Cubix: Robots for Everyone

Season 1 Episode 9

Hurricane Havoc

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Nov 24, 2001 on The WB
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Hurricane Havoc
Connor runs away from home after an argument with his dad. However, Graham is worried that Connor is all alone and sets out to look for him - unaware that a hurricane is approaching!

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Graham and Hela and driving through the storm and arguing about Connor and robots, Hela says to Graham, "Maybe you should talk to him. You're his son!"

      • When Cubix helps open a car with a Domestix stuck inside as you can see, look at this! The robot that Mong and Chip pull out of that same car is an Artistix, not a Domestix!

    • QUOTES (6)

      • (There's a lot of rain and wind in Bubble Town)
        Connor: (narrating) They were calling it the storm of the decade! It started out as a tropical depression, then it was upgraded to a tropical storm, and by the time it was headed for Bubble Town, it was a full-fledged hurricane! Everyone was warned to stay indoors! But that's exactly when another big storm was just about to hit!

      • (The rest of The Botties arrive on the scene to see not only the tropical storm stopped, but to also see Connor, Hela and Graham all safe thanks to Cubix and Connor)
        Connor: Dad!
        (Connor and Graham hug)
        Graham: Thanks son.
        Connor: It's OK.
        (Cubix joins in the hug, nearly crushing Connor)
        Cubix: Dad!
        Graham: Whoa, Cubix.
        Connor: Take it easy, Cubix.
        (Graham smiles for Cubix)
        Graham: Thank you too, Cubix!
        Dondon: So sweet.
        Abby: Isn't it sweet, guys?
        Chip: Uh-huh.
        Mong: Aw yeah.
        Connor: Uh Dad, I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about this.
        Graham: Connor, I know you were angry with me but, you can't run out like that. It's...
        Connor: I know! I didn't know that you would get so worried and go driving all over! I feel really terrible!
        Graham: Well you should...
        Hela: (clears her throat) Ahem!
        Graham: (looks at Hela, then back at Connor) ...And I'm sorry too, son.
        Connor: Thanks Dad.
        (Everybody is now happy and Bubble Town is quite a mess)
        Connor: (narrating) I guess you could say that life is a lot like the weather. Sure, big storms can stir things up, but if we can just pull it through, the forecast will call for brighter days ahead!

      • Graham: Robots!
        Hela: Robots aren't to blame, it's just a bad storm.
        Graham: Is that right? Well, if Connor went to Priorville, there's only one way he could've gotten there and that's riding Cubix.
        Hela: Priorville?
        Graham: Before we moved to Bubble Town, we lived in Priorville with his mother. Would he really do that? Ever been to Priorville?
        Hela: No.
        Graham: Well, you're going now!

      • (Connor dries Cubix with a hair dryer)
        Connor: (narrating) Cubix and I got completely drenched just from running over from Abby's house. My dad says to avoid catching a cold, you gotta dry off fast...
        (Cubix uses a fan from his wrist to dry Connor but nearly blows him off his feet)
        Connor: (narrating) ...And Cubix thought of that. I figured if we cleaned up, Dad would have one less thing to be mad about when he got home, which I hoped was gonna be soon...

      • Connor: (narrating) Cubix and I did all my chores. We even washed the crayons off Dad's pyjamas, but he still wasn't home!
        (Connor looks out the window, only to see rain coming down)
        Connor: (looking out the window, only to see more rain coming down)I'm starting to get worried about Dad. Let's see what's on TV. (turns on the TV to catch a news report)
        News Announcer: This is a special report from News Channel 6492. There's been a major pile-up on the Bubble Town-Priorville Expressway! Police and firebots are on the scene, but strong winds and fast rain are complicating rescue operations. Live from the scene of the accident, this is News Channel 6492.
        Connor: (noticing what looks like Graham's car overturned on the highway) Huh?! That looks like our car!

      • Graham: Connor, is there something else we can talk about? Other than Cubix?
        Connor: Well uh... (Pulls out funky-looking device) This is sorta cool. It's a new E-Mercial!
        (Connor turns the E-Mercial on and it projects a communication device)
        E-Mercial: Now you stay with those you care about. At the push of a button, you will be guided back to your robot wherever...
        (Graham turns off the E-Mercial)
        Graham: I guess you just don't get it! Always robots this, robots that. I'm tired of robots!

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Priorville is an allusion to the word Prior, which means to come before something. In this case: (Prior to moving to Bubbletown, Connor and Grahm Lived in Priorville.)