Cubix: Robots for Everyone

Season 1 Episode 111

Office PolitIX


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While Hela experiments on Solex, Dr. K and his alien boss launch an attack on the Bottie's pit. The Botties beat the battle-bots, but it was a fake attack! Raska shows up expressing her concern for their safety and offers Hela the Robix Corp facilities for her research. The Botties go to Robix Corp where they are treated like royalty...until a new robot goes berserk and almost kills them! Hela decides to stick to the Pit so Raska gives them new miniature safety robots...which turn out to be evil decoys that want to blow up Cubix! Cubix sacrifices himself in order to save everyone else.moreless
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kids hijinks, genius inventor, good vs. evil, life in a new city, Tweens