Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • A great start to the season!

    We open with the team searching for Mac. We then see Mac in the water and the car sinking next to him. We see Mac swimming to shore and flagging down a car. He soon informs the team of where he is and they turn up. We then see the car being pulled out of the water and a body is in it, but it's to the kidnapper, but another wanted man who was also involved in the robbery. The team believe that Joe is still in Manhattan searching for his half of the money from the robbery. We learn that the car the team are looking for is registered to Flack's sister. They find the car with a dead girl in the boot of the car. We learn that she was involved in the bank robbery. The team find Joe's secret hiding place with all of his fake ID's and passports. The team learn that Joe's real name is Ethan Scott. They believe that the money never left the bank and that Ethan is going back to get it. They catch him in the act and Stella chases after him. As Stella nearly dies, she manages to save herself and still keeps on chasing after Ethan. They get his wife to help them capture him and so they capture him at the train station.