Season 7 Episode 11

To What End?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • the murder of a bakery owner by a clown reveals a 5 years old case from Flack...

    The chapter was quite good, I enjoyed more than the last 2 before the break...

    the case was interesting and I liked that the killer ended up being someone supposed to be a good guy although he had a few good motives...
    All the team except from Sid was there. Adam was great as always and even though he looked a little more serious than usually I liked him! I didn't like Jo's ex-husband... the truth is that I really don't know what he was doing there.. I'm quite tired that in every chapter they have to do something that involves her personal life I want to know more from the others too...
    We had a tiny DL moment, which I loved... I don't think it's that impossible to get a little something like that every chapter right? What happened to Danny's hair?? I like it but it was too short... and why was Lindsay nervous around Jo's husband??
    Flack was just awesome this whole chapter, I loved the sentence : 'thieves get rich and saints get shot' because in my head he actually said 'Angels get shot'... Just 2 comments about him: I still don't like his hair and I didn't know he could fly...
    Another note regarding Flack's hair, he had the same fugly style than now when talking to Bobby in his car. Wasn't that 5 years ago?... they could at least have tried to make it look like then, right??