Season 7 Episode 16

The Untouchable

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2011 on CBS

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  • Mac Investigates The Murder Of A Woman Who Was Interested In Conspiracy Theories. The Investigation Reveals That Some Of Her Theories Could Be True.

    Despite the mixed reviews here, I am one of those who enjoyed this episode very much. It has an exceptional opening scene as we see Mac released by unknown kidnappers. "The Untouchable" has a logical plot which is easy to follow so that is one of the episode's highlights. A very talented cast give smooth performances. The only reason why I am not giving it the full marks is that the Voner Club was silly and quite stupid. On the other hand, it is a part of the episode's theme and it showed how rich people think that money can solve their problems. In the end, "The Untouchable" is well worth your time and a definite improvement over the last poor episode.
  • 7x16

    seriosly, I´m starting hating csi ny with this kind of boring episodes, season seven started in a very good way but at this point, they are ruining the entire show with this kind of episodes, for me, it was very difficult to reach the end of the episode by its poor development, I don´t know what happen with the writters but they have to make better episodes or they are going to lose their fans, the only thing I liked in this episode was the beggining scene, it was kinda shocking knowing who was the kidnnaped man but Sadly there aren't more interesting things here, one of the worst episodes I have seen in the last times

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
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    "The Untouchable" is another so so episode of CSI: NY and another sign that I think the show is on its last legs and should consider wrapping production when this season concludes. The whole ghost concept, with it helping Mac, it just seemed like something you would see on a soap opera and not a procedural on CBS, but I digress. The fact is that the case of the week was really not that interesting as a whole and led to very minimal action and suspense. If there is no action and suspense, the signs point to a mediocre episode and this one was. Forgettable hour of CSI: NY.
  • A person is kidnapped by a man and a woman. The victim is released, but given a warning to stay away. The kidnap victim turns out to be Mac Taylor. If you think that warning will scare him off you're as dead wrong as the kidnappers are.


    "The Untouchable" is a very good episode. Unfortunately I am unable to give it a higher score because of some cliches and other problems. The first problem is The Voner Club. I have seen this device too many times. The club where only the rich and powerful are allowed and the members think they could get away with anything (The writers obviously saw that horrible movie The Skulls.). The character of Tessa James was another problem. I had trouble understanding why she just did not tell Mac exactly what she saw instead of hiding what she saw in strange riddles.

  • A girl that whitnessed a crime appears dead and the team has to try to figure out what she saw to find her killers...

    I kinda loved this chapter... the case was intriguing... we got Mac kidnapped and we didn't know why.. then all got related to this poor special girl that whitnessed a murder almost a year ago... The wall covered with pics of guys that could look like the murderers, the masks and the newspaper articles it was amazing, quite OCD but really well done... All the team was in this one, and although they could have made it a lot more Mac centric, everyone had their moments! I loved The girls interrogating the bad guy, Danny being a Baseball geek... and OMG!! Danny and Lindsay actually talked to each other!! Was that so hard, TPTB??? They were just teasing each other like the old times!!
    All in all a great chapter with lots of team work.