Season 8 Episode 11

Who's There?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Meh. (and another Meh because the title is too short)

    Not a bad episode but not a good one. Many lame things about the crime.

    I mean:

    1) If you are a wealthy couple, surely you have domestic service to open your door if a package arrives.

    2) It's dinner time. The door rings. Nobody's there, just a misterious package. And she opens the door! C'mon! Haven't you read Safety for Dummies!

    3) And you, yes, you, the dead guy: Haven't you read Safety for Dummies too? Never try to fight a mugger, you fool. And never take the robber's ski mask, moron!

    4) I knew that the wife had something to do with the killing before the CSI arrived.

    5) I knew the daughter had something to do with the robbery (and maybe the crime) before she arrived.

    6) The alledged girlfriend red herring was too red and too herring to fool anyone. Luckily it lasted only some minutes.

    Maybe I have seen too many crime series. Maybe it is just that CSI NY is becoming predictable. Maybe.
  • Great episode

    Somewhere Tony DiNozzo is smiling because his theory about the wife always doing it was proven right.

    This was a strong episode of CSI: NY tonight. A great premise, and really good interaction between the cops and the suspects. I liked the directing during the opening scene, setting up this seemingly perfect family juxtaposed against the attack on their lives.

    An enjoyable, fast-paced hour of TV here tonight. I really liked it.