Season 9 Episode 17

Today Is Life

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Flack and Lovato have made their relationship known to the rest of the team.

    • The episode title is taken from the words that Timothy Brown used to sign off his letters to his girlfriend: Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today.

      They have a big effect on Mac who decides to propose to Christine. She accepts.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin Hopkins: There's 200 people outside that would like to take a baseball bat to my head! A kid robs a jewelry store and it's my word that's in question?

    • Kevin Hopkins: Look, guys... detectives, I don't have to talk to you. I have 48 hours before I can be compelled to give a statement to IAB, but I know what that looks like. You both think that gives me 48 hours to perfect my lie. I am not lying. That kid took a shot at me.

    • Victoria Jimenez: What began as a peaceful demonstration escalated into a bloody confrontation this morning inside this Manhattan precinct. Dozens of police officers and civilians were injured. At least ten arrests were made, and it doesn't look like the tension has come even close to subsiding.

    • Jamie Lovato: You saw him take a shot at Hopkins?
      Trey Jensen : No.
      Jamie Lovato: You hear the shot?
      Trey Jensen : No.
      Jamie Lovato: So how do you know that Brown took a shot at Hopkins?
      Trey Jensen : Because Kevin said so, and that's good enough for me.
      Flack: Well, that's not good enough for me.

    • Jamie Lovato: What do you think?
      Flack: It would've been so easy for him to cover for Hopkins and lie. All he would have to do is say that he heard two shots, and there would be nothing we could do to dispute it.
      Jamie Lovato: So you think the vic really did take a shot at Hopkins?
      Flack: I think he thinks the vic took a shot at Hopkins. But the truth is, no one knows what happened in that alley except for Hopkins and Timothy Brown. We need evidence.

    • Mac: It's all over the news, and now half the community is outside. There's maybe 1,500 people out there.

    • Mac: Respectfully, Sir, I think locking him up and letting the grand jury sort it out is a cop-out. I realize the political implications of this, but we deserve more time, and Hopkins deserves better than punting to the grand jury.

    • Victoria Jimenez: Officers and detectives are more or less barricaded inside, as demonstrators have virtually surrounded the precinct. Officials within the NYPD are not releasing the names of the officers involved in the shooting, but we have learned that they are officers Kevin Hopkins and Trey Jensen.
      Mac: Might as well hang wanted posters outside.

    • Mac: The thing is, you didn't have to lie. You didn't need it. Here's what I think happened. You chased a guy who just robbed a jewelry store. You came around the corner, you identified yourself as a police officer, he disobeyed your command, he spun around with his hand up by his chest, and you fired. You did everything right. The truth would've been enough, the truth is enough. But you thought it wouldn't look good, so you had to say he fired at you. You're a good police officer, Kevin, but you got to stop lying to me.
      Kevin Hopkins: Detective Taylor, I respect you, I got respect for you, but screw you. That kid, he pointed a gun and he shot at me and I will go to my grave swearing by that.

    • Kevin Hopkins: Take me out there. I will... I will walk you through it.
      Mac: It's too dangerous to bring you out there. But we can bring the scene to you.

    • Adam: There's no way I'm chasing a guy who may or may not have a gun down this alley.
      Hawkes: When's the last time you chased anyone at all?

    • Flack: This is gonna get ugly again. And I don't care how many reinforcements we call in, if they want to get in, they're getting in.

    • Jo: Finding them hanging out in the streets seems like a long shot.
      Mac: You might be right, but right now, it's the only good lead we've got.

    • Victoria Jimenez: Tonight's top story continues to be the community unrest outside the 12th Street Precinct in Manhattan over the alleged shooting of an unarmed man by police. The mayor and police commissioner continue to call for calm, but protesters remain defiant. Some in the community are labelling the death of Timothy Brown a cold-blooded murder.
      Trey Jensen: Any of those jackass reporters that talk to Kevin Hopkins for five minutes... they'd realize how ridiculous that statement is.

    • Adam: (To Mac) Boss, I don't want to tell you how to conduct your business, but you got to answer your phone. Okay? Your voicemail's all jacked up, Jo doesn't pick up her phone... I was literally left unsupervised for a really long time.

    • Mac: How the hell did you get past that mob outside?
      Adam: Well, I parked my car, like, 20 blocks away and I walked. And I'm not gonna lie, I almost got jacked a couple times, but as long as I, you know, pumped my fist up in the air and yelled some crazy things and kicked over a garbage can, I was... I was good, I was totally good.

    • Lindsay: (After Jo shoots a perp) Everybody okay?
      Danny: Yeah, everybody but him (He checks the victim for weapons) There's no gun. Did you see a gun?
      Jo: No, but I saw him reaching for something in that mailbox.
      (Lindsay finds a gun inside the mailbox)

    • Ray Griffin: (About a gun) It belonged to everybody. That gun always in that mailbox. It's like... going to the library or something. Taking out a book. You go in there, you take it, you need it, you use it, you put it back, that's it... it's the honor system.

    • Lindsay: So earlier today, you and Keith checked out a gun and then used it to hold up a jewelry store?
      Ray Griffin: Look, I told you before, okay? We wasn't meaning to use it. We was gonna front on those people in case they got bold or something.
      Danny: And then maybe shoot a few cops if they were bold enough to chase you?

    • Mac: (To Tori Bell) I want you to hear the truth. Before you read some version of it in the papers or hear it on the news.

    • Kevin Hopkins: If I could step in front of that bullet to save that man, I swear to God I would do it. That would feel better than this. I was scared, Detective. I was shaking all over. Like a coward. And maybe if I just... kept my cool, I would've hesitated. I would've seen he had no gun. That he was the wrong guy.
      Flack: And what if it was the right guy? And he had a gun. Then maybe it's you lying in that alley. That's the nature of this job, Hopkins. There's no do-overs.

    • Flack: (To Kevin Hopkins) A coward doesn't run after an armed man who's trying to kill him. A coward runs away.

    • Kevin Hopkins: That kid is dead now. And he didn't do a damn thing wrong. And his family... and his girl... what do I say to them?
      Flack: You can feel bad about that. If you didn't, I'd think you didn't have conscience. That kid's dead because two sons of bitches decided to rob a jewelry store. Simple as that.

    • Mac: (To Tori Bell) I'm not asking you to excuse what happened, I just want you to understand why.

    • Mac: I'm sorry there was no easy way to do this, but... I thought you should know. Tim had this in his pocket (He shows her a ring) He was planning to give it to you.
      Tori Bell: Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. That's how Tim signed off all his letters to me when he was away at college. Seems kind of prophetic now.

    • (Mac wants her to take the ring that Timothy Brown wanted to give her)
      Tori Bell: No. Please. Only would remind me of what could have been.

    • Tori Bell: Today is the worst day of my life. It's the worst day in the lives of Timothy's family and the people who loved him. But it's also the worst day in the life of Officer Hopkins.
      (Crowd murmurs angrily)
      Tori Bell: Hold on. Please. All of this has to stop. That officer didn't wake up this morning, go to work and set out to kill Tim. That happened because two men woke up this morning and decided that they were gonna come to this neighbourhood and steal what doesn't belong to them. They tried to take that policeman's life while he was protecting ours. And I hope... someday that maybe I can find a way to forgive Officer Hopkins. But I will never forgive those two men that came here with a gun. Because their actions took something from me a hundred times more valuable than all of the jewelry in that store. They stole the love of my life.

    • Mac: As police officers in this big, complicated city we see so much bad. So many souls filled with hatred and violence. And it's our job to look for them, chase after them and confront them. Over time, they can become all we see. As with all evil, some good will always come from it. It can bring us together with some of the most dedicated, honorable, kind-hearted people we could ever hope to meet. It can fill hearts with a love so strong that it will endure forever... and create unbreakable friendships that will last even in the face of life's most difficult challenges.

    • Mac: Sometimes, the good comes when we most need it and least expect it. If we are lucky enough to notice it, set our eyes upon it and appreciate it, it can almost make us forget all of the bad. Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. Words of wisdom. A slice of goodness passed on by an innocent soul whose life was cut short by an errant bullet. These are words that will always stay with me, words that are about to change the course of my life forever.

    • Mac: This is not how I imagined it would happen. I... I don't know if it's how you imagined it would happen, or... if you even imagined it happening at all, but...
      Christine Whitney: I'm not sure what you're saying. Let's go in and have a glass of wine. I'll make a fire...
      Mac: No. No, no, no, stay here. I don't want to wait another minute. I don't have a ring. Or a speech. I... I wasn't even able to stop and pick up a cheap bottle of champagne. I never thought I'd feel like this again. You're everything that's good in my life. We've been through so much together. I need you, Christine, I want you and I... I can't imagine my life without you. I don't want to... I just want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side (He gets down on one knee)
      Christine Whitney: Oh.
      Mac: Christine... will you marry me?
      Christine Whitney: Yes. Of course I will.
      (Both laugh, kiss and embrace)
      Christine Whitney: Oh (Laughs) This is exactly how I imagined it.

  • Notes

    • Billy Malone, who plays Desk Sergeant, also appears in episode 8x18 Near Death.

      Paul James, who plays P.O. Trey Jensen, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Ambush.

      Robert Ri'chard, who plays Ray Griffin, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode 48 Hours To Life.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 22, 2013 on CTV.
      Norway: June 5, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: February 10, 2015 on MTV3.

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