Season 3 Episode 20

What Schemes May Come

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    First of all, I like to say that while I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, there were some minor flaws to it, although they were very minor. Let's start with the negatives. First, there wasn't enough Danny in the episode. After being very involved in the last two episodes, they reduced his role a little too much. Secondly, why weren't Lindsey and Danny paired together again? They had so much chemistry in the last episode that I kinda missed it. And I was expecting the local official to challenge Mac after his son went to him for help. Maybe that will come up in the next episode. However, it was an enjoyable episode. I liked how the two killings intertwined with one another. And I also liked Danny's look when he saw the genetically altered mouse. That made me really laugh!! So all in all, a good episode, but not as good as the last, 9.5 out of ten...