Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • The train station where Joe's Wife & Daughter waiting… Is that Union Station in LA California…

    The train station where Joe's Wife & Daughter waiting…
    Is that Union Station in LA California…

    Poor scene, If you knew this places, you will know, that this train station is not in New York...

    And where Joe came out on tunnel of the Stattion, i'm very sure that's Union Station in LA California...

    I just wish they can make it good, and not very poor for the Televiewer to notice...

    Even on the start of the show, i don't know how Joe push that SUV on the middle of the water...

    If you ever push a SUV you need at least two person, at it will only stay on the side of the water front...
  • Plot holes and unexplained motives... So bad...

    I had to go hunt down the review to this show to figure out whether or not I missed something. Turns out, I didn't.

    For starters, every show or movie in the past 10 years where the police are trying to track someone down who has a cell phone, has been able to triangulate their position based on the three closest cell phone towers. Mac had Joe's cell phone number, this one should have been a no brainer. Very poorly written plot device. They had to keep him on the phone? Only to trace an unknown caller. Mac was calling him, not vice versa.

    I don't understand why Joe was even in the bank in the first place. Trying to prove his innocence in the murder? Gimme a break... If this was a plan to rob a bank, you don't go back after the robbery. No explanation whatsoever. I suppose we're expected to believe that he was trying to get the money after Derek failed to get it, but we already saw he was planning on meeting up with Derek later.

    Also, why would Derek leave the money in the bank? Was he planning on going back to get it later? Right... Everyone knows that banks are so easy to break into!

    Maybe the writers were on strike for too long before writing this episode. I usually find some silver lining, but this officially sucked.
  • It felt like a mid-season filler episode!

    I'm sad to say that I was actually bored. There was little suspense and no surprises. No interesting forensics or gadgetry, and I can already see Samantha Flack's character development being painfully slow and annoying. (I sincerely hope that that's not the case, I'm just being bitter because I'm writing this straight after watching the episode!) I'm glad that Adam and Sid are in the credits, but on the whole this ep. felt cluttered - everyone bar Mac and Flack vs Flack moments, seemed like they had a sentence or two in total. The only thing I didn't see coming was Stella dangling from the bag of money.
    Oh well, it concluded last season and has at least cleared the way for some real action. (Having to compete with this as the opener, this shouldn't be too difficult.)
  • disappointing

    I was so excited for this show to come back after the finale last year and this episode was a total let down. I was expecting some high action episode paired with some investigating to catch the bank robber, but all I got was Mac swimming out of the water and more investigating. Come on, it was a perfect set up for a great episode and this sucked. It was interesting seeing Mac hurt, but he acted how he always did. The whole thing with Flack and his sister was just thrown in. They didn't do anything with it; it felt that they just wanted to stick his sister in. Anyways, there were still good points in the episode. I loved the ending when Mac was talking to Joe and Joe thought he had gotten away. Overall, poor premiere....
  • good but not the best it could have been

    not the best premiere but a good episode anyway.

    I LOVE ADAM!!!!!!! he was sooooooooooo cute!!! i love how scared he was of Mac and yet managed to stand on his ground saying he'd do the same thing over if he had to. that shows how good a friend he is, he's loyal.

    love big brother Flack, hope we're gonna see more of that. so protective and yet a bit out of line too.

    not enough Lindsay and her little demonstration wasn't as good as others in the past. yes it was cute that Mac 'sensed' it was coming but it didn't impress me as much as others had.

    i'm so happy AJ and Robert are in the credits but i did wonder too why they were before Hill, i guess that Eddie's always the last one because he's a cop not a CSI and it is CSI: NY. but i thought it's a bit unfair to have Hill after AJ and Robert.

    what else...what else? oh yes i liked that Stella pushed herself up on her own and saved herself, no need for a knight in shining armor. Danny wasn't memorable in this episode, we didn't see much of him either, but that didn't bother me that much. i guess i'm still a little bit mad at him.

    so overall i liked the episode, mostly because i hadn't had my hopes up so i was pleasantly surprised with some things nad not expecting too much meant i wasn't too disappointed.
  • The fifth season begins where the fourth season left off. Mac calls the team to Jersey City (Where he was left for dead by the robber who took him hostage) where the body of the robber's accomplise was found. More bodies soon turn up in this case.

    One thing I like about this episode happened in the very beginning. The opening scene is of Mac escaping his watery grave. It was painfully obvious that he would survive and I am glad that the producers of this episode told us that right away instead of trying some phony suspense ploy. The scenes with Flak's not too bright sister were unnecessary. They are obviously meant to start a story arc for this season but I don't like it already. There were also too many close up shots of Gary Sinise's face. Despite this I enjoyed this episode very much.
  • The conclusion to last year's season finale, overall it was good, and cleverly written!! I think season 5 of CSI: NY will be a great season, since season 4 they really upped their game.

    What a great way to conclude this 2 part episode, it left the mystery there, and kept you guessing on what's going to happen next. To me this episode didn't disappoint at all. So far all the CBS crime series have had great season premieres and this one was no different. It obviously wasn't one that rushed through the episode to fill us in, we learned Joe/Ethan Scott was a con artist and was playing the CSI team all along, good thing they realized that this guy was playing games. I wasn't really expecting the angle they used for the season premiere, but it was great!! The writers knew what they were doing and mad props to them all!!
  • Season 5 is here

    Continuing from the season finale Mac is in danger and he wakes up in the water with no sign of his kidnapper and he can't remember what happened and he has to try and remember so the CSI's can catch the kidnapper who calls himself Joe.It turns out that Mac had been shot but the bullet didn't affect him but it means Joe tried to kill Mac.Stella also fears for her life when chasing Joe after he goes back for the money and he knocks her over the stairs on the building but she hangs on.But the best part is where Mac sets the trap for Joe in the end at the train station when Joe goes to his family but when he is on the phone to Mac he comes right behind him which Joe didn't expect.
  • Mac is found but a few things are un-clear. The hunt for Mac's kidnapper is on.

    Veritas is the perfect answer to begin a season. Leave the main charcter kidnapped and the rest of the team on a frantic search for him. Now, though, they've found Mac - in New Jersey. As Mac struggles to regain his memory, Stella starts a chase on his kidnapper. The episode is well-written, and all the charcters are real - Gary Sinse does an aftermath of a concussion brilliantly. Veritas is one of my CSI: NY top episodes along with Snow Day and Can You Hear Me Now. But the best bit of Veritas? The end when they finally capture Mac's kidnapper and Mac does his kidnapper's list of crimes. So that's Veritas in about 120 words. Thanks for reading!
  • Mac is back!

    One thing that you shouldn't do is get on the bad side of Mac. As he is one bad you know what. And I mean it in a good kind of way. When we see him, trying to stay alive. Like one reviewer said that it was neat to seeing Stella kick some you know what. Because it is rare that she does that. Alos we see Flack's sister. She seems to be likable and that hopefully she will do more episodes of the show. Wonder what their relationship will be like and how it will be develop. Only time can and will tell. The conman playing games really played the team up.
  • Great opening!

    *Credits: Same images as last year, except that we see Lindsay smiling instead of examining a gun and finally Sid and Adam are on them!! Good for them...I have to confess that Lindsay image made me a little sad...It's from the moment Danny and her are quoting Jaws..jsut before the 'this is hard' moment...But maybe they would change the images as the season goes by...
    *Case: We already knew that it was going to be a Mac and Stella chapter so I didn't have lots of expectations about seeing a lot from the other characters... Danny, Hawkes, and Lindsay almost didn't appear, Sid did his job and disappeared, Adam was amazing!! I love that guy! Really cute an smart! Two moments to remember: him getting in the precinct looking for Flack and talking with Mac and asking him if he had a sister!!
    I liked how they solved the case. It was good althought I've found the end quite exagerated...ALl those guns and cops and everything for just on man that was probably unarmed and infront of his family...
    I loved Flack's sister, and Flack's worry for her...Eddie did a really good job....A little confession: I didn't notice Flacks tie until half of the episode!! and it wasn't that bad!
    Good premiere...It was not an amazing one but they had to continue the finale storyline!
  • The episode starts off where the season finale left off.

    In this episode, we find out what happened after Mac was taken by the treacherous bank robber "Joe". He managed to escape from a watery grave sans his immediate memory. The rest of the episode had the team finding out Joe's true identity and stopping him from getting away with murder and the cash.
    It was a pretty good season opener, although it didn't necessarily blow me away. There was some decent action, a good pace and the mystery behind what happened with Mac from the time he was abducted to when he surfaced from the car was good, and we were introduced to an interesting new character - Flack's younger sister. But I have to say that my favorite scenes were the ones with Adam in them. I loved how nervous he was in the scene when he was giving Flack a heads up as a friend, and also in the scene where he told Mac that he gave the information to Flack first even though Mac told him that all info goes through the boss first. It was cool that even though he looked like he was going to pass out he grew some big ones and told Mac that he had made a decision and if he had to do it again he wouldn't change his mind. He looked like he didn't know what to do when Mac just left.
    Although this feels like a return to the good old CSI:NY, at the same time I would have liked to see some resolution to the personal dramas that the team was facing; namely Danny and Lindsay. Either have them break up or get back together because the limbo that they're in is getting distracting. Hopefully it will get resolved in the next few episodes.
  • This episode kept me guessing.

    It was little bit slow to start, playing catch up to blame. The first 20 minutes where very busy. Mac's was rescued. The team working on trying to find "Joe" from photos, because they have no hard physical evidence because Jersey City's got it all. I loved the intense conversation between Adam and Don about the vehicle. It was an interesting dynamic. Mac piecing his memories together was interesting to watch. Danny's showing his growth when he reconstructed how Derek James got shot. The introduction of Sam Flack is an interesting twist. I think she's definitely meant to stir things up. I liked the twist of Ethan Scott going back to the scene of the bank heist to retieve the money. Mac is at his coolest when he's pissed.
  • Better than the season finale/first part!

    Good conclusion to a slightly boring finale. Mac is finally found but is unclear on a few things because of a concussion. I just liked the way the whole thing played out even introducing us to Detective Flack's sister Samantha who has an unexpected connection to the case was great. "Joe" really is wicked, I mean I thought after he pushed Stella off the railing he was going to save her - the one shread of decency I thought he had but he just eanted the bag of money! Stella was very brave though and Adam was funny as usual...
  • A great start to the season!

    We open with the team searching for Mac. We then see Mac in the water and the car sinking next to him. We see Mac swimming to shore and flagging down a car. He soon informs the team of where he is and they turn up. We then see the car being pulled out of the water and a body is in it, but it's to the kidnapper, but another wanted man who was also involved in the robbery. The team believe that Joe is still in Manhattan searching for his half of the money from the robbery. We learn that the car the team are looking for is registered to Flack's sister. They find the car with a dead girl in the boot of the car. We learn that she was involved in the bank robbery. The team find Joe's secret hiding place with all of his fake ID's and passports. The team learn that Joe's real name is Ethan Scott. They believe that the money never left the bank and that Ethan is going back to get it. They catch him in the act and Stella chases after him. As Stella nearly dies, she manages to save herself and still keeps on chasing after Ethan. They get his wife to help them capture him and so they capture him at the train station.
  • Mac is back and he is pissed.

    This season opener did not fail to deliver. I must confess I haven't watched CSI NY since it started. I was a diehard CSI and CSI Miami fan. I have to say that CSI NY surpassed Miami in terms of this seasons opener. It was nice to meet Flacks sister, and I hope we see more of her and more of the relationship they have. I was a bit disappointed that I didnt see more of Messer and Monroe, but hopefully we will soon. It was good to see Stella kick a little a$$ but I do agree she should have used her gun. I was most impressed with Adam, his character has come a long way and I hope his character continues to develop. I would also like to see more of Hawkes because I love his character. All in all this was a very solid season opener.