Season 3 Episode 17

The Ride-In

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • Wow, what an episode.

    This was a wicked episode. The whole Noah's Ark thing totally through me in for a loop.

    Crime 1: I thought there was a body in the Ark until the camera went in. I was surprised when I saw there were people in there. I figured the Ark had been just finished, so there'd be nothing in it. Finding a pair of scissors in the guy's chest really freaked me out. Not in the ick kind of way, but that it just re-enforced the fact that things can be left in the human body from surgery.

    A con-artist turned "disciple" of God, if you will. Given the length of time he and his partner were doing their con-ing, I didn't think that jail time would make him see the light (figuratively speaking). Plus, if we want to go by what the Bible said, Noah was pure in heart. Our Noah of today sure as heck isn't.

    I couldn't help it. I giggled when it was discovered that the scissors that were left in him caused an infection of sorts and made him delusional. The revealing of the killer wasn't much of a shocker to me. Although, I think she got her just desserts when she found out the money given to her was phony.

    Crime 2: Just to clear this up with folks, I'm a victim of almost two decades worth of second hand smoking, so if you think I'm supporting smoking, please don't. I just think you can't force people to not smoke. It's their lungs. Anyway, if it weren't for the fact the advertising was for cigarettes, I'd have to say the advertising was a good one.

    Man, the boss guy of the smoking company is a really dickweed, who....grrr....got on my nerves almost as much as Stella. I feel bad for "anti-"smoker vic's wife. His husband gets killed just because some idiot thought that setting him on fire would make him change his mind.

    OMG I was totally shocked when Sid was out, on the floor of the morgue, not breathing and Stella (of all people) finds him. Man, the writers are really not giving her much of a break with the whole HIV crisis. But, at least they aren't over-killing it. Man, what a tender moment at the end between Stella and Sid.
  • It was a great episode. I miss Lindsay and wish her home, and am rather upset they didn't mention her AGAIN. But what can ya do right?

    I actually missed a little bit of the beginning, but I loved how it went step by step and how Danny was being led around by Flack and Mac. Absolutely wonderful!

    I definitely liked the first case with the Noah's Ark. I thought that was interesting. At first I figured wow 100 thou each? Definite con. But then we find out, man he actually believed what happened. BUT WHY? And of course, science finds an answer, (does science always need to find an answer? Anyways, I loved how it ended up being a con or started to be, but then he was like noooo I believe the world is ending. And his partner ended up being the chick on the phone. (i totally caught that. I didn't believe her for a second. She seemed too different on the phone.)

    I loved that he had so many followers. I mean come on. Hahaha. And they believed him. And the guys with the counterfeit cash thought it was a sign from God. MWAHAHAH. At first, I thought one of the followers killed him. I thought all the money on him was a message of sorts: "as in you pulled this con on us, and for all our money," sort of thing

    Stella's case with the CIG guy. When i looked at this, I thought that A) the cigarette company killed him or B) He actually worked for the cigarette company and wasn't the real mascot of the suit. I was half right it seems. Though he did really belong in the suit and it ended up being : DRACULA. Hahahaha. Love it. At first I was afraid it was going to be a bit cliche, because the initial clues pointed to what I assumed was gonna happen. But as it is famously quoted: "When you assume... you make an *** out of u and me."

    Mac seems to know a lot of the bible. What is up Mac? You're all about the science. No? I definitely felt for Sid with his "life is in danger." I did not expect it to go down like that. I did love how Stella was just like "MUST SAVE." She was so sweet with him. And then when she was on the verge of tears saying how her gums bled that morning? She is so sweet for being worried for him. And I love how Sid was like, but you saved my life. I cried. I have to admit I did.

    Now seriously. Someone tell me the whole Mac thing. When did he find out? When did she tell him? Because I was expecting him to BLOW up.

    What was up with Hawkes and making people smoke? Hahah I can't believe he did that. But bless Stella for saying these guys get hazard pay. I love her. I really do!

    I loved the Giant Ark. I mean come on. That was absolutely brilliant. And I loved how there were actual animals on it.

    I loved how at the end it started to rain. it was rather fitting. Yes it's been one of the warmest winters with no precipitation (there is so forecast of a drought) but then it rains, just like they believed it would. And as it starts to, Mac sees a giraffe YAY I love giraffes.

    It was a great episode. I miss Lindsay and wish her home, and am rather upset they didn't mention her AGAIN. But what can ya do right?
  • good episode...

    Stella apparently was exposed to HIV positive blood and completely freaks out. She was actually really annoying in this episode. However, I loved the moment she had with Sid when he said that she saved his life and that was all that mattered. Anyways, the cases were odd... one was a many was burned in a cigarette suite and the other was a man that died surrounded by money and built an ark in his backyard. That was odd. Both stories were odd, but somewhat interesting. The character development in this episode was interesting for Sid, but not so much for Stella. Oh, the ending was great.
  • Danny & Mac Investigate Noah (From Noah's Ark)'s Murder, Stella & Sheldon Investigate The Murder Of A Man In A Cigarette Suit, Stella Tells Mac She's Not HIV Positive.

    Danny & Mac Investigate The Murder Of Noah And A Broken Promise May Have Led To His Death.
    Stella & Sheldon Probe The Murder Of A Dude In A Cigarette Suit Who Was Protesting Against A Company.
    Stella Spills The Beans To Mac, She Hasn't Got HIV, But It Has To Be Another 10 Weeks Before She Knows For Certain, Mac Offers Stella A Holiday But Stella Declines, Saying It Is The Only Thing That Is Keeping Her Sane At The Moment.
    The Murder Of Noah, And The Cigarette Dude Was Risky, I Thought It Turned Out Good, Albeit It Being A Little Weird!
  • An average episode with two equally irritating cases. The Noah's arc case was touching on the ridiculous and the smoking case was poor even without the preaching - we get it smoking companies are evil!

    On the positive side I think the emotional handling of Stella's possible HIV infection has been done quite well, with her confessions to both Mac and Sid feeling true to her character. I liked how she expressed her own fear for her health by becoming overly worried by the possibility that she might have infected Sid. However, I am irritated by the shows poor portrayal of CPR. Stella didn't even stop to check if Sid was breathing or had a pulse before she started CPR and her CPR method would have been ridiculously ineffective in real life. Certainly, in the UK, the chest compressions:breathing ratio is 30:2, and the head must be tilted backward or all the air will be blown into the stomach.
    Innacurate portrayals like this lead to mistakes in real life, when people copy what they see on television! I also don't understand how she immediately knew Sid was in anaphylactic shock - did we already know he had a food allergy? Plus is someone has been in respiratory arrest I find it highly doubtful that he would be allowed to return to work later the same day!
  • Absolutely fantastic episode!

    I adored this episode, has to be one of my favourites of the series. Firstly, I love the continuity of Stella's storyline. Lovely moment with Mac at the beginning (I'm so glad she told him) and with Sid, near the end. While we're on that, it was interesting to have a bit more of a storyline for him, especially as Robert Joy is such as great actor. It's great to watch Stella cope with her ordeal, because I think it's done really well; it shows she is struggling, which is realistic.

    As for the cases, loved the Noah's Ark thing, just because it was weird and weird is always good. It was interesting that the victim actuaklly built up a case for himself, rather than him being seen as utterly crazy. And the cigarette man, although a B case, was original as well. Though the corporate tobacco guy was an utter idiot.

    To conclude, loved it!
  • I'm very disappointed at the way the Stella storyline is being handled.

    CSI:NY usually does a much better job of presenting their cases realistically than does CSI:Miami. However, the storyline surrounding Stella's possible accidental infection with HIV is really starting to bother me. I liked that she told Mac this week, but I didn't like that he did not get on her for compromising the investigation. After all, the piece of glass that cut her was a piece of evidence, and after it cut her it had her blood and DNA on it. That issue was never addressed. As for the cases themselves, I could have done without the cheesy rain at the end of the episode. I get that the writers are trying to show that people's faith might not be that far off, but they ignored one simple fact: in the biblical Noah story, God promised with the rainbow that he would never again destroy the earth with a flood. Other means of destruction are not ruled out, but a flood is. I hate how every Noah's ark storyline always forgets that. Anyways, not my favorite episode, but still better than anything with Horatio Caine.
  • Interesting episode

    "The Ride In" has been one of the most interesting episodes of the season. The writers did a good job of showing us some interesting cases in this episode. The A Case with Danny, Mac and Flack was a case that was unforgettable. A man named "noah" built a ark in his backyard and was convinced that the end was coming. But that changed when his body was found with a single gun shot wound to the chest. The case ends with it being a case of betryal and countefeiting. The B case was about a man that was dressed up as a large cigarette. He was killed by a man that disagreed with the man in the cigarette stance on Unions. vexus
  • Mac finds Noah's Ark, Stella finds a ridiculously big cigarette.

    I found the Noah's ark case pretty weird and somewhat uninteresting. There's this tiny detail I can't get over, the one about Flack and cats. I remember in last season's "Zoo York" he said he was allergic to cats. When he stepped into the ark where there were two tigers in the cage, he didn't even sneeze or sniffle. I guess maybe TPTB forgot about it.

    The smoking case was okay, and I wanted to smack that vampire for setting the guy in the cig-suit on fire just to prove a point. Stupid much?

    I'd have probably given this a lower score if it wasn't for Stella. She finally came clean with Mac about what happened at the last case, and what else can I say? She was absolutely great. I thought this was a better hurdle/challenge for her than being attacked by her psycho ex-boyfriend.

    And I almost had a heart attack when she found Sid on the floor. Thank God she was able to revive him. I also loved that last part when she told Sid she might have HIV.

    All in all, an okay episode thanks to Melina Kanakaredes.
  • Gun down at Noah's Arc and a stubbed out smoking protestor.

    This episode starts off with Stella telling Mac about how she is in the pending window to whether or not she is infected with HIV or not. He reacts rather unusual, but in a good way. He comforts her and tells her that he is there for her while embracing her in a hug. Danny, Mac, and Flack later find a man found shot in what looks to be Noah's Arc. They later discover that "Noah" used to be a con artist, and had alot of people after him.

    Stella and Hawkes find a man in a burnt cigarette uniform. He was protesting in front of a cigarette company when he was set on fire.

    Stella goes in to see Sid, but finds him on the floor barely breathing. She gives him mouth to mouth with no other option. Stella talks to Mac and he tells her that she had saved Sid's life. Stella breaks down when she is talking to Sid later on. She says that she had been exposed to the blood from the victim in "Heart of Glass" and that the HIV results are still pending. You get to see another side of her, a more frightened and emotional side. It was good to see this, and her relationship with Sid grow a little bit.
  • Stella tells Mac about her pending HIV status. Later, Mac and Danny go investigating a man shot near what appears to be Noah's arc, while Stella investigates the death a man in giant cigarette outfit.

    The episode was okay, but I found the demonizing of the tobacco company a bit too cheesy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro-smoking or anything, but I don't think a TV show should show should so obviously demonstrate the opinions of its writers.
    Tobacco companies are so evil that they're making up schemes to produce a new product that will make people buy ten times their usual amount of cigarettes? Please... One of their employees dies but they won't tell his wife until they can find a way to spin it?!
    I'm surprised they didn't have Stella stumble upon their subterranean basement where they sacrifice babies to their evil gods.

    And on another subject - what a coincidence that just when Stella is investigating a crime scene of an HIV victim she cuts herself, and just when she has a chance of having HIV, she gives CPR to someone. Seems a little contrived.
  • Genesis Chapter 7:4: "I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth."

    Or maybe not... The reason I enjoyed this episode so much is probably because I find cults fascinating and they never cease to amaze me. I really enjoyed watching this and discovering "Noah's" reasons for promoting the end of the world prophecy. I thought that he probably was mentally ill as they have already done the con artist angle on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

    The biggest surprise was discovering that the cigarette guy wasn't killed for anything to do with cigarettes. I thought it would be a simple "large corporation" conspiracy and cover-up of some sort. The actual reason for the killing was a good twist but it was kind of anti-climatic due to my high expectations.

    Poor, poor Stella. She seems to be really really stressed out about her possible HIV. She acted really fast to save that guy's life and then felt bad about it. :( I was crying at the end! But then again, Mac seeing the giraffe walking on the sidewalk was really funny and had me in stitches. Then it began to rain... Uh oh...

    I really enjoyed this well-written and nerve-wracking installment.
  • In the beginning Stella told Mac about the case where she cut herself on what she feared to be HIV-infected blood covered glass...

    Then the story gets a little weirder: a man who takes the name of a famous prophet known as Noah is found dead in cold hard counterfeit cash and an ark outside. Elsewhere Stella and Hawkes investigate when a man in a giant cigarette suit is found dead. The man who was Noah was actually a man named Patrick who had a form of blood cancer. The man found in the cigarette suit was an employee who worked for the company he was protesting against. The suit was burned and he fell, breaking both of his legs. Stella found Sid unconscious in the morgue. Sid went into anyphalactic shock by eating something he was allergic to. Stella administered CPR and gave him a dose of EpiPen. After he got out of the hospital Stella told him about her encounter with HIV-infected blood and Sid told her I don't care if you have HIV, you administered CPR and if you hadn't done that I would be dead. Sid then hugs her. The episode end with Mac watching a man walking a giraffe and it starts to rain. Mac asks Is it Sunday and the man replies Yes it is and Mac just keeps looking at the sky.
  • No mention a Lindsay AGAIN>>>>>

    Okay, let me get my vent of no Linday mentions out of the way now. The tease of Danny coming around the corner with the look of talking to Mac regarding something other the a case, but indeed talking about a case, was NOT nice.

    Getting on with the show...I thought it was well written and I like the teaming. I thought Mac would be a little more p*ssed about Stella's situation. GREAT one-liners all throughout. JUDD NELSON not a bad guy - definite switch. If TPTB are going to increase anyone's role it needs to be Sid. He character is funny and compassionate, a wonderful combo.
  • Wow. Noah's ark and a stubbed-out human ciggaret. That's a new one. And let's not forget about Stella, shall we?

    If you've ever watched 'Disorderly Conduct' on Spike, then you know than some crimes and some people can get pretty stupid. That's pretty much the gyst of the two crimes. They're what I call 'Good Grief' crimes.
    What makes this episode special though is Stella. She's a cop struggling with what is considered every cop's worst nightmare; the possiblity of having contracted HIV from simply trying to do her job.
    Fortunately she's begining to realize that, strong as she is, in a time like this, it helps to have friends, as she finds in Mac when she finally confides in him.
    As for her and Sid? Sid put it best; yes, she took a risk, and even though the risk was very, very small, that risk still saved his life. What more could you ask of a friend?
  • Noah's Ark? Burning Cigarette man & surprise cameo.

    I thought it was sweet to see Stella save Sid & I am gald that she told Mac & Sid about what happened. It was good to see her getting some support.

    The Cigarette death was really strange. I thought judd Nelson as the heartlress tabaco exec was a little over the top. I am a little tired of the whole Anti-smoking campaign. Let's find a new villian. The SG has been placing warnign labels on cigarettes since before I was born. If you are a smoker now, you are an iformned person making a choice. You are not a victim. The noah's Ark storyline was interesting. I was glad to see he really believed. It was a good twist.

    I miss Lindsay!
  • Following the ranks of 'Obsession' - though not quite that bad - is yet another forgettable episode.

    While I am glad that Sid is getting meatier storylines, it was tainted by the fact that Sid collapsing in the morgue wasn't about Sid at all. It was all about Stella.

    And I see Stella's breasts are getting smarter. They told her that Sid was in anaphylactic shock, because there's no logical reason that she could have known that just by looking at him. Last time I checked, Stella wasn't a doctor.

    Hello, Mac? You've yelled at Danny and Hawkes for not following protocol. Why, when Stella screws up big time, do you not at least scold her? Yes, she's going through a terrible ordeal, but she still should have told you immediately! This could quite possibly affect the entire lab! She put everyone at risk. And he's just like, "Take some time." Holy geez. She didn't receive an official reprimand or anything. If it had been anyone else, Mac would have thrown the book at 'em.

    When I found out Judd Nelson was on this episode, I thought for sure he was going to be the killer. It's always the huge guest star. But then I saw that Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was in it as well, and Christian Campbell. So then I wasn't sure. Of course, Christian Campbell was 'Noah', so that was out.

    Also, Judd Nelson's character made me want to shoot something. "Yeah, we weren't going to tell the deceased's wife that he was dead until we could figure out how to spin it." I lose faith in people more and more every week.

    Oh, my God! Flack still works for the NYPD? And Hawkes, too? I never would've guessed!

    On the flip side, not enough Danny.

    I used to like Adam. Now every time he comes on screen, I roll my eyes. Has he always been so 'above and beyond', or am I just noticing it now that he's getting so much screen time? It's the CSIs' job to contact people, not his. He really had no right to do that... He's not a cop or anything, he just works for the lab.

    When Anna comes back, he better go back to his one appearance an episode, the way it should be. I can only handle him in small doses.

    Noah's Ark.... How do you get a tiger? And a giraffe? I mean, he filled out reports for animal handling, but how do you actually go about getting a tiger?

    I worked in a bank... You can usually tell when bills are counterfit. Especially because I noticed that those bills didn't have color-shifting ink.

    I'm not sure whether I liked that plotline or not. It was different, but I hated how they determined he was delusional, and then it rained on Sunday.

    The smoking anti-smoker who worked for a tobacco company and was trying to get people to try their 'healthier' cigarettes? My grandmother had emphezema. I know it's a television show, but I'm not sure I liked that at all. And naturally the tobacco company was evil.

    Also, a note for TPTB... Stop introducing the killer at the end of the show! They put it in your head at the beginning, with the flyer, but... Seriously. It was 9:45 when Stella realized who the killer was.

    By the way, what the hell was up with Stella mentioning Angell not once but twice? What, so we can mention [b]recurring[/b] characters but we'll completely ignore the one in the CREDITS? Whatever, TPTB. You suck.

    Near the end, when Danny pauses in the hallway before going to talk to Mac, I thought for sure that he was going to say something about Lindsay! I was like, "Oh, he's going to ask if Mac's heard from her!" But no. *sigh* I love how they seem to have forgotten that she works there. [/sarcasm]

    I guess this episode was okay, but it didn't really do anything for me. It was better than Obsession, but forgettable like that.
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