Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

We see a train speeding through the subway tunnels. It stops because the conductor seems something on the tracks. It's a body. There are cops, and we have Stella and Mac on the scene. There is no wallet, no watch, and no keys. But here something doesn't add up. With what it seems, the connection with the rails should be foot to foot, but this one is foot to hand.

Hawkes Stella and Macs are going over the body. He hasn't been ID'd yet, and is so called Slick: his skin is covered with a substance so that water beads off. He already sent it to trace. He was electrocuted from AC not DC (which is what the subway system is used on.) the burns on his hands are post-mortem.

Danny is looking a painting, and Detective Macca. The vic is Leo Whitefield. Ron Leatham is the one who found the vic. There is a gun on the ground, and there is some red trace on it. Danny finds a bullet in one of the paintings.

We see flack outside with Aiden, there is another vic, Bill Lemakkia. He smells badly, well his clothes do.

Mac is inside the lab, examining Slick's clothes. He finds money, a note that says "GAP NOON" and a statue finger with a print on it, he gets no hits. The trace on slick's body is olive oil. They find a camera in his belongings. He couldn't let go of what he was holding means there was an outage somewhere.

Danny gets a hit off the bullet and informs Detective Kylie Macca who just walked in. The gun was used before, and the suspect was a mob boss: Paul Gianetti. And the receipt books show the vic sold Gianetti a painting, one which was really destroyed. He sold a mob boss a fake painting. Danny questions Paul Gannett who proclaims innocence. But he sits down and he says that he lent the gun to him. Perhaps the painting wasn't a fake, since it wasn't there. Then Gianetti states he needed him, he didn't kill him.

Stella and Mac are in a residential neighborhood. They are at the scene with the only place that lost power then out side of the Galanis residence. They check out the statues in the yard of a home, but all statues have their fingers accounted for. They knock on the door of the home and a kid looking through says he can't open the door for strangers, though they showed him their badges. Just then the sister and father of the kid come up behind them; the sister goes inside, while they talk to the father. He asserts there was a power outage but never saw the vic before. Mac gives him the card and they leave.

There were no dental records and the camera they found shows a video of him running, is he being chased? There is someone else running in front of them. He arrives at Grand Army Plaza (the Gap note in his pocket from before). Mac and Stella are at Grand Army Plaza next scene, and they see the guy in the film surrounded by a bunch of other kids. Immediately on seeing Mac and Stella they jump up shouting "it's the cops!" and they run almost acrobatically. Mac looks over at the newspaper on the bench, and they find a print.

Mac and Stella find the kid who was holding the newspaper, Alex Hopper, and show him the picture of the deceased; the vic's name is Rand Hontz. They interview him and discover he was a "Parkour" or a free-runner, as Alex puts it, "Traversing the urban obstacle course we all encounter on a daily basis from a new perspective." However, apparently they broke in once. And the detectives ask for the address of the vic.

Next we see Hawkes and Aiden over her vic. His cause of death was a cranial fracture- died instantly. The smell was coming from the wound. So Aiden takes a bit to take to trace.

Danny is conferring with Macca- he found out there is another set of hands on the document, and Macca found Inhumanity. She brings him to it. They are looking at it when a John James comes up from behind them. John James reveals (in a flashback) how Leo tried to get James to sell it for 50k, and tried to show that it was a reproduction to James. James however didn't buy it, so he didn't sell it. Danny takes it from them.

Next we see Danny and Macca are in front of an x-ray. The x-ray shows that there is lead paint in the painting. Showing it is most likely an original (that lead paint was used then and usually not used now). The painting wasn't retouched (they used a scanner to check). Then they also checked with a UV light and saw that indeed there was no new glow, not revarnished. The ink shows that it was real. The document is a fake, not the painting.

Next we see Aiden discussing her vic, Bill. The odor from his wound also contained chemicals found in deodorizers. This leads Aiden to believe he died in a portable bathroom.

Mac and Stella are at Rand Hontz' (their vic's) apt. They find a lot of burned DVD's and CDs (DVDs which are labeled Julie G) Stella puts in a DVD and they see a video of him having sex with a girl. Stella finds some Greek Olive Oil and determines it's from the Village of Paroni- which is near Sparta. Mac just stares at her as she speaks in Greek and checks the fridge. No food in there, so he wasn't putting olive oil on that.

Danny is scanning the document, and Stella is in the lab with him. She walks over to what he is looking at it. The ink is practically all iron. If he wants to prove it was forged, it's not in the ink, it's in the paper.

Stella meets Mac, the olive oil on Rand's skin is the same they found at the apt, and that oil is sold in only one location, Galanis and Son importers (the man who said he didn't recognize it). They head to him and ask him to pull up his customer list. It's not there. He tries to say it's a coincidence, but he says its not. Stella peers in a van, and it has a statue with a missing finger.

Aiden and Flack are at the construction site's port-a-potty. Aiden enters- grudgingly, and there is poop all over the door. She prints the outside of the port-a-potty while Flack comes over with the name of the worker who was let go. She finds some of his prints, and they match the man. They question him inside the office. He says he pushes it over with him in it.

Danny is telling Macca how he got the paper tested radio logically. It is 190 years old. It is as authentic as the painting.

Mac and Stella are at the Galanis' home, and they conclude there is only one reason Randy would be there, so they are in the daughter's bedroom and notice the lock is broken on her door. Stella sees the daughter's notebook and the name on it: Julie – which is the name they found on the DVDs. Stella checks the sheets, and there is olive oil on the sheets. Then Mac looks over to the window and sees a dirty handprint by it. He also sees scratches on the flagpole. They inspect the outside of the house and Stella finds burnt skin on the flagpole. Stella finds some jumper cables, a safe way to electrify the pole- connect the cables to the pole and the breaker box. The two go to the lab. Mac is printing the cables while Stella takes what she thinks is skin off the pole. Mac runs the prints, and he gets a match on some but not on others. Stella heads to DNA with the skin. Mac looks at a picture from the Galanis house and sees a barrow.

Mac comes to see Danny who is with the painting and some books. He is reading up on it- and says how Reason St, was changed a different name, Raisin, then renamed to Barrow St. there was a great fire, but neither happened in 1814. it happened in 1809. the forger got it wrong, and he believes Leo, the vic was the forger, but the problem was the painting was real. So neither John James nor the mob boss had motive.

Flack comes to Aiden who is in the lab. The chemicals from the port-a-potty are a match to the chemicals on his jeans but not that in his wound. But it is still chemicals that breaks down waste. She is looking at the compound, and then realizes what happened. Ht got hit in the head by feces that fell from an airplane.

Kylie Macca and Danny are at the Barrow Gallery. There they find the ink box in plain sight. He finds a book on the history of ink, and his only conclusion is that he ripped the page from an old book. Danny finds a book that has the first page torn from it. But there should be pieces of trial and error. And old means rare. So they head to the bookstore owner's store who found the dead body. Danny takes a kook at his handkerchief that has GSR on it. He examines some books that were loaned to Leo. He freaks out when he finds out that the books had the first page ripped out on them. Leo gets worried and takes out the gun, Ron wrestles with him and the gun accidentally fires.

Stella interviews Mr. Galanis; she says she would have been mad too. And there was no way he could let go. And the prints to the cable box and the flag pole. He says it was an accident, but how his death was an accident. The fingerprint on the statue was the son's. He also had fingerprints on the jumper cables and the breaker box. Over the father's, indicating he was the last to touch them. He did it. By himself. The wagon was the clue; there were traces of olive oil on it. It wasn't his father's idea, it was his. He thought he could hide it. He didn't think that he was going to kill him, (and should have known the subway gave him away because they run on DC current) but he didn't know that when people have sex, they sweat- and that's why he died.