Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

Billy takes his prisoner, Henry, to a house and manacles him to the wall of the children's room. Henry wonders if Billy is going to make Meadow torture him again, and Billy assures him that Meadow did it of her own free will. The killer insists that there's no reason for what he does, and Billy tells him that he understand. He then cuts him free and has his Family members bring in a security guard. They dump the man on the bed and leave, and Billy puts a set of torture implements on the dresser. He leaves and Henry walks over and picks up a saw, and then turns to the helpless security guard.

Jeff picks up a packet from a man on the street, while Skye goes to a local grocery store and picks up supplies. When the cashier notices her watching Cult on the store's TV, she asks if Skye is a Billy or a Kelly fan. When Skye claims she doesn't watch the show, the cashier doesn't believe her and says that Billy is her favorite because he's so hot.

Once Jeff and Skye get what they need, they meet back at their motel room. They work out that Nate is in danger now that they know that Stuart is the leader of the Moon Hill cult, and Skye works on a plan to find Nate.

At the observation room overlooking the empty pool, Stuart and Cameron watch as Nate continues watching Cult episodes. Cameron doesn't believe that Nate will ever find anything. However, Stuart insists that the secret to their parents' disappearance and his father's work lies somewhere within the show and the manuscript that they recovered from Nate's house. As for Jeff and Skye, Stuart assures Cameron that his people will deal with them. Meanwhile, Dustin drags Allegra into the empty pool and tells Nate that he'll be working with her. When Nate introduces himself, Allegra realizes that he's Jeff's missing brother.

Jeff calls E.J. and has her meet them at the motel with GPS dog collar trackers.

Allegra tells Nate that she has no idea why she's there and mentions that she's Dr. Kimball's assistant. Nate has heard of the man and his neural fusion theories, and explains that they were the basis for Phillip's beliefs. He tells Allegra that there are messages buried in the show, but not the ones that Stuart wants him to find. Nate then whispers a message to Allegra and asks her to pass it on to Jeff is she manages to escape.

At the motel, E.J. hacks the computer network that Stuart is using to access the Cult studio security cameras, giving them access to everything that happened there.

In the observation room overlooking the pool, Dustin tells Stuart that they've got a fix on Jeff's position after they hacked Stuart's computer network. Stuart tells him to take as many True Believers as he needs and capture them.

The next morning, Jeff and Skye are having breakfast and Jeff considers the odds that they should have met and become involved. He wonders if she regrets meeting him and Skye assures him that he doesn't. They hear the True Believers pull up and go to the door to watch. The computer is in a motel room several doors down. While the True Believers search the room, Jeff slips out and attaches the GPS trackers to the bottom of their cars. When they come back, Jeff is forced to hide beneath a nearby car. Dustin calls and gets orders from Stuart, and then drives off.

Edie invites her mother Mrs. McDonald to visit her at the set. She introduces her mother to Marti, who is surprised to see her on-screen counterpart. Edie tells Marti that Mrs. McDonald used to be a police detective, just like Kelly on the show, and Marti says that they should get together and discuss the character.

As they wait for Dustin's car to stop moving, Skye admires how Jeff reacted under pressure when Dustin shot at them the previous evening. The reporter explains that he got used to gunfire when he worked the crime desk in Philadelphia. Once Dustin's signal stays in place for several minutes, Skye checks the address and discovers that they're at the site of a former juvenile detention center.

Nate throws a life preserver at the window to get the guard's attention and then tells him to bring Stuart. Meanwhile, Stuart and Cameron inspect the readers that they have going through the Cult episodes, including Allegra. They've heard from Dustin and Cameron worries that they've failed. He advises Stuart to shut down the whole project, just as the guard comes in and tells Stuart that Nate wants him.

When Stuart arrives, Nate tells him that the number 32 keeps recurring throughout the manuscript, and that it's buried in a Fibonacci sequence. He admits that there's no clue as to Phillip's whereabouts, but there is a reference to someone named only C, and a recurring ten-digit number. Nate figures that it's a phone number and Stuart calls it. He discovers that it's a medical marijuana clinic, but Nate says that Stuart needs to determine who owned it 25 years ago. Satisfied, Stuart walks out and tells Dustin to burn the place to the ground and kill all of the readers.

Kirstie goes to Roger's house with balloons for his birthday. She suggests that they spend the day together, and tries to ignore her cell phone as it keeps ringing. Roger finally takes it and tells Stuart that Kirstie has enough of his twisted mind games. When he hangs up, Kirstie warns the actor that her father will be pissed. However, they both finally laugh and says that they should stay in.

When Jeff and Skye enter the juvenile facility, they spot the True Believers moving out. They slip in and discover that the men are placing containers of fire accelerant throughout the building. Skye finds the first of several dead readers, all poisoned, lying on the floor and they realize that Stuart's men are destroying all evidence of their presence. They make their way to the pool and discover the video projectors along with Nate's discarded notes.

As Jeff recognizes his brother's handwriting and realizes that he was there, they hear the explosions start. They get out just in time and spot Dustin and another True Believer taking Allegra away. Jeff follows them from a distance while Skye monitors their location via the GPS locator. They finally catch up to Dustin and Jeff cuts him off and gets out of his car, holding the gun on Dustin and his assistant. Skye gets Allegra out of the car and Jeff shoots out Dustin's tires and then drives away.

The local police find the security guard, dead in the house. They call in Kelly and Paz, and Paz explains that the owners were away on vacation. Kelly inspects the blood spatter patterns and realizes that it was much more than a simple stabbing homicide. When she wonders why they were called in, Paz tells her that they ran a DNA match on the perpetrator and it came up with a match on a cold case... the murder of Kelly's parents.

That night, Stuart pulls over to check with his people. While he does, Nate stays in the car and works through his notes. When Stuart is done, he comes back and tells Nate that the phone belonged to someone he remembers from his childhood, the mysterious C.

Jeff and Skye return to the motel with Allegra and she passes on Nate's message. He told them to watch episode 12, at the 8:51 mark. They watch the recorded episode and discover he's referring to the scene where Kelly finds her dead brother-in-law sealed up in a wall. Allegra also tells them that Nate mention St. Clare and they realize what it means.

Mrs. McDonald comes home and finds Stuart waiting for her in the dark. Startled, she runs for the door until a True Believer stops her. Stuart explains that he's Phillip's son and realizes that she might not recognize him after 25 years. Mrs. McDonald--Cathy, or C--admits that she went to Moon Hill to try to talk sense to Stuart's father. Stuart has Nate brought in and introduces him, and Nate explains that Phillip wrote specifically about October 1987. Cathy remembers that she talked to a reporter and his lady friend that night and that it was raining, and Stuart remembers the rain because he was there.

Jeff and Sky drive back to the Church of St. Clare and start searching the walls.

Cathy explains that Phillip came to see her that night along with the other Moon Hill parents. Phillip was excited about something that he discovered: that his fears about the dangers of television were misguided. He had discovered something wonderful and was planning to share it with his followers.

Skye finds a crack in the wall plaster and Jeff smashes in the wall. Sealed within they find a mummified corpse that is roughly 25 years old. They break down the other walls and find more corpses.

Cathy admits that she doesn't know why Phillip and the Moon Hill parents ever came back. She didn't learn about their disappearance until months later, and that she couldn't risk her standing as a police detective by admitting what she knew. Cathy made sure that the orphaned children were taken care of but there was nothing further she could do for them. Stuart breaks into tears and Cathy begs him for forgiveness.

Jeff and Skye realize that Nate knew about the fate of the 32 missing parents all along.

Kelly has a nightmare of a man abducting Andy and hiding behind the boy, daring her to shoot. As she tosses in her sleep, Meadow watches from the door. Andy comes by and asks what's going on, and Meadow assures her son that Kelly is just dreaming and that she'll be fine.

A deliverywoman arrives at Roger's doorstep with an envelope. Kirstie gets it and takes it to Roger, who has her open it. They are both surprised to discover that it's a letter from Steven Rae himself. He congratulates Roger on his final performance and tells him that for Cult's season finale, they'll film an additional live scene. Steven will bring the script to the set personally and no one will see it until then. Roger makes Kirstie promises not to tell anyone and she agrees.

Jeff and Skye call Stuart at his office, where he is demanding answers from Nate about the fate of his father. Nate realizes that he killed the other readers and wonders why he's not dead, and Stuart tells him that he'll live until his work is done. Jeff's call comes through and Stuart takes it, and the reporter offers to trade the location of the Moon Hill parents in return for Nate's safe return. Stuart doesn't believe he has the information, but Jeff reminds him that he was the one who found the Church of St. Clare. As Stuart considers the offer, Jeff asks if he's ready to trade.

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