Season 3 Episode 20

What Schemes May Come

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    First of all, I like to say that while I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, there were some minor flaws to it, although they were very minor. Let's start with the negatives. First, there wasn't enough Danny in the episode. After being very involved in the last two episodes, they reduced his role a little too much. Secondly, why weren't Lindsey and Danny paired together again? They had so much chemistry in the last episode that I kinda missed it. And I was expecting the local official to challenge Mac after his son went to him for help. Maybe that will come up in the next episode. However, it was an enjoyable episode. I liked how the two killings intertwined with one another. And I also liked Danny's look when he saw the genetically altered mouse. That made me really laugh!! So all in all, a good episode, but not as good as the last, 9.5 out of ten...
  • One of the best shows in a long time!

    One of the best episodes in awhile and that the acting and writing really did the show that it came out the best. Three people are murdered but two of them are linked by a so-called serial killer as one of them is the case so personal for Mac. Great lines and Danny had great comic relief IMHO. We can really feel Mac's angst for sure.
  • From subtle camera work to astonishing editing (thanks to creative scripting) this episode shows how this offshoot overachieves its originator and the other copy. *spoiler of necessity*

    No doubt retirees and deco fans will rave about CSI:Miami, despite the pretentious Caruso, but New York City is so fabulously photogenic. Creatives in this episode abound, and continue to be dazzled by the aerial shots and close-ups with so much motion. Sidestreets, squares, towers as architectural and visual elements, combined with light and colour, smoke and mist, all BUILT, showing the human domination when we sometimes see the islands and water from above. Are we gods?

    The episode raises three major issues: Mac's relationship with Peyton; assisted suicide; genetic research.

    Seeing Mac run was very disturbing. He ran through floors of people, pushing them out of the way. He had only one goal: to be by the side of Peyton. This is new to his character. He cares deeply for her. She, in trying to deny that her medical acumen might be compromised by her injury, refuses care and comfort. Later, this is relieved when it is revealed that chemicals altered the supposed DB's response. She continues to bear the marks of her head injury through the episode, and we are left to wonder if this might affect her future judgement.

    The three vics are linked by their hopeless prognosis: they will die (inoperable cancer, etc.). Given this, they have chosen to die in some spectacular way. Hmmm, I like this idea myself. And so they choose a way of going out, sometimes involving an innocent bystander or an active participant. A knight in shining armour!

    The eugenics issue is way more complicated. I need to think about this more. I will edit this piece.

    Immediate thoughts: an ear on the back of a rat. yuck
    Is this close to stem cell research?
    DO NOT turn this into a right to life thing. I will stop posting if you do.
  • A lot of hype with little delivery.

    Okay. So the episode wasn't totally boring, but I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat, dying to know what was going to happen. I'd say this ep was on par with 317, definitely better than 306, and infinitely better than 313 - mostly because of Danny's WTF face, which I need to make an icon of as soon as caps are out.

    *I was momentarily excited at the prospect of Lindsay and Hawkes working a case together. I don't think they ever have worked a case just them. In 305, Danny was with them. In 306, Stella. In 307, Mac. And those are the only cases (besides whole team ones), where they worked together. Hawkes and Danny work together a lot (or they did in S2), but Lindsay and Hawkes have never been alone on a case. I just think it would be interesting, is all. They need to mix it up with the pairings from time to time. When was the last time Lindsay and Mac worked a case just them?

    *While we're on the subject, I have mixed feelings about Stella and Lindsay/Hawkes's cases being connected. On the one hand, there was a good missed opportunity to have some prime Lindsay/Hawkes bonding, since the only people we've seen Lindsay interact with since her return were Flack and Danny in 319. It would have been nice to have Hawkes (or even Stella), ask Lindsay how it feels to be back. Though judging by the LEAVES on the trees in Central Park, it's been a while, since most of the northeastern US is buried under SNOW, and has been for a while.

    On the other hand, I hate when there are more than two cases in an episode. It splits up the team too much and means that there can't be that much time devoted to any of the cases, so inevitably one is going to suffer. So I like it when there's two - although I also like when the team members get to work solo (is LINDSAY ever going to get to work solo, by the way, TPTB?).

    Like I said. Mixed feelings.

    *So Peyton was attacked. Whoopty-do. They couldn't even SHOW it to us. They had to have it in flashback, which, I'm sorry, takes away the urgency of the whole thing. Why couldn't *that* have been the teaser? It would have been far more interesting than the teaser they gave us, although the homeless guy was funny. "Hey, man, this is my spot."

    And I forgot that Peyton *got* attacked in this episode, so I was having a grand old time coming up with reasons why Mac was running through the lab. My favorite was that he really needed to pee.

    *Oh, hi, Flack. I forgot you were a detective with the NYPD. Nice to see you again.

    *I loved that Peyton got shirty with Mac when he was asking her how she didn't know their 'body' wasn't a body. "I know how to tell if a body is dead." Because, of course, Mac would never make that mistake. Mac can do no wrong. *gouges out eyes*

    *Mmm..... Danny looked GOOD, didn't he? *fans self*

    *mops up drool*

    *The entire scene with Danny and Mac in the genetics lab had me cracking up. The look on Danny's face, as he just kept staring at the mouse with an ear on its back... It was hysterical! And he kept trying to get Quinn's attention, while Quinn is just chatting with Mac. Two Danny WTF faces in two episodes. Sweet.

    *Why didn't Danny get beeped when they found the 'body'? It was HIS case! Mac got beeped, and it wasn't his case! And if it WAS his case, why wasn't he at the crime scene with Danny and Peyton?

    *Adam has a graduate degree? What? I thought he was 12! I thought it was weird that we got that little tidbit about him when he wasn't even IN the episode. (Please don't make Adam another Greg. Please don't make Adam another Greg. Please don't make Adam another Greg...)

    After looking up AJ Buckley on IMDb: Okay... So, he's apparently 29. My bad. Also, he's in a band with Ryan Gosling. Interesting.

    *I loved the part when Lindsay told the legend of the flower she found in the chainmail. I thought that was cute, and actually, it was something I would imagine LabRat!Greg doing, back in the day. Also, I like legends like that (I have a book on Greek mythology - there are lots of those sorts of myths in there). Did anyone happen to catch the name of the flower?

    *Hey, TPTB! What the hell are you doing to me? Having absolutely *no* D/L action? Are you trying to drive me nuts? I'm not going to lie. D/L action severely colors my opinion of the show. However, it's usually afterwards, after I've seen the whole ep and know that there's no D/L stuff, that I decide whether or not I liked it.

    To clarify... I don't expect a lot. (I can think of quite a few people who wanted *more* out of 319. 319 was AWESOME! I don't know what people are talking about.) I just need one scene - one little moment of interaction between Danny and Lindsay every episode. It doesn't have to be long, it really doesn't. Just so long as they SEE each other. Just so long as, for one brief shining moment, they're actually on screen together. Considering that two episodes ago, they almost kissed, I just think it would be realistic that they - I don't know - said HI to each other. They pass each other in the hall on their way out of DNA, or something like that.

    Remember S2? Something like that works. I'm fairly easy to please.

    OOOH! You know what could have worked? Someone asking one or the other what was going on! That would have totally made the episode for me.

    *On a similar note, in S2, there were quite a few episodes where people who weren't working the same case 'bumped into' each other. I like that. Because, you know, they *do* work in the same building. It seems only plausible that they would at least pass each other in the halls, or two people on separate cases would both be going to trace or A/V at the same time.

    Let me point out a few examples:

    a) Stella's first scene with Lindsay in 203 - "Let me give you a few tips..."
    b) Stella helping Danny with the print in 209 - "I'm waiting for it to talk to me." "Then you might want to buy it a drink first."
    c) Mac leaving autopsy just as Danny and Lindsay were arriving in 214 - "You're on the music promoter?" "Like glue."
    d) The whole 'phone sex' conversation in 218
    e) Mac checking on Lindsay after the mermaid case in 222

    See, stuff like that just seems natural. Why don't they do that more often?

    *I totally had the cases figured out right away. They need to start making those more... I don't know... Complicated? It's no fun when you *know* who did it. Not that I really watch for the cases, but still.

    *Oh... Stella and her HIV. *gouges out eyes* Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to doing that sort of storyline. I just don't think they're handling it very well. Because, honestly, the way they're doing it seems very soap opera-ish. And trust me, I've seen enough soaps to know what makes something soap opera-ish. Now, take a look at Stella's ending line and tell me that it didn't make you want to throw something: "Whatever the outcome, I am bound and determined to live every day to the fullest."

    Gag me with a chainsaw.

    I was sitting there, as Stella was talking to Isabella, going, "Don't say anything. DON'T say anything." Because Stella DOESN'T know what it's like to be dying. She doesn't have her results back yet! Saying ANYTHING would have made her such a pretentious so-and-so, that I would have liked Isabella to slap her.

    And while I understand that CBS is doing this to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, which I think is admirable, I believe they're going about it the wrong way. Because, honestly, how many people are going to contract the disease the way Stella did? I don't know about *you*, but I'm always holding big bloody planes of glass high above my head, so that they can shatter and cut me. Isn't the number one cause of the spread of HIV unprotected sex? She could have accidentally pricked herself with a needle! That's plausible, in her line of work. But no... It's because of a big piece of glass.


    Because why does it have to be Stella? Why couldn't someone ELSE get the meaty storyline? Yes, yes... Melina is one of the 'stars', but sometimes I feel that this isn't CSI: NY so much as the Mac & Stella Show, and it severely pisses me off! NY has some of the best actors of all the CSIs. Some of the best actors on TV. Why doesn't Eddie ever get the chance to shine? Why did they put Hill's big moment in the same scene as Carmine taking off his shirt, thereby ensuring that a good number of fangirls didn't pay one iota of attention?

    Why, TPTB? Why?


    And in conclusion, since it's taken me way longer to write this than I anticipated, I'd have to give this episode a 6. Maybe a 7. It just didn't grab me, and it didn't really hold my interest. I thought, after 319, that maybe NY was finally going to return to its heyday of S2, but sadly, I think they're slipping back into the blah episodes of 306-313.
  • Not one of the best, but above average. However, some major complaints!

    Alright, the main problem I had with this episode was the equine stuff. It annoyed me how completly inaccurate this really was. Contrary to popular belief, horses do not rear and whinny under saddle, or at least, you'd hope not. Truthfully, my mare has never once whinnied in the 4 and a half years I've owned her. She has reared twice. They just don't do this! Also, a horse that pulls a car would not be a suitable mount for a joust. They generally would not accept a rider in that kind of situation, and the knight in shining armour would probably be bucked off before anything else happened. It takes years of training to have a properly trained jousting mount, and a carthorse off the New York street would definatly not go for it. Aside from that, I rather enjoyed the ep, I like Peyton a lot, and it was cool to see more of her. Everyone else was good, except I found Stella a little melodramatic at times.
  • I really liked it!

    I would've given it a higher score, but there was a serious lack of Danny. The few scenes with him were awesome, though.
    I loved Lindsay's theatrics while telling the story of the little girl and the look of "Here we go again" on Flack's face.
    I was impressed with Peyton in this episode. Holy crap, she's HUMAN! Who knew?
    I'm very proud of Stella for just going through with the tests. I would, that's for sure. Did I mention how much I love the way Danny says the word 'goat'??? SQUEE!
  • Interest Twists

    This was a very interesting episode. The euthanasia twist I never saw it coming. Human hibernation?? Very intriguing. I like seeing Peyton out in the field. So cool. We have a debate in my house, because of the gross out epsidoes shown lately over whether this or Lost will be watched on the big TV. Well this episode settled that debate. It was interesting, almost over the top topic, but not so gross you couldn't watch. I am missing Lindsay this episode. If they explained her absence I did not hear it. I liked the idea of the new HIV test being performed in the lab for Stella. I would want to know ASAP as well. I hope she is not ill.
  • I loved this episode, it was well written, moving and an example of CSI: NY at it's best.

    When the episode first began, I thought it was going to be one of those episodes when they try and fit way too much in, thereby ruining all the storylines. But as Lindsay and Hawkes' case tied into Stella's I got into the swing of it, and by the end I was utterly hooked. I liked the assisted suicide aspect to the story, and how it tied in so well with Stella's situation at the moment. Although I'm not a Mac and Peyton shipper, I still think that the relationship aspect of the episode was handled well, and the dynamic between the two was okay. Danny had some great lines, and his reaction to the transgenics was hilarious. I don't think I've seen the dynamic between Danny and Mac for a while, and I liked it.

    I especially loved the last three or four minutes of the episode; Stella talking to Isabella and then to Mac. This is a great example of why they should get together. Their chemistry is aboslutely fantastic. Anyway, really great episode.
  • I really liked the script for this episode.

    I LOVED this episode. With all the recent backstory drama it was nice to see them get back to what they do best which is their jobs and solving crimes and the puzzles that tend to go with them. In regards to the episode itself - I loved the script from the genetics to the people detemining their final moments alive. Danny's expression to the rat with an ear on it's back was a definite polaroid moment. The victim being dead to not dead - betcha that's a new one even for Sid. I also thought the portion of script dealing with the 4 terminal people was really thought out and well written. With so many people having a stance on the situation, it didn't really take a side on the issue but showed you different prespectives and the people directly affect making choices.

    With regards to our favorite team, it was great to watch Danny's mind work in solving the puzzle and Lindsay teaming with Hawkes. Lindsay's wit with Flack (Thank God Anna's back) to Sid loving his job. There were some small sidebars - Mac reassuring Peyton and Stella taking charge of her situation and asking for help. My only question/complaint - where did Adam go on vacation and no D/L moments - not a one mention for either Adam or D/L.
  • Three murders in the Big Apple with twisted stories.

    Wow, this was such a fascinating, and sad episode. A lot of that genetic stuff was really interesting. It's a pity those guys stole the body. Frankly, they should have told Peyton what was up with their friend instead of risking jail time. Watching Mac run through the halls of the lab would definitely make you wonder if there was something going on between him and Peyton that was more than just co-worker friendly. I've always loved Danny and Flack. Their witty comments just totally light up the episode.

    I figured that Bob and Derek were involved in some sort of lover's quarrel what that the lady killed them. It was really obvious that Jennie had something to do with their deaths. finding out they sort of killed themselves (with help from Isabella) surprised me. Finding out the motive made everything a little more clearer.

    OMG the ending had me all psyched! With the technology of today, I think we might find out Stella's condition next episode. SQUEE!