Season 7 Episode 11

To What End?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • The CSI Team Investigates When A Bakery Owner Who Was Arranging His Son's Birthday Party, Is Shot To Death By A Clown.

    "To What End" is a very good episode. It was also better than the previous milestone episode. I completely agree with the other reviewers that the opening scene was absolutely marvelous. At first it seemed an open/shut case but things got really interesting when a bunch of clowns started to appear to the crime scene. The first half of this episode was superb but the second half unfortunately fell flat for me. I kinda lost my interest. The best scene was when we met Jo's ex-husband. It was hilarious. Also the scenes with Flack were the highlights of this episode. The conclusion to the case were perfect. Especially I liked the last scene because it was emotional. Overall, this episode is very entertaining with interesting cases. If you have thought of watching this, I suggest that you do. Superb episode!
  • Quite Clowning Around!

    Ok, so first off I HATE clowns! They are evil, and they are scary. My problem with them probably started mean my grandpa made me watch "It" at the age of 5. Seriously last Halloween I attacked a trick-or-treater at my door dressed as a killer clown, but I digress, and now to the episode.

    Over all I thought this episode was good. CSI: NY can do so much better, and this was like the 7th crime show to do a clown episode the season. They all even had the same part of having people dressed like clowns show up at the scene at the same time. So it was still a good episode, but the crime itself was fairly unoriginal!
  • Worst of the season.

    Seems to be suffering from "too many episodes a year" syndrome. Just like CSI: Miami this year, the first handful of episodes have been outstanding, and then they get lazy with the writing. Maybe they were saving some creativity for the finale. Who knows?

    The first 15 minutes or so of this episode were really good. There's a bunch of clowns, a bakery owner shot, and some good interaction among the characters.

    Then, it got really boring. I was trying to pay attention, but I really couldn't focus on what turned out to be a very mediocre episode that I probably won't watch again.
  • the murder of a bakery owner by a clown reveals a 5 years old case from Flack...

    The chapter was quite good, I enjoyed more than the last 2 before the break...

    the case was interesting and I liked that the killer ended up being someone supposed to be a good guy although he had a few good motives...
    All the team except from Sid was there. Adam was great as always and even though he looked a little more serious than usually I liked him! I didn't like Jo's ex-husband... the truth is that I really don't know what he was doing there.. I'm quite tired that in every chapter they have to do something that involves her personal life I want to know more from the others too...
    We had a tiny DL moment, which I loved... I don't think it's that impossible to get a little something like that every chapter right? What happened to Danny's hair?? I like it but it was too short... and why was Lindsay nervous around Jo's husband??
    Flack was just awesome this whole chapter, I loved the sentence : 'thieves get rich and saints get shot' because in my head he actually said 'Angels get shot'... Just 2 comments about him: I still don't like his hair and I didn't know he could fly...
    Another note regarding Flack's hair, he had the same fugly style than now when talking to Bobby in his car. Wasn't that 5 years ago?... they could at least have tried to make it look like then, right??
  • 7x11

    really, I don´t know why this episode does not have a high score, for me it was very, very, very good, I liked almost everything here, the clown thing was very interesting and I liked how each mystery was revealed here, maybe the only thing I did not like was the happy ending which in my opinion, did not have any original idea, but leaving behind that slow ending, I have to say that this episode was very good, the man who played Bobby Renton was great and his acting was very convincing for me, I really enjoyed it

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • 1/7

    This episode started off highly entertaining. You had a man dressed up in a clown suit shooting the owner of a bakery. If that storyline does not interest you, you must be one of the robots from I, Robot. But in recent CSI: NY fashion, the plot got lost in the shuffle of some bad scenes, some songs from a decade ago being played, and just general boring drama. That is the case too often and it is why this show is struggling to get viewers.

    Did I like this episode? Sure, if this was Rotten Tomatoes I'd vote fresh, but it was not that good.