The CW (ended 2013)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 7/12/13

      While the Cult cast and crew prepare for a special life filming of the season finale, Jeff makes a deal with Stuart for answers. Meanwhile, in the show itself, Billy engineers Kelly's confrontation with the man who killed her parents.

    • 1987
      Episode 12

      Stuart forces Nate to decipher Kellian's message, and Nate asks Allegra to contact Jeff if she can escape. Meanwhile, Jeff and Skye remain in hiding to avoid the True Believers. On the show, Billy captures the killer of Kelly's parents, hoping to weaken her resolve.

    • Flip the Script
      Episode 11

      Jeff and Skye try to meet with Dr. Kimble and speak with his assistant, Allegra. When they discover the lab has been ransacked, they try to discover the connection between Kimble's manuscript and Killian's. Later, the pair investigate Stuart's production office near the Cult set. On the show, Kelly checks on her sister and remembers that they both witnessed their parents' murder.

    • 7/5/13

      Jeff and Skye visit the mother of Edie, the actress who plays Meadow, after she is startled by two on-set figurines that reminds her of ones she saw in her childhood. Meanwhile, Peter continues to spy on Skye, while on the TV series, Billy grows increasingly more deranged.

    • 6/28/13

      When they learn of a meeting for True Believer initiates, Skye sets out to infiltrate the group. Unfortunately, Jeff is lured away by a decoy vehicle, leaving Skye on her own. Meanwhile, on the show Kelly tries to locate Andy.

    • 6/28/13

      While working with Jeff to find a way to blackmail Sakelik into helping them, Skye takes time out to meet with her mother. Meanwhile, Stuart tries to draw Roger closer to him by inviting him to a weekend getaway. On the show, Kelly must strike a devil's bargain with Billy to get Meadow back.

    • 4/5/13

      E.J. finds out Detective Sakelik's history where she spent time in a house for abandoned children, and Jeff and Skye check the place out. Meanwhile, Stuart continues befriending Roger. On the show, Kelly finds a vital clue to her missing sister's location that connects Billy to the abduction.

    • The Good Fight
      Episode 6

      As Skye slowly dies from the hallucinogenic slipped to her at the Cult party, Jeff searches for a sample of the drug and suspects that Detective Sakelik has the answers he seeks. Meanwhile, Skye confronts hallucinations of the Cult characters and her missing father, who try to convince her to stop her investigation.

    • The Kiss
      Episode 5

      Jeff and Skye attend a Cult fan party to track down a friend of Nate's. However, Skye is slipped a hallucinogenic in a drink, a drug similar to one on the TV series. Meanwhile, Roger meets a mysterious stranger, Stuart at the same party. On the TV show, a flashback explores how Billy and Kelly married.

    • 3/15/13

      Jeff and Skye meet with Alma, a woman with a missing husband. Alma puts them into contact with a man who specializes in tracking down and deprogramming cult members and returning them to their families. Meanwhile, E.J. comes up with information on Nate's location, and on the TV show, Kelly encounters her own deprogrammer... at Billy's compound.

    • Being Billy
      Episode 3

      Jeff receives word of an on-campus game known as Being Billy which features fans of Cult recreating their favorites scenes from the series. Working with Skye, Jeff sets out to find out what scene the players will recreate next. Meanwhile, E.J. continues his investigation into Nate's disappearance and discovers his brother was communicating with a hidden recipient list. On the program, Kelly confronts Billy in a climactic showdown.

    • In the Blood
      Episode 2

      Jeff tries to track down his brother Nate, while Skye confesses to her fascination with Steven Rae. However, she finds herself up against a dead-end when her associate producer doesn't believer her claim that Cult fans are seeking out hidden messages in the show. Meanwhile, on the program itself, Kelly and Paz get a message from Billy.

    • You're Next
      Episode 1

      Investigative journalist Jeff Sefton doesn't pay attention to his younger brother Nate's obsessions and especially his latest one about a TV show that plans to hurt him. However, his disappearance makes Jeff take him seriously and leads him to the dark world of the TV series Cult. Its obsessive fans believe that the show's fictional cult leader, Billy Grimm, holds the keys to enlightenment. As things in the show come true in real life, Jeff enlists Skye, a young research assistant on the show, to help him.