Cubix: Robots for Everyone - Season 1

The WB (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Kulminator
    Episode 113
    Connor, Cubix, and the Botties (in Dr. K's battle bots) attempt to save Bubble Town from Dr. K's enormous robot. Eventually, they wind up having to save each other- as Abby gets sucked back inside and Connor runs to her rescue. Eventually, it's comes down to Cubix and the big monster and Cubix's only chance to win is by transformation. He changes from mode to mode until he overheats and overwhelms his opponent. Unfortunately, he overheats and overwhelms himself, too and Connor is the only one that can revive him.moreless
  • Kubix!!!
    Episode 112
    Connor and the rest of the Botties go searching for Cubix, or what's left of him only to find that he has been kollected by Dr. K! Thanks to Attractix's returned memory, they fall into Dr. K's lair, literally. Once inside, they have to overcome many obstacles until Connor can get to Cubix...he finds him, but only after K has stolen his Solex crystals. Connor also finds out that Raska is an alien and that Nemo has been held prisoner there! Luckily they fix Cubix and escape the clown tower just as it transforms...into the world's largest robot!moreless
  • Office PolitIX
    Office PolitIX
    Episode 111
    While Hela experiments on Solex, Dr. K and his alien boss launch an attack on the Bottie's pit. The Botties beat the battle-bots, but it was a fake attack! Raska shows up expressing her concern for their safety and offers Hela the Robix Corp facilities for her research. The Botties go to Robix Corp where they are treated like royalty...until a new robot goes berserk and almost kills them! Hela decides to stick to the Pit so Raska gives them new miniature safety robots...which turn out to be evil decoys that want to blow up Cubix! Cubix sacrifices himself in order to save everyone else.moreless
  • The Unbeatable Robot (3)
    After finally getting a bunch of Solex, Dr K has created the ultimate robot named Kulminator! Connor has rescued Professor Nemo and has to go help his friends battle Dr K and The Kulminator in a final showdown!
  • The Doctor's Office (2)
    The Botties attempt to rescue Cubix before Dr. K can suck the Solex outta him and transfer it into his ultimate creation! When our heroes get there, they must be prepared as they go inside Dr. K's headquarters, because they'll need luck if they're gonna survive the tricks and traps that Dr. K has planned for them!moreless
  • Office PolitIX (1)
    Office PolitIX (1)
    Episode 11
    After fighting off an attack by Dr. K, The Botties are offered the chance to continue their research into Solex by taking a tour of the RobixCorp factory.
  • Fixed Competition
    Fixed Competition
    Episode 10
    Connor and the gang are busy preparing for the Robot Talent Contest when Abby begins an investigation into a missing robot who has been exposed to Solex.
  • Hurricane Havoc
    Hurricane Havoc
    Episode 9
    Connor runs away from home after an argument with his dad. However, Graham is worried that Connor is all alone and sets out to look for him - unaware that a hurricane is approaching!
  • Heat Wave
    Heat Wave
    Episode 8
    The Botties are asked to help Ixtinguix, the Bubble Town fire chief, when he becomes infected with Solex and turns into a flame-throwing robot!
  • Magnetix Personality
    One of Dr. K's robots nicknamed Kan-it who is an Attractix, escapes from Dr. K's lab with a big scoop of Solex and wreaks havoc downtown! The Botties have to stop him before he sends a negative feeling through Bubble Town!
  • K's Kages
    K's Kages
    Episode 7
    Conner and his friends find themselves in deep trouble when a strange robot lures them into Dr K's secret laboratory.
  • Dondon for Dinner
    Dondon for Dinner
    Episode 5
    Dondon discovers that robots are being disintegrated by Disposix but damages his voice module and is not able to tell The Botties, Dr. K is also after Disposix! However, helping Dondon tell The Botties that Disposix is full of Solex and stopping Dr. K is all in a day's work for Cubix!moreless
  • The Iron Chef
    The Iron Chef
    Episode 4
    Connor becomes the star of a commercial that's advertising Delishix, the perfect robot! But Delishix is infected with Solex and causes havoc downtown! And Dr K is after him! This could be a recipe for trouble unless The Botties do something about it!
  • The Underground of Bubbletown
    Abby, Connor and the rest of the gang attempt to solves the mystery of the random blackouts in Bubble Town by searching the sewers for Sewwix, the robot that cleans the sewers! However, Dr. K is also looking for that same robots too, only to suck the Solex outta him! Who will reach Sewwix first?moreless
  • Lectrix (aka Electrix)
    Connor tries to persuade his dad to let Cubix stay in the house. Meanwhile, Dr. K is looking for more Solex which leads him to the Robot Recharging Station attendant Lectrix who is full of it.
  • The Unfixable Robot
    Connor moves to Bubble Town and meets the Botties: Abby, Mong, Chip, and Hela. In order to join the club he has to fix a robot in 24 hours. He chooses Cubix, the "Unfixable Robot". When Hela brings a WeldNFix gone mad to the Botties Pit, Dr. K shows up to steal it. Cubix awakens just in time to save Connor, and together, they fight Kolossal and Dr. K to save the Solex infected bot.moreless