Season 2 Episode 3

Zoo York

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Mac and Danny look into the mysterious death of a man torn apart by tigers at the Bronx Zoo, which leads them to both the dead man's meat packing plant as well as his mafia relatives. Hawkes and Stella are left with the case of a beautiful young debutante found dead on the carousel only hours before her coming out.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Great episode- lotsa crazies. Spoilers inside

    The Beginning:

    Average CSI beginning- a lot like the law and order beginnings where someone is doing something, just walking, or running, and they run into the victim. Loved it nonetheless as the tiger eating someone was rather unexpected.

    The Cases:

    The A Case- the one about the meatpacking plant was a great case. The second we saw the tape on a part of the victim, we knew it wasn’t a clumsy tourist. It was a dump job. What remained to be seen was who did the dump. Another great piece of this was the uncle of the deceased. The uncle who is a bit involved with the mob, and who killed his nephew’s killer.

    Then there was the B case. Another the elite are just bat sh** crazy. We have the debutante ball with a woman who 25 years after she was dissed at her debutant ball, seeks revenge by poisoning her nemesis’ daughter. What a loco lady. I mean really, is that necessary?

    Favorite Scene:

    One of the best scenes had to be when Lindsay collared the perp who tried to escape. She literally threw him against a car, and she’s a small girl. Mac replies, “What do they feed you in Montana?”


    This was a great episode. We had interesting cases; even though the whole elite are crazy storylines are kinda getting to the point where we figure, “okay we get it. Elite people are snobs.” However, the case with the meatpacking redeemed it all.moreless
  • A warm welcome for Lindsay

    This episode is special to me, because it is the first time Lindsay Monroe, or "Montana" as Danny begins calling her in this very episode, makes an appearance on this show. Later on, she becomes one of my favorite characters of all time. I especially like the way each member of the lab welcomes her in this episode.

    Before any formal introduction or handshakes, Mac tells her to get right to work (that's why she is here), holding the jaws of a tiger. Danny teases her how scary Mac can be and to make sure she calls him "Sir" which she does and finds out soon enough that Danny was playing a joke on the newcomer. Throughout the episode, Danny is seen glancing over at Lindsay way too many times, and starts calling her "Montana," which sticks as Danny's personal nickname for Lindsay. Not used to the high speed of activities in New York, Lindsay spills coffee and big sister Stella hands her a paper towel, as well as advice in the form of protein bars and four hours sleep. Stella also gives a boost in Linday's confidence, telling her that Mac called her from Bozeman because he appreciated her attention to detail. Even Dr. Zao, the M.E., cheers up the rookie when she has to go through the tiger dong by herself. The entire lab is so warm-hearted to the newcomer.

    As for the story itself, the endings were not my favorite. It is left unclear as to the whereabouts of the man who threw the vic's body to the tiger, and the motive for the killing of the debutante seemed too weak. I liked how the story developed up to the endings, though.moreless
  • Ahh, the beginning of it all...

    The new girl from Bozeman, Montana was first introduced in this magnificent episode. :) And from her evolved Lindsay Monroe, the forensic girl we all came to know and love.

    She came, knew and learned to love someone as well and his name is Danny Messer. And so the most-popular love team was formed!

    Since this episode, fans of CSI:NY around the world formed a new, unbreakable obsession for D/L, M&M's, Dantana. :)

    They stole glances at each other in this episode and the fans knew they would stick. [Who didn't?!]

    Cheddar Cheese Dusttt! :D

    Hail Country Girls & City Boys!

    A perfect match, a perfect team, a perfect episode.moreless
  • Introducing Lindsay Monroe into the Csi ny crew

    The case was special, with its liked to tigers and zoo. We get to see the beginning of the tough side of 'Montana' and the rather immediate sparring between her and cheeky Danny.

    The start of their well-crafted relationship.

    The case itself leaves you guessing at the culprit, seeming to make you point at everyone that looks suspicious. The red paint points to the red van but there's 2 of them. The fresh part is it that it shows there are many people out there who takes things into their hands, or above the law. This brings complication to Mac's investigation.

    The pivotal part of this episode is Lindsay, sort of moving in and taking over the position of Aiden; not exactly replacing her as character-wise they are different (but both are tough gals). You just want to see how Lindsay's character develops and bonds with the rest of the team.moreless
  • Introducing Lindsay Monroe.....

    Okay, I can honestly say I didn't religiously watch this show until Anna Belknap joined the cast. Now I can honestly say I will never miss an episode. The script itself was excellent. I loved how Lindsay just kinda dived in with both feet. A little nervous but holds her own, with a little advise from Stella and no help from Danny. Watching her get excited over the reconstruction with Mac was great. Hawkes & Stella working the deb murder was great. I loved how Stella called out the sister. The link to spider venom was really interesting and realistic with the way the cosmetic market is going. Mr. Vinetti being murdered for his building was safe enough but it was how and the links that lead Mac & the team to Felix Parker was the neat twist. But the ultimate twist was the link a crime family who got the ultimate revenge and at the same time pissing off Mac. Can't wait for next week....moreless
Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Daniel Arrias

Daniel Arrias

Bobby Veneiti

Guest Star

Joel Brooks

Joel Brooks

Felix Parker

Guest Star

Michelle Ewin

Michelle Ewin

Missy Freemont

Guest Star

Ron Yuan

Ron Yuan

Dr. Evan Zao

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Goof: The CSI's switch on and off calling Tonya Danville 'Miss. 'and 'Mrs.'

    • This is the first time that Detective Danny Messer refers to Detective Lindsay Monroe as 'Montana', the nickname she is repeatedly called throughout the series.

    • Goof: When Stella and Hawkes are interviewing Mrs. Danville she places her tea cup on the front edge of the table as she walks away. However when the table is seen again the cup is now on the back edge of the table.

    • Flack's allergy to cats will have a continuation in 5x03 Turbulence:

      Flack: (sneezes as he enters the suspect's club with Danny) Either I'm allergic to half naked women, or there's a cat in here.

    • Mac: (To Lindsay) Don't call me sir.

      Danny fools Lindsay into calling Mac Sir even though he knows that he doesn't like it. However, in 3x02 Not what it looks like, Mac doesn't react when Adam addresses him the same way:

      Adam: I know we have to process the scene, sir, but unless we have a lot of, um, duct tape, I don't think this place is gonna hold together long enough for us to do it.

      In 2x07 Manhattan Manhunt, Lindsay calls Mac Sir again.

    • Goof: The zoo where the tigers are shown is seemingly the Central Park Zoo, as the zoom-in shows Central Park. However, there are no tigers at the Central Park Zoo. The only tiger enclosure in the city is in the Bronx Zoo.

    • We learn Lindsay is from Montana during this episode.

    • Lindsay says meaningless trivia when she is nervous.

    • Goof: During the scene where Lindsay is examining the meat from the packing plant, the evidence label clearly says, 'collected by Lindsay Hamilton'. Hamilton was the character's original last name; it was changed to Monroe at the last minute.

    • Goof: When Mac and Lindsay are in the freezer at the butcher place, you can't see their breath even though the temperature is well below zero degrees Celsius.

    • Goof: Just before the mother is shown her daughter's body, she gasps even before the sheet is pulled back - is she so certain that her daughter is under the sheet?

      Actually- she gasps AS the sheet is pulled back, you just can't tell. And it's common for people to gasp when they see a dead body whether it's their child or not.

    • Stella has a fear of spiders.

    • Flack is allergic to cats, which will have continuity in 5x02 Page Turner.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (As the CSI's enter the walking-in freezer)
      Danny: That's alot of hamburger.
      Lindsay: Back home, people keep this much meat in their basements.

    • Lindsay: My feet haven't touched the ground since I clocked in.
      Stella: Well, welcome to the crime lab.
      Lindsay: In Montana, they gave us breathing breaks.
      Stella: Let me give you a little tip. Protein bars, comfortable shoes, and at least four hours of sleep a night.
      Lindsay: Well, that's not going to help me today. Mac wants these [reports] now.
      Stella: No. Mac wants them right. That's all that matters.
      Lindsay: I just don't want to slow things down.

    • (About the chewed up victim in the tiger cage)
      Danny: And he ended up puzzle pieces.
      Mac: Let's put him back together.

    • (About Brianna Freemont)
      Hawkes: A runaway bride?
      Stella: If she is, she didn't get very far.

    • Mac: As for the tiger, it wasn't personal... just a free meal.

    • (The substance on the hand print is fertilizer)
      Danny: Our murderer has a green thumb.

    • Lindsay: This girl's heart is set on Manhattan. 'Til then it's Uncle Freddie's couch in Tarrytown.

    • Danny: Can I help?
      Lindsay: No thank you, you helped already enough this morning.
      Danny: Ooh okay.

    • Hawkes: (to Stella about a spider) Is he asleep?
      Stella: (while pressing the spider to release the venom) If he isn't he's gonna wish he was.

    • Lindsay: You know, petting a cat has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure.
      Mac: Maybe the vic heard the same thing.

    • Mac: Hey, sneezing on my crime scene!
      Flack: Sorry Mac, allergies, cats! I hate 'em.

    • Mac: What ever was on the hand that made this print caused the meat to defrost. We're going to need a sample.
      Lindsay: (grabbing out a knife) I'll do it. (starts cutting)
      Danny: Country girl. (she smiles)

    • Mac: (about Ryan Knight) Some people's stories are so stupid, you couldn't make them up.

    • Lindsay: (to Mac, after he stabs the pig with a meat hook) Well, I'm done eating bacon for life.

    • Hawkes: What causes high blood pressure on an 18-year-old girl?
      Stella: Uh, just about everything.

    • Stella: It's all about pain, Hawkes; how much you're willing to endure in order to look good.

    • Hawkes: Explain to me what a Debutante Ball is precisely?
      Stella: It's the presentation of a young woman into High Society.
      Hawkes: It looks more like high anxiety.
      Stella: Nice.

    • Stella: (at the morgue studying the vic's shoe) She may look like Cinderella but the shoe doesn't fit.

    • Mac: (talking to Lindsay in the tiger's cage) I need you to hold the tiger's jaws so I can get the dental impression.
      Danny: (whispering) Just take a deep breath, don't let him know that you're afraid, 'cause he can sense when you're nervous.
      Lindsay: The tiger's been tranquilized. I think I can handle it.
      Danny: I'm talking about Mac. And make sure you call him Sir.

    • Mac: (to Lindsay, after she knocks down Ryan Knight) What do they feed you up there in Montana?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Mac: This wasn't a Kodac moment gone bad.

      Mac Taylor is refering to a series of television advertising by the company Kodac, showing people using their camera to capture having a good time.

    • Flack: Simba had an early breakfast.

      This is a reference to the Disney movie, The Lion King. Simba is the young lion cub. However, the feline in the scene is obviously a tiger.

    • Title: Zoo York. Zoo York is a popular skate wear dealing in the urban lifestyle of New York.

    • Hawkes: A runaway bride?

      Runaway Bride is a 2000 movie starring Julia Roberts as a bride who keeps leaving grooms at the altar. There was also a notorious real-life "runaway bride" case in 2005; Jennifer Wilbanks disappeared from Georgia before her wedding and reappeared days later in New Mexico, claiming to have been kidnapped and assaulted. She later admitted that she had simply run away to avoid getting married.

    • Hawkes: Why would a beautiful girl want to go Angelina on her lips?

      Hawkes is referring to actress Angelina Jolie, who is famous for her full, pouty lips.