Season 9 Episode 14

White Gold

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Rowena Black's apartment number is 914 and the police code heard over the radio when the vehicles are recovered is 9-Adam-14, both matching the episode number (season 9 episode 14).

    • The title of the episode White Gold refers to mozzarella cheese being smuggled across the Canadian border.

    • Adam has an older brother.

  • Quotes

    • Jamie Lovato: (To a couple of animal rights activists who were vandalizing a wall) I don't care about murdered cows. I care about a murdered human.

    • Jamie Lovato: (To Noah about his girlfriend) She's cute. Just use your head.

    • Jamie Lovato: It's so amazing what a guy would do to impress a girl.
      Flack: Well, some of you are harder to impress than others.
      Jamie Lovato: You don't have to impress us. You just have to be honest with us.
      Flack: Oh, be honest? That's it?
      Jamie Lovato: Simple as that.

    • Jo: It's mornings like these that make me wish I was back in Alabama.
      Mac: (Jokingly) It's whining about a little chill in the air that makes me wish you were in Alabama, too.

    • Jo: Any witnesses?
      Jamie Lovato: Couple of animal rights activists... who have a beef with beef.

    • Sid: I found a trace of white powder in his nostrils. Just got the results back from the lab.
      Morgana: Cocaine?
      Sid: Flour. Bleached and all-purpose.

    • Sid: He's missing his gallbladder.
      Mac: Laparoscopic surgery. That's pretty rare for a guy this young.
      Sid: Very rare. Probably no more than a couple of dozen patients in the last year in local hospitals.
      Mac: Well, who needs fingerprints?

    • Adam: How's, uh, Lucy feel about her possible baby brother or sister?
      Lindsay: She's excited.
      Adam: That's... that's great. That's great, you know. You know, my brother hated me. Oh. Just, he was so... he was so pissed all the time that I was there. He was just, like: here's the little thing... oh, we totally worked it out. Uh, I mean, uh, eventually, it was totally, totally cool.

    • Adam: (To Lindsay) You gave me the "who" I gave you the "how" (They give each other the five)

    • Mac: Raphael Tortucci?
      Ray Tortucci: That's what my mama calls me. Only when she's angry. It's Ray.

    • Danny: They shot him and took his BMW.
      Ray Tortucci: Paulie never drove a car like that in his entire life. He drove a piece of crap van. Now, who would kill someone over that?

    • Mac: The kid has a clean record and his business was picking up. Carjacking at gunpoint feels like a stretch.

    • Flack: That a new jacket?
      Jamie Lovato: Actually, it is. Well?
      Flack: It's fine.
      Jamie Lovato: Just fine?
      Flack: Hey, I'm just being honest.

    • Jo: What do you have?
      Adam: Now, what don't I?

    • Adam: Impressed yet?
      Jo: I'm getting there. Go on.
      Adam: Behold.

    • Adam: 500 pounds is a lot of speed.
      Jo: A lot of reasons to kill somebody.

    • Jo: It looks like my son's apartment. He loves sports, gross-out comedies. Mom and Dad.

    • Flack: Jackpot.
      Danny: Jack cheese, maybe.
      Flack: What?
      Danny: Think we just made the largest cheese bust in NYPD history, buddy.

    • Hawkes: Low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella. Same stuff they use on pizza.
      Danny: If you had told me this morning we'd be investigating a cheese murder, you know what I would have said?
      Hawkes: Please don't.
      Danny: No whey.
      Hawkes: Thought I said don't.

    • Danny: People don't kill each other over dairy product.

    • Hawkes: Does that part of the floor look cleaner than the rest?
      Danny: Yeah, since when does someone clean a dump like this?
      Hawkes: (Sprays it with luminol) When they've spilled a lot of blood.

    • Jo: Smuggling cheese?
      Ray Tortucci: Low risk, high reward. White gold, they'd call it.

    • Ray Tortucci: For the last five months, the daily receipts aren't even synching with the final balances.
      Jo: You think he was skimming from the till?
      Ray Tortucci: He was adding to it.

    • Mac: Mind if we look around?
      George: Without a warrant? Yeah, I do.
      Mac: Well, if we come back with a warrant, we're gonna go through every single part in this place, and for every missing or unmatched VIN we find, you'll be doing another three months.
      Jo: Looks like that could add up pretty fast.
      George: Knock yourselves out.

    • George: (About Felipe Zacharias) He can weld like a son of a bitch. If he could speak English and learn to show up for work, he'd be a rock star.

    • Flack: (To Jamie Lovato as they are about to leave a bad rep bar) Don't say I never take you anywhere nice.

    • Flack: Cheese? You murdered two guys over some cheese? I'm thinking you better come up with a better story, because when you're doing consecutive life, you don't want anyone to know it was over a bunch of mozzarella.

    • Reno Martell: The only thing I'm guilty of is listening to a moron.
      Flack: Well, you ran like you were guilty of a lot more than that.

    • Jamie Lovato: It sounds to me like maybe you were just having a bad day where everything goes wrong.
      Reno Martell: Exactly.

    • Reno Martell: He was new to the States, he didn't know a lot of people.
      Flack: Ah. You're, like, a... one-man Ellis Island?

    • Flack: Felipe was driving? You sure?
      Reno Martell: There was a steering wheel in front of him. So yeah, I'm sure.

    • Reno Martell: (About Felipe Zacharias) When he saw that it was... cheese... that he just murdered a guy for friggin' cheese... he lost it.

    • Flack: You know, I think I believe him. Oh, like you've never had one of those days? So his ended in murder... you gonna hold it against him?
      Mac: We'll try and keep an open mind.

    • Reno Martell: (To Mac and Jo, after lying to Flack and Lovato) Who are you guys?
      Jo: We're the guys you're gonna tell the truth to.

    • Reno Martell: (About Felipe Zacharias) He was a freakin' moron, all right? Who mistakes cheese for coke? Who?

    • Mac: (To Reno Martell) You know... the good thing is you won't be having any more of those days for a long time.

  • Notes

    • Music featured:
      Highs And Lows by Mellow Bravo (Reno Martell is arrested).
      Donna Molto Bella (Processing the crime scene and autopsy of Paul Tortucci).

    • Myk Watford, who plays Reno Martell, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Rush and in the C.S.I. one Altered Stakes.

      Sam Situmorang, who plays Felipe Zacharias, also appears in the C.S.I. episode No Way Out.

      Kanin Howell, who plays Paul Tortucci, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Blood Sugar, in the C.S.I. one Sounds Of Silence and in Altered Stakes and in episode 6x17 Pot of Gold.

      Daniel Roebuck, who plays Ray Tortucci, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Getting Axed and in the C.S.I. one Dead Air.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 1, 2013 on CTV.
      Czech Republic: April 3, 2013 on AXN.
      Norway: May 22, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: January 20, 2015 on MTV3.

  • Allusions

    • Abby: Maybe you've got more important things to do, like play Call To Duty.
      : Hey, I'm here, aren't I? I think you got your point across. Can we just go get coffee now?
      : I'm not finished.
      : It's Call Of Duty.

      Call of Duty is a computer and video game franchise published and owned by Activision.