Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • If you don't have something to say, don't say it

    I wonder why the makers of the show tortured us with half episode without words. I really can't get why they tried to do. Maybe something about Mac's alexia? Maybe they just tried to get "artsy"?

    Please, leave cutting edge visual narrative to, let's say, Breaking Bad, don't try to be avant garde if you are just a mainstream TV show, please give us good stories and spare us from aesthetic experiments you can't sustain (it could have been better if the WHOLE episode was speechless. And with no music)

    Also I couldn't really get the story. A ridiculously accused teacher decides to kill the lady who accused him instead of sueing her? And tries to shoot her in a public event even though he is a very lousy shooter? And he drops the gun in a container near two kids when he says he CAN'T harm a kid? What was he thinking? That the kids would ignore the dropping and continue playing as if nothing happened?

    And what about the hospital's security? Nobody noticed that some stranger walked into a patient room and stayed there long enough to write on the window glass and attempt to murder her (but backs when sees a kid's drawing)?

    Absurd, absurd, absurd to the point of absurdity.

    My guess is that the writers are suffering of Mac's condition and can't remember basic stuff, like writing a solid story.
  • Could have been so good, but It was so bad!

    I feel like if they were going to do a episode like this they should have planned it out better and actually helping the actors act this episode out well, instead they all look confused and in pain cause they can't say a word for the first 20 minutes.
  • 9x04 - Unspoken

    I thought this was okay. I think the wordless scenes would have worked better without music and letting the background sounds and facial expressions speak for themselves but I did enjoy what they were trying to do. The story was also kinda blah. The motivations of the teacher felt weak, considering he was cleared and back at work.
  • Just stupid

    Whoever had this idea should be Unpaid. A regular episode is bad enough with their long "music video" fillers where they pretend to be doing lab stuff. To drag that out is just nails on a chalk board.
  • Overreached

    I normally enjoy CSI NY and even though I understand what they tried to do, they just didn't quite succeed in my opinion. The music didn't do "it" and the facial expressions of the actors seemed forced. Everything was just a bit over the top, just like the case of the week. The only thing that worked was the frustration of Mac as he struggled with his inability to function at a 100%.

  • Brilliant!

    It takes a lot to grab your attention without dialogue. This is an amazing, artistic episode. It goes to prove the calibre of the actors and writers of this show. Anyone can write a show with sex and violence. You will get most people interested. This kind of show will get the rest of us watching! Way to go.

    I am a long time CSI NY fan. But. I just did not enjoy this episode at all. I found it very hard to believe that any Mom who lost her child in a crowd would say nothing! I'd be screaming my brains out calling for her! And for Flack to remain silent when finding a little girl gravely wounded, again, the silent treatment did not work - I'd be yelling for 911! There was way too much action for a silent film. To me, it almost came across as if they gave the writers the day off instead of being the artsy, music-heavy episode they intended. Sorry. No joy. (Gave it a 5. Usually a 10 so I gave it a 5 for the 2nd half).