Season 1 Episode 15

'Til Death Do We Part

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on CBS
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The team's investigation into the death of Hannah Bloom, who died at her own wedding, is put on hold when her father refuses to allow them to perform an autopsy until after his daughter's body is blessed by a rabbi. Danny and Mac turn their attention to the woman who trained the doves who were supposed to be released, but cannot tie her directly to Bloom, who died from formaldehyde poisoning. Stella, Flack and Aiden investigate when a hand is found deep underground, and soon realise that the dead man, Rick Amadori, chewed off his own hand. It seems like a slam dunk when the son of a man Amadori killed three years earlier confesses to the crime, but things aren't as easy as they seem.moreless

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  • Yet another reason not buy anything used.

    How frightening is it, knowing that you could just all of a sudden drop dead on your wedding day because of your clothes?

    CSI has dealt with shady undertakers before (the guy in Vegas who reuses caskets to save money), but nothing quite like this. Some guy stripping the clothes off dead bodies and selling them to used clothing stores, those clothes being saturated with formaldehyde, which seeps into the victims' bloodstreams and then they die. That's creepy. That's a whole new level of creepy. And I loved every minute of it.

    The other case, with Aiden and Stella trying to find out who handcuffed the escaped con in the haunted building, was also good, featuring the underrated Sam Huntingdon in yet another CSI performance. My favorite part of the whole case, though, was Flack being afraid to enter the building alone because of its reputation. Classic.

    All in all, a very well-written episode. It makes me just slightly more paranoid than I already was.moreless
  • I thought this was a greatly plotted script.

    From the dead bride, to contaminated formal wear. I thought this case was very intriguing. The respectful way Hawkes handle the religious aspects of the autopsy was classy. Mac performing a bird autopsy was great. But her death was caused by her contaminated bridal gown. Which led Mac to a crooked funeral home director. Now the ex-con chewing off his own hand was just bizarre. I loved the teasing of Flack that he was afraid of ghosts. The ex-con had enemies including the son of his victim. I really respected Stella for reaching out to him. But fortunately for him, Stella & Aiden are good at their jobs and found a link to a double cross.moreless
  • Another greay installment for CSI:NY, Flack is a riot as always. Spoilers inside.

    This episode deals with a lot of unexpected occurrences: a bride (and two doves) are killed on her wedding day, though not intentionally, and an ex-con is found dead in a “haunted” monastery. It was nice to see another side to Hawkes. We can see he has no problem dealing with the living, when he eases the trouble between the groom and the dad. The groom wants the autopsy to occur but the father doesn’t, not because he has something to hide, but because he wants the rabbi to give her the last rites, so to speak. Hawkes attempts to appease both men, respecting the father’s wishes, while also allaying the groom’s mind. He gives the father a few hours within which to have the rabbi come and perform the ceremony, but after that time he will perform the autopsy, ceremony or no. he also allows the father to come in and watch the body, as is custom in the Jewish religion.

    The interesting bit about the bride’s death is that the two doves killed during her ceremony, while on purpose, had nothing to do with the bride’s death. That was the great bit about it. Their death occurs from the crazy woman upset at the head caterer who took credit for her idea of the doves in the heart shaped box. The bride dies because of a greedy mortician who sells the suits and outfits of the deceased he buries. (How he pulls that off? I don’t want to know)

    It was funny to see Flack afraid of the monastery. We got to see that even our tough cop believes in superstition, and believes a monastery can be haunted. The way he defends his pride by saying that beat cops hear strange things coming from there all the time was priceless. A little ironically, as we expect him to be fearing the monastery for nothing, Flack does find something shriek-worthy, a disembodied hand and a man handcuffed to a wall, who had chewed off his hand so he could try to escape.

    It was brilliant that the killer was not in fact of the son of the man the con killed, but the man who “found” the body. He was hired by a con our deceased had shivved in prison. It made for an interesting twist, as did that they lured him there with the idea there was buried treasure buried in that monastery.moreless
  • Killer Wedding and only a hand found. Awesome episode!

    The episode starts off at a wedding, and as soon as the bride is being passed off two the groom, she collapses and dies. Mac and Danny work this case together. Mac notices excessive redness in Hannah's eyes, but they can't find any reason to explain her COD. The father won't let Hawkes continue with the autopsy report until a Rabbi comes and performs a ritual. Fianlly Hawkes gets to check out the body. It was so unusual to see that the cause of death was from formaldehyde, and that the wedding dress was taken froma dead body! Ewww. I thought it was great to see Mac get aggresive with the undertaker as he was interrogating him. Mac sets out to find the final deadly suit. I thought it was so funny to see Mac walk in and interrupt the wedding but I'm sure they wouldn't care since he was doing it to save the groom's life.

    Stella and Aiden investigate a crime scene where a hand is discovered. They find the body not too far away. Flack was so funny in this episode because he was afraid to go into the monastary because it was known to be haunted. It turned out that the victim actually bit off his own hand in an attempt to escape. It kind of reminded me of the movie Saw where they had to cut off theie feet. It was a good gruesome storyline that kept me watching. The killer was one of the construction workers who had been hired by a man in jail, which surprised me.

    Overall this was a really good episode, but I'm defiently going to be skeptical on whether or not the clothes I buy are used.moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Detective Kylie Macca

Guest Star

Robin Thomas

Robin Thomas

Abel Bloom

Guest Star

Rick D. Wasserman

Rick D. Wasserman

Walter Lisco

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The line "Gives a new meaning to cold feet" will be used again in Season 4, episode 9 One wedding and a funeral.

    • Stella was a foster child. She stayed until she was 18 and never saw her parents.

    • Goof: The "NYC Pass" shown 11 minutes into the episode looks nothing like a New York City MetroCard.

    • Goof: About 9 minutes into the episode, two shots of the Queensboro Bridge are shown, and then we see Stella, Aiden, and Flack investigating their scene, which they mention is on Staten Island. However, the Queensboro Bridge does not connect to Staten Island.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (After finding no poison in the bride's suite)
      Mac: Well, move on to Plan B.
      Danny: What's Plan B?
      Mac: Birds.

    • Stella: Well I did hear the one about the monk who went crazy and killed the others is true.
      Flack: The 1-2-2 gets calls about strange noises coming from this place all the time.
      Aiden: Will you stop? That's just an old urban legend.
      Stella: Aiden, I think you'd better hold Flack's hand.
      Flack: Yeah okay, cute.

    • Abel Bloom: We're Jewish.
      Hawkes: Orthodox?
      Abel Bloom: Traditional. That's… that's how Hannah would describe us. You do it because you believe it, not because you fear it. That's what she always said.

    • Mac: Could happen to you, you know.
      Danny: What, marriage?
      Mac: Love.
      Danny: Don't even say stuff like that Mac, it's not funny.

    • Mac: Somewhere in this city, someone could be wearing another killer outfit.

    • Kylie Macca: (about Hannah Bloom) Talk about cold feet.
      Danny: If I said something like that, you'd smack me.
      Kylie Macca: No, I'd ask if you wanted to get a drink later. I'm attracted to a man with a dark sense of humor.
      Mac: Do you two want to be alone? I could push the dead body outside.

    • Mac: I guess no one's superstitious around here. It's considered bad luck for a bird to fly indoors.

    • Waitress: Oh yeah. Yeah he'd been in here about 2 minutes before he caused a big old thing about a seat at the booth.
      Flack: A big old thing?
      Waitress: Yeah him and this other thug that got off the bus with him. They were throwing punches until my manager threw both of them up out of here.
      Flack: Did they continue their big old thing outside? (Stella smirks)

    • Stella: I'm driving.
      Flack: No! Please let me drive?
      Stella: No
      Flack: Do you at least got a cracker or a piece of candy in the glove box?
      Stella: Why?
      Flack: Because when you drive, we don't eat!

    • Audrey: What motive do I possible have to kill her?
      Mac: Walter Lisco is worth over 50 million dollars.
      Audrey: Well, I promised my mother I'd marry for love.
      Mac: Who couldn't love 50 million dollars?

    • Flack: Lot of high school kids hang out here, initiations, gangs, satanic rituals.
      Aiden: A good place to get high… or get laid.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the first appearance of Bess Wohl in the show, playing the maid of honor, Audrey Davis. However, Bess Wohl will be back in season 4 playing a different character, lab tech Kendall Novak, in a semi regular way.

      Jeffrey Vincent Parise, who plays Bobby Lugano, also appears in episode 7x08 Scared Stiff.

    • German episode title: Tod am Altar, meaning Death at the Altar.
      French episode title: Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare, which is the equivalent of 'Til Death do we Part'.

    • Music Featured:
      Air on a G String by Johann Sebastian Bach.
      The Outsider by A Perfect Circle.
      Relish the Trough by Tipper.


    • Stella: Meatball surgery.

      This was a term frequently used on the TV series M*A*S*H. It referred to the surgeons being able to patch people up and stabilize them but usually not having time for more intricate work because they were in a war zone and had so many critical patients.