Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Murder happens on Mac's latest flight, and it's up to him to sift through an entire plane full of suspects.

    Mac is on a flight to DC to testify when he discovers that a passenger has been murdered. Mac finds a U.S. Marshals badge on him and a holster without a gun, coming to the immediate conclusion that there may be an attempt to hijack the plane in play. With the help of the passenger that was sitting beside him while the murder took place, the flight attendants, a satellite camera phone he manages to do some processing of the scene before the plane lands.
    I thought that the episode was entertaining yet predictable. Even with the supposed plane full of suspects that Mac had to narrow down from, I had a good idea who the suspect was. Once they discovered that the deceased had been a member of the mile high club it seemed pretty obvious to me who had done it. There were a couple of moments that I liked-Danny and Flack make a good team as usual, and Adam...what can I say. The man brings out the giggles in me. All in all, it was ok for a filler episode.
  • While travelling on a flight from JFK to Washington DC, Mac suddenly finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation when a passenger is found dead in one of the plane's lavatories. Is a hijacking about to happen?

    This is certainly a very entertaining episode of "CSI: NY." It's nice to see that as episode number 100 approaches, the show is still hitting the right notes. There is a slight flaw in this episode (DNA is found on a condom wrapper which had been submerged in sewage for quite some time. Hmmm.) but it does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the episode. I also like the twists and turns in this episode. They were plausible and kept the viewer guessing up until the end. The passenger with the snap-on hair (OUCH!) provides a little laugh.
  • True CSI:NY!

    The very first CSI episode I ever saw, and the reason I got hooked on the series, featured Gil and Sara investigating a murder on a plane. This episode brought back those memories and reminded me once again why I can't drop CSI:NY from my tv schedule. It had all the necessary ingredients: excitement, fear, apprehension, mystery, and a little bit of pop with Nelly. I could have lived without the gratuitous club scenes (for a second I felt like I was watching CSI: Miami) but, since the story was solid and kept me guessing, I can forgive it. Mac is the hero!
  • Mac's plane in danger of been hijacked

    This episode in another episode that put Mac's life in danger when he is on a plane and someone is murdered and that meant that someone on the plane killed him so he waited for the plane to land before he investigated anyone.Later on Mac discovers that the person who was killed was trying to hijack the plane and that is was one of the flight attendant's and the team had to rush to the next plane she was going on.Overall a really good start to season 5 and this episode was yet another good CSI NY episode.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of CSI New York the following happens. We see Mac on a plane, which is experiencing trouble. Mac notices that something is going on, and he is then led (once he has identified himself) to a dead body. The victim is a federal air marshal and his gun is missing. So Mac starts to investigate and orders the plane be turned around and so they are now heading back to New York. When they check the numbers on the badge the Marshall is carrying it doesn't match describe of the man they were given. IN order to indentify the victim Mac sends the team a photo. We learn that he escaped from custody after he was going to Sing-sing for the rest of his life. When the team head to the real Air Marshalls room, they find him dead. The plane lands at JFK, and the plane is quickly moved to a hanger where all of the CSI's are waiting. They match a DNA sample to one of the air attendants. She is also missing her wings on her uniform which we learn was the murder weapon. She has already been realised and so they trace to catch her before she can run. They catch her just before her plane to Paris took off. She was in on it. The drugs and it all and so she decided to kill him, when he wanted to take over the plane.
  • Mac is on a plane going to DC when he notices something is wrong on the flight. He gets up and goes to the back, finding out that someone has died on the flight. He then tells the pilots to turn back to NYC and begins to process the evidence.

    It was a good episode, but I knew who the murderer was before the case even started, which disappointed me, but it was probably just a gut feeling I had bc of the fact I hated the actress. The whole case was fun, having adam out in the field was a good choice and danny with the birthday panda was hilarious. Such a good episode. I do wish that Lindsay had more time in the field and Flack had more quips though. Adam: "I hate poop". Too funny. Their choice of murder weapon was pretty ingenius too. I have no idea what I would do in the murderer's situation, but I do understand the money was enticing.
  • Wow!

    This was definitely a fantastic episode! I really liked the plot line and the whole episode overall. It was interesting to see how Nelly fit into the cast, and I was pleased to see it went well. I loved the fact that Adam got to go out into the field, if only to process poop. Ha! I'm also interested to see where the interaction between Stella and the fireman will go. I also liked the ending where Mac is alone with Susan in the hangar, interogating her. That was an intimidating scene, with only the two of them in there. Overall I thought the episode turned out well.
  • Different, but good

    I like new scenery, this was one of those episodes that sticks. I like that the story took place on a plane. Although I must admit that the flight attendant looked guilty already from the beginning when we first saw her... I was happy to see that it wasn't the most famous guest actor that was the killer this time. It's starting to get a bit predictable when some star shows up, who in the end turns out to be the killer... No, I liked this episode. I would have wanted to see more of the wig-guy though, he was funny, I actually thought he would turn out to have the weapon hidden under his wig or something ;)
  • Who has thought of this before, clever storyline, and a race against time.

    When a man is murdered on board an airplane, it seems an Federal Air Marshall is killed, turns out it's a fugitive on the run, the real Federal Air Marshall was killed earlier, and airline stweardess is involved. She was trying to help the fugitive get out of NY, the fugitive got to greedy and wanted to go to Canada. It was a very interesting episode on how everything turned out, one of the best so far. To me it was very entertaining and very well put together, they didn't rush this one through!! Mad Props to everybody on this episode!!
  • In Flight Murder

    A very intense beginning, you could feel it. Mac having a murder with a crime scene while in flight to Washington DC was interesting. I think the most interesting thing about this episode is the team really didn't know what they where dealing with in regards to victim, suspects or motive. The only thing they knew was it happened at 30,000 feet. I love one case episode's. Nelly was your typical gangster thug. Overall I really liked it, a definite mystery until the end and I do love a mystery. Like Stella's new friend and she can swing a bat. This is gonna get good.
  • Mac on plane while a murder happens. And only 1 person on the plane besides him is innocent. The Air Marshall is not the Air Marshall but an convict who escaped. Now Mac has to find the killer before they are all released. Once again Mac is the man.

    Great story even though it got off to a slow start. It looks like Stella finally found love as it is about time. And he is such a hottie, no wonder he is a fireman. Did not expect any DL moments due to this being shot before the baby news. DL moments should pick up by episode 5 and 6. Adam getting out of the lab it a great expansion of AJ being a great actor. If using a celebrity like Nelly, there should have been more usage of him. But we might just see more of him since Flack is now using him as a snitch.
  • Really good one!!

    I like the Fireman, he is really cute, although we haven't seen him a lot.. Danny is really cute with the Panda and he seems way happier than in the previous chapters! Lindsay stucked in the lab but being really busy!! Adam, really funny as always! And I love the chemistry he has with Lindsay. Flack was great as always...It surprised me the continuity moment! I loved that Mac called Hawkes Doc too!

    REally good chapter it surprised me that the flight attendant did it! Still not a single DL moment and we already seen 3 chapters... I expected some continuity there too...maybe I expected too much?? But acording to the amount of time both of them are having, that is very little, I guess there is a big DL moment coming soon...
  • Where Mac goes Murder follows!!

    Ok so not only was this episode the first i think with Adam is out in the field but it was also a really interesting and unique csi case. Once again its Mac to the rescue when a man is murdered in the bathroom of plane he is on, and depsite the fact that he seems to be turning into Jessica Fletcher from murder she wrote (where he goes murder follows) i really enjoyed this episode.
    This is such an NY episode and the perfect case for Mac to take control and show of his marine skills, i loved it. And even when the case left the plane the action and suspense continued although i had an idea it was her from the beginning!! One of the best episodes of Season 5, unique, funny and had me hooked from start to finish, Top stuff from the Ny Team in front of the camera and behined!!