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Cubix: Robots for Everyone

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Cubix: Robots for Everyone takes place in the year 2040 in Bubble Town where robots outnumber humans. Robots are made in RobixCorp. Everyone has a robot, each with its own unique duty. This show centers around the Botties, a special club for people who know how to fix robots. But robots are going crazy all over Bubble Town all of a sudden, and no one knows why.

The villain of the series, Dr. K, is after a greenish blue liquid known as Solex, which is what's making the robots go crazy, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Cubix was:

- A Korean/U.S. Co-Production between Cinepix and 4Kids Entertainment
- Aired in America before coming to Korea.
- Adapted into a "manhwa" (Korean comic book) published by Daiwon
- Adapted into a stage musical

This show was created by 4Kids Entertainment and originally went to Kids' WB! along with Yu-Gi-Oh! as part of a contract between The WB and 4Kids Entertainment, and it lasted two strong seasons. It then went to the Fox Box for a year, but now, it only remains in our hearts.



Connor: The main human of the series, 13-year-old Connor is obsessed with robots. He moved to Bubble Town, and soonafter joined the Botties' Pit and fixed the "unfixable" robot, Cubix.

Abby: Connor's next-door neighbor, best human friend, and fellow robot-lover, Abby was the first to show Connor around Bubble Town. She is a member of the Botties. Her pet robot, Dondon, has been her best robot friend since Abby was 6 years old. Abby's idol is Hela Nemo.

Chip: The short and smart Bottie, Chip knows a lot about robots. He's best friends with tall, dumb Mong, and his robot is Cerebrix.

Mong:The fat, tall, dumb Bottie, Mong loves to eat and make bad jokes. He's best friends with short, smart Chip, and his pet robot is Maximix.

Hela Nemo: The adult Bottie, 30-year-old Hela knows everything about robots. She's the son of Professor Nemo and the idol of Abby. She owns the Botties Pit, and her main robots are Diagnostix, Mr. Fixit, Ixpressive, and Attractix.

Charles: A spoiled brat, the richest kid in town, and the son of the mayor. Charles' family has important connections in Bubble Town, so he gets all the latest robot models. His main robot, Quixtreme 5000, Charles thinks he's the coolest robot ever, but boy is he wrong!

Dr. K: The main villain of the series, Dr. K used to work for RobixCorp, but he lost his arm in a lab explosion and now uses his smarts for evil. In Season 1 he's after a substance called Solex to build the ultimate robot and destroy Bubble Town. His main robot is Kolossal, but he has his own line of evil robots such as Katastrophe, Kannon, Krab, and Kilobot.

Graham: Connor's dad, he works at a local donut shop. He doesn't like robots, and his closest things to his own robot are Cubix and the Waitrixes that work at the donut shop.

Raska: Bubble Town's most famous celebrity, Raska is the spokesperson of RobixCorp. She doesn't really have any robots besides the Cinematixes that film her. However, Raska's true form is an alien who is Dr. K's boss.

Taryn: Connor's mother, she died before the series started. Connor keeps a picture of her in his room as a memory.

Professor Nemo: The ultimate robotist, Professor Nemo is a robot encyclopedia. He was the one who built Cubix. Nemo disappeared in the aforementioned lab explosion, but was later found kidnapped by Dr. K. A giant sculpture of Nemo was always kept on the first floor of RobixCorp.


Acoustix: The "loud mouth of Bubble Town", this robot looks like a blue ball with a microphone. He has five built-in speakers, and a multi-time zone clock.

Aquatix: The "robotic water purifier", Aquatix is like the Pur system you install on your faucet. He can clean water, turning it from wasteful water into fresh, ready-to-drink water.

Attractix: Also known as "Kan-it" or "Magnetix", this robot is like a magnet. He can attract magnetic items toward him, usually to dump them into the Bubble Town Recycling Center. He seems to have a changing personality - he was made at RobixCorp for said purpose, but then wandered off to work for Dr. K, but then he joined the side of the Botties. Now that's what I call a magnetic personality!

Babysix: The babysitting robot, Babysix is always available whenever you need her. On top of that, she also won the best robot contest for doing an accidental dance!

Botanix: She's Bubble Town's gardening robot, she can make a topiary of anything. She was also the first robot to be seen infected with Solex.

Brutix: This robot looks like a flying bulldog. It is actually the town police dog. They work with Sgt. Civix to keep the town clean of crimes.

Cerebrix: Chip's personal robot, this is like a walking encyclopedia. This robot has data on anything, and can calculate things in seconds.

Cubix: The main robot and star of the series, Cubix, the robot made of cubes, was built by Professor Nemo of RobixCorp. But Cubix was disabled in a lab explosion, and Professor Nemo was missing. The Botties and even Hela all tried their hardest to fix him, but none of them could. But for some reason Hela didn't want to throw him out. Until Connor came. Connor had some idea that Cubix would be his best friend and change his life. Since joining the Botties Pit requires fixing a robot within 24 hours, Connor chose Cubix. Cubix can transform into a hover scooter, a helicopter, and even a drill! Cubix always knows how to help out.

Dondon: Abby's pet robot ever since she was six, Dondon is a flying pig robot that always pictures himself in the big picture. Dondon is very annoying, but he's also cute and can transmit messages and sound. He also loves triball!

Maximix: This is Mong's pet robot. Maximix was given to Mong by his parents as an excercise robot, but Mong uses him so he doesn't have to walk anywhere! Maximix is very strong and fast, but sometimes he thinks too much of himself.

Theme Song Lyrics:

In the future, not so far away
It's the dawning of an all new day!
(Robots for everyone!)
Machines that care could be our friends
Side by side until the end!
(Robots for everyone!)
They've built special powers right inside
(Hundreds of models from which to choose
With emotion-driven EPUs!)
When the worlds of good and bad collide
Gotta fight!
Day and night!
'Cuz you got the robot
Who sets everything right!
Powers beyond compare!
Evil forces better beware!
There's trouble, we will always be there!
Robots for everyone.....

Kids' WB! Broadcast History
August 11, 2001 - September 1, 2001: Saturday @ 10:30 AM
September 8, 2001 - January 19, 2002: Saturday @ 8:30 AM
January 19, 2002 - March 16, 2002: Saturday @ 8:00 AM
March 15, 2003 - May 10, 2003: Saturday @ 11:30 AM Special Presentations
March 17, 2003 - March 21, 2003: Monday-Friday @ 3:30 PM Fox Box Broadcast History
September 6, 2003 - June 12, 2004: Saturday @ 8:00 AM Awards & Nominations 2002 BAFTA Awards - Best International "production team" (Nominated)

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