Cubix: Robots for Everyone

The WB (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Final Showdown
      Final Showdown
      Episode 226
      It's up to Connor, the rest of the Botties, and surprisingly Dr. K to restore Cubix, Maximix, ward off the zombot army, prevent all of Bubble Town's robots from Kilobot's evil brainwashing and beat him once and for all!
    • War Triangle
      War Triangle
      Episode 225
      Dr. K sends his army of zombots to Bubble Town to attack- but shortly thereafter they attack him. Kilobot has his own plans- plans that don't include Dr. K. Now it's all out war as Maximix sacrifices himself and Cubix's cubes get disseminated amongst the Zombot army.
    • Tomorrow's Robots Today
      Robix Corp is about to present its newest robots-like Demolishix, Correctix, and Endurix, a colonizer with the ability to instantly transport himself... anywhere-to the general public. But things go awry when Dark Cubix shows up and absorbs Maximix, Dondon, even Endurix and faces off with Cubix.
    • Bubble Town Wishes and EPU Dreams
      Kilobot uses the Dream Sphere to put to sleep every robot. Unfortunately, he wants to hypnotize them! Cubix saves the day, kicking Kilobot's butt!
    • The Diehard Machine (aka Final Showdown) (2)
      Cubix is brought back to life while Kolossal and Kilobot betray Dr. K. Dr. K joins the good guys and informs them on defeating the Zombots and resurrecting Maximix.
    • The Lost Robots (aka Zombot Invasion) (aka War Triangle) (1)
      Dr. K sends an army of cloned Zombots to take over RobixCorp. Kilobot goes to get Cubix. But Kilobot and Dr. K get into an argument about who serves who (robots or humans) and it is a three-way war: Dr. K, Kilobot/Kolossal/Zombots, and the Botties. Maximix sacrifices himself to save Cubix, but fails as Cubix is destroyed in the process.moreless
    • The Importance Of Being Maximix
      Kilobot breaks into RobixCorp while Cerebrix and Maximix are in there and impersonates Maximix to steal cloning technology Professor Nemo has made.
    • Klank
      Episode 9
      The Botties find an EPU-less robot that previously belonged to Dr. K.
    • CirKus
      Episode 8
      Dr. K controls the mind of many robots, and the Botties must stop him.
    • Tomorrow's Robot Today
      New robots are introduced by RobixCorp. Kilobot arrives, and tries destroying them. It's up to Cubix and Connor to save Bubble Town.
    • Media Storm
      Media Storm
      Episode 6
      When a publicly-promoted bot capable of manipulating the weather is brushed off by the media in favor of the Botties, he decides to cook up a storm.
    • Tyrannix
      Episode 5
      The Botties enter their robots in the Dino Demolition Hockey Tournament and make their way up to the finals where they will faced a bunch of robot dinosaurs! But the dinosaur team's captain is replaced by Kilobot who wants to win the tournament for Dr. K.
    • The Incredible Shrinking Robot
      Chedrix have been festering Connor's house so he, Cubix and a mouse exterminator robots shrink themselves to fight those robotic mice!
    • The Chipinator
      The Chipinator
      Episode 3
      Chip is little to do anything so he decides to build a robot called the Chipinator so he can do everything that only tall guys can do! He finds some robotic armour at the junkyard and some robotic head but soon, Chip becomes insane and attacks Bubble Town! It's up to the Botties to stop him!moreless
    • Crash Test Pest
      Crash Test Pest
      Episode 2
      A crash test dummy robot tags along with The Botties so he can lead a better life but he actually cramps their style in the process! He is upset by this and decides to get his revenge on them!
    • Roller Koaster
      Roller Koaster
      Episode 1
      While Connor, Cubix and the gang visit a fun-house, Dr.K's newest creation (and Cubix's Season 2 nemesis) makes his impact by impersonating Cubix and causing havok in Bubbletown.
  • Season 1