Cubix: Robots for Everyone

Season 1 Episode 13

The Unbeatable Robot (3)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Feb 09, 2002 on The WB
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The Unbeatable Robot (3)
After finally getting a bunch of Solex, Dr K has created the ultimate robot named Kulminator! Connor has rescued Professor Nemo and has to go help his friends battle Dr K and The Kulminator in a final showdown!

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  • An epic action-packed season finale!

    What makes a great season finale? In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was when Krang and Shredder unleashed the Technodrome on New York City; and in Jackie Chan Adventures, it was when Shendu invaded Hong Kong to open a portal to the Demon Realm. Here, it's when Dr. K unleashes the mechanical behemoth known as the Kulminator on Bubble Town, and only Cubix and the Botties stand in his way.

    During the battle, after Cerebrix is temporarily injured, Connor climbs into Klawber and joins his friends in taking on the Kulminator.

    Meanwhile, Maximix drives Professor Nemo to the Botties' Pit, where he has a heartwarming reunion with his daughter Hela.

    Back to the battle, Abby and Dondon end up inside Kulminator and try to shoot its internal engine. But Dr. K and Kolossal, under orders from Raska the alien, try to intervene and slow them down. Luckily, Connor and Cubix rescue their friends and escape the behemoth. But unfortunately, Kulminator sets its sights for Bubble Town!

    Once they get to Bubble Town first, the Botties make their last stand against Kulminator by throwing a gigantic orb at it, only for Kulminator to throw it right back at them. Luckily, the Botties managed to damage the Kulminator's shields, meaning it just needs one more hit to be destroyed. Raska go on a kamikazi run, while Dr. K makes his quiet escapes in an ejection pod. When Kulminator is frying buildings with its laser, Cubix flies to towards it, and uses his Solex to fry the Kulminator's EPU unit, both destroying the metal monstrosity and killing Raska.

    After the dust settles, the Botties spend the entire afternoon searching the Kulminator wreckage for Cubix, fearing that he might be already dead. Connor eventually discovers Cubix, who then delivers one final smile before shutting down permanently due to his Solex being completely drained from the battle. As the other Botties look on in concern, a distraught Connor screams his friend's name to the heavens!

    That night, back at the Botties' Pit, Professor Nemo, Hela, Abby, Mong, and Chip believe Cubix is dead, but Connor is still determined to fix him! As the Botties head outside, Connor tells Cubix that he needs him since they belong together. That speech is more than enough to bring not only bring Cubix back from the dead, but also give him the ability to talk at last! I guess he's Cubix Christ, huh? And so, Connor and Cubix are reunited, everyone in the Botties' Pit is happy, and they all live happily ever after...

    Or do they?

    Dr. K is seen hovering over Bubble Town in his new blimp, planning his return and his inevitable revenge on the Botties, but most importantly, Cubix!

    I don't know Kovermindr is talking about, but cartoons don't have to be realistic to be AWESOME! The episode is action-packed from start to finish, and the way Cubix is revived is heartwarming too. So give this episode a whirl if you have the chance.moreless
  • The show has a slow build up leaving much of the assuming to the viewer throughout the season, so you hope that the last episode would clear up some things. Instead it creates more questions while making greater leaps that makes it TOO un-realistic.moreless

    The show has a slow build up leaving much of the assuming to the viewer throughout the season, so you hope that the last episode would clear up some things. Like the full relations between Dr. K and Nemo. Or how Soul Lex was created. Telling us the complete story behind the strange alien would have been nice. Instead it creates more questions while making greater leaps that makes it TOO un-realistic. For example the ending of the episode makes it seem like Conner was dreaming the whole time (sadly it was really suppose to end that way). I feel that they (the writers) ran out of ideas and time. So they slapped together an ending saying "That will do them".

    Total let down. After watching the episode I already came up with several alternative endings that would have made more sense than what they did, of course it would require making changes to the previous episode, but still if it means having a fan base for Season 2 then I say change it.moreless
Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Dondon/Raska (Alien)

Recurring Role

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

Kan-it the Attractix

Recurring Role

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