Season 6 Episode 16

Uncertainty Rules

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2010 on CBS

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  • Up to this episode, possibly the best this lackluster season 6 has had to offer.

    "Uncertainty Rules" takes on "The Hangover" formula with deadlier results. This 6th season of CSI: NY is turning out to be one of the weakest, but an episode like this is a refreshing breath of air. Acting wise, the team seems to be at the top of their game with a special nod going to Eddie Cahill who was especially good. Our innocent victim, who, for most of the episode is high on LSD, is also very convincing. The murder is grisly and even more disturbing is the man who committed it; a slimy just plain evil guy. The only issue I have with the episode is the way our killer is confronted. The shootout seemed slightly forced and more along the lines of CSI: Miami, but because the rest of the episode was so good, I'll half forgive it.
  • Mac and the team investigate the gruesome murder of four people at a 21st birthday party gone horribly wrong. Mac works with the sole survivor of the massacre, the birthday boy, to find out what exactly happened and bring the killer to justice.

    Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! The episode is season's best so far for a number of reasons. The unforgettable opening sequence, the frighteningly realistic crime scene, and the very compelling and well written script. The top notch performances by Gary Sinise and the rest of the cast almost goes without saying. Another high point is Adam's computer simulation of how the massacre at the hotel room occurred. That will have viewers cringing and looking away for sure. Gary Sinise is once again at the top of his game in this episode. A great episode.
  • Uncertainty Rules

    See, this is why I do not drink or do drugs. Because when you do you wake up in the streets without a shirt and holding a bloody axe.

    In all seriousness though, a solid episode of CSI: NY, a show that I was sort of souring on earlier this year, but have been enjoying the past few weeks with the racing, vampire and now this episode. The plot was intriguing, as is usually the case with this show, but I thought the ending was particularly noteworthy. Anytime the show ends with gunfire, I am more often than not a satisfied man.
  • Lots of blood and a guy killing with an axe...great!!

    Really great chapter!! Although I missed Lindsay and Sid in it... There were tons of evidence to process, I bet they could have used another CSI *cough* Lindsay*cough* to help them. Sid was mentioned a couple of times at least....

    The case was really good. A guy covered in blood with an axe acting crazy in the middle of the street and then finding the 4 bodies on his hotel room. All things pointed to him but our lovely CSI proved that he was just tripping in the bathtub... The resolution of the case was great too, all because of the timing, and the poor friends of James were just colateral damage... Danny and Flack scenes were all hilarious!! these 2 crack me up everytime they are in the same rooom together. I loved the grandma saying 'I beg to differ' (I said 'me too' outloud in that moment! ) and calling Danny, 'sonny' too... Very little Adam but we got him talking/singing alone again...
    Stella and Hawkes being the smartest and Mac bonding with the poor James.
    I dunno who the actor that played James is but he did an amazing job, kudos for him.