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  • Season 8 Episode 14: Flash Pop

  • Goof: In the scene where Lindsay and Danny are analyzing the footprints on the landing, Danny switches from keeping his arms crossed to having them laced behind his back several times.

  • Season 8 Episode 13: The Ripple Effect

  • When Mac meets Christine at her restaurant, Christine asks if she can get him anything and Mac says 'coffee'. However, in the episode 8x10 Clean Sweep, Mac says that he gave up coffee a year ago.

    When Mac leaves the restaurant, he is carrying his food container with the lidded coffee on top. When he reaches the vehicle and opens the door, he hands both towards Jo. She takes the coffee thanking him, showing that the coffee was for Jo to drink and not him.

  • Goof: In the previous episode 8x12 Brooklyn Til I Die Christine refers to his brother as 'Steven' and in this episode he is referred to as 'Stan'.

    Moreover, a Stan Whitney was featured in episode 2x24 Charge Of This Post during a flashback that showed Mac during his military time but who had fallen in battle in Beirut (listed as 'Corporal Stan Whitney'). During the flashback we see Mac as a police officer after he had already left the military and joined the police, so Stan Whitney could not have been alive when Mac was on patrol.

  • Goof: When Scott Perfito describes his chase, he says Barbera fell after running down the first 20 feet or so of the 187th Street Steps which is also seen in the flashback view. Barbera falls on the first stairway and then rolls all the way down the next four sets of stairs coming to rest on the very last step.

    The 187th Street Steps consist of five continuous 26 step long sets of stairs, separated by four landings each about 10 feet long. It is doubtful a falling person would roll past even one of those landings, never mind all four. The steps are also not as steep as they are made to appear in this show.

  • Goof: When Greg Barbera is first shown dead his right hand is resting open on his thigh. However, when Jo is taking pictures of the body, Greg's right hand is closed and resting on his belly.

  • Goof: The stunt running down the fire escape has noticeably longer hair than Flack and no gray hair.

  • Sid has sold the patent of his Hammerback Sleeper (which we first heard about in episode 8x06 Get Me Out Of Here!) for $27 million to a Japanese company which will market it as an anti-snoring pillow.
    Scenes from episode 8x06 Get Me Out Of Here! can be seen during this episode.

  • Jimmy Philbrook's case is #2011/71012.

  • Christine Whitney has opened a restaurant six month ago called "Carolyn's Cookware".

  • Jo plays the piano. Sid has bought one and is trying to learn how to play it.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: Brooklyn Til I Die

  • Goof: Christine refers to his brother as 'Steven' even though Jaret Sacrey's character is listed as 'Stan'. In the next episode 8x13 The Ripple Effect he is referred to as 'Stan'.

  • Goof: Hawkes's badge number (#8010) is inconsistent with the one he has in episode 1x23 What You See Is What You See (#9786).

  • According to his watch Mac arrives at the crime scene at 07:20am and yet he is shown in his office checking out his emails at 07:55am, which is too tight a schedule.

  • Like many other characters in the show (Flack, Mac, Lindsay, Adam and Jo) Hawkes borrows Danny's distinctive line 'boom' in this episode.

  • Goof: Despite working the same case, Hawkes' tablet shows the case as #2011/54735 whereas Danny's computer screen shows it as #2011/71042.
    Adam does not appear in the episode but according to Danny's report, he is supposed to have done the test on the tooth fragment.

  • Goof: The contents of Natasha Fatale / Michelle Lewis's purse are placed differently when Mac first arrives to the crime scene and when he takes pictures.

  • Season 8 Episode 11: Who's There?

  • Goof: In the first flashback where Ron breaks free and removes his gag, he's kneeling in the dining room. But in the second flashback, he's standing in his office when it happens.

  • According to Jo, Mac is always watching an eight-hour Reagan documentary.

  • Mac's fake internet profile displays the following information:
    Employment : NYPD Crime Lab.
    College: University of Chicago.
    High School: Lincoln High.
    Favourite quotes: 'A nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten' – Calvin Coolidge.
    Music: The Who, The Rolling Stones.
    Movies: A Bridge Too Far, Dirty Harry.
    Television: Survivor, NCIS.
    Interests: Science, Golf, Bass guitar.

  • Goof: The evidence bag containing the card fragment is labelled as case #07 – 400 – 1027. However, Adam's tablet shows the case as number as #2011/54841.

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