbow in the sky.