Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Murder happens on Mac's latest flight, and it's up to him to sift through an entire plane full of suspects.

    Mac is on a flight to DC to testify when he discovers that a passenger has been murdered. Mac finds a U.S. Marshals badge on him and a holster without a gun, coming to the immediate conclusion that there may be an attempt to hijack the plane in play. With the help of the passenger that was sitting beside him while the murder took place, the flight attendants, a satellite camera phone he manages to do some processing of the scene before the plane lands.
    I thought that the episode was entertaining yet predictable. Even with the supposed plane full of suspects that Mac had to narrow down from, I had a good idea who the suspect was. Once they discovered that the deceased had been a member of the mile high club it seemed pretty obvious to me who had done it. There were a couple of moments that I liked-Danny and Flack make a good team as usual, and Adam...what can I say. The man brings out the giggles in me. All in all, it was ok for a filler episode.