Season 7 Episode 2

Unfriendly Chat

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Adam Witnesses The Murder Of A Young Woman In An Online Chat Room. Mac's Team Must Locate The Possible Murder Victim.

    I loved this episode so much! I really did not like the way the episode began but it quikly became really a really entertaining episode. The case was interesting and I was never bored. The teamwork was great and finally Adam gets a very good storyline. I feel that he has a very little amount of screentime in every episode but it was great to finally see an episode which was Adam-centered. He is a great character in the series. The scene in the final minutes where Adam fights with the guilty man was pure gold. Do not skip this awesome episode because it is one of the best episodes of this season.
  • The longest Apple ad ever.

    So Adam goes online to a random chat website and out of all the people in the world he gets talking to someone in New York who just happens to get killed. I knew when that temperature chart came up there was only gonna be one city left at the end. And who remembers a tiny temperature indicator in the corner of a screen when a hot girl is dancing in front of them? This show gets worse and worse. Just when I thought it was improving at the end of last season. And what was with all the product placement? I was expecting Steve Jobs to be giving a presentation in one of the labs.
  • A fairly weak story, but gets bonus points for strong character interactions.

    This episode's story ranged from the wildly unbelievable to plain laziness. Adam, on a video chat site, happens to witness a murder or a girl on the other end of a chat. Luckily for the NY team, she was in the city and it is their jurisdiction. Computers are able to do just about everything in this episode, including giving a masked man a face. Also, Adam the action hero made my brow raise more than once. My suspension of disbelief was pushed beyond what I could take with this episode but luckily, the interactions between our team were stronger than ever. Little things like Adam try and hide his internet surfing from Mac at the beginning of the episode amused me a lot! But the real winner of this episode is Sela Ward, who is turning out to be my new favorite character. Her memorable scenes are multiple: "Swallow, swallow, swallow...." Her "Be a man!" talk to Adam and her virtual scene with Mac at the end, just to name a few. The character dialogue and interactions were spot on; it'd be nice for a story that's just a tad more believable. (Also a note: Adam claims that he's never seen anyone murdered before, but he should recall his own past: in the third season finale "Snow Day" he witnesses Danny blast away a thug with a machine gun! Perhaps it depends on Adam's definition of murder...)
  • Lots of Adam and team work!

    A girl gets killed while having a video chat with Adam. The team localises the apartment of the girl that casually is in Manhattan. After some really cool science stuff (Hawkes constructing the killer face with just a little image of his eyes) they manage to find the killer but not after he goes after Adam since he's the only whitness of the crime. Lots of great work from AJ Buckley, with really nice moments of him and the whole team. Especially cute was the last scene with Danny and Hawkes teasing him with the sable laser joke.
    Nice little DL scenes with a couple of mentions of Lucy... I kinda wish they would talk about something about their relationship and not only they daughter but if that's what we are getting I'm ok!:)
    Jo was better in this chapter, although all that psychology speaches really make me roll my eyes...
    Flack's hair was better but still not the best...:P
    All in all a good chapter with lots of team work... I missed Sid, though...:(
  • This is more like it, but there's still something missing...

    I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous one. Much better when there was less mucking about with unfinished business and character introductions.

    I still miss Stella but Jo is definately proving herself. The pyschoanalysis is still a little much to deal with though :P

    Again the storyline seemed a little weak and the episode seemed to end too quickly. I'm starting to think that its the lack of locations outside of the lab being included in the story. 90% of this episode took place in the crime lab which I find a little dissapointing. I'm hoping we get out of the lab a bit more in the near future. Also I'd still like to see a bit more of a struggle to catch the killer, (more false leads and more solid physical work, getting out more etc.) It all seemed too simple again... And I think this is what is making this season's episodes seem shorter than ones from previous seasons.

    The characterisation in this episode was again lovely. Adam's emotions were great and the little snippets of Mac and Jo both on lookingatchu.com were a nice touch.

    Overall i think this episode was a good improvement on last weeks but it can definatly go further than where its at right now.
  • 7X02 !SPOILERS!

    I really loved this episode, not only by the case but by the interaction between characters and the funny momments, in my opinion this is the best episode of CSI NY at least in one year.

    This episode had everithing, suspense, funny scenes, sad scenes and an interesting case to be solved, the only thing I didn´t like was when Adam started fighting against sass killer, but it was a minimal critic, for the other aspects, this chapter was great.

    It was very sad for Adam who lost the girl of his dreams in front of his eyes, definitively this one was better than the first one, I really liked it

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes