Season 1 Episode 13

Executive Producer Steven Rae

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

Jeff meets Stuart at Fandomain as agreed upon and they negotiate the trade of Nate for the location of the Moon Hill parents. Stuart justifies himself, pointing out that his father was a visionary and that he needed Nate to search Cult for clues and find out what happened to the parents. He defends the death of Sakelik and Annabelle, insisting that he was the eldest and responsible for keeping the others safe. Jeff insists that Stuart leave Nate alone as part of their deal and Stuart assures him that he'll have no need of Jeff's brother once he knows where he can find the parents. As they talk, Stuart gets a call from his people confirming that they're in position.

As the CW promotes the season finale of Cult and the extra live scene that will air afterward, Jeff calls Nate's house and tells Skye that Stuart's True Believers are outside. Once she confirms that they're there, Jeff drives Stuart to Ojai and the Church of St. Clare. Stuart calls his people and has them take Nate to Skye. Dustin and another Believer take Nate inside and Skye calls to confirm Nate that Stuart has kept up his end of the deal. Jeff takes Stuart into the church and shows him the corpses buried in the walls. Stuart is shocked at the death of the 32 parents and asks why it happened, and Jeff tells him that he doesn't know why.

Dustin waits in the house and finally gets a call from Stuart. He tells Skye to stay out of the cult's way from now on and leaves, and Skye tells Nate that everything will be okay. After holding his hand to reassure him, Skye calls Jeff and tells him that everything went as planned. Furious, Stuart screams at Jeff to leave... just as the cops burst in. They immediately arrest Stuart, while Detective Zavala comes in. When Jeff points out that Stuart didn't kill the people in the church, Zavala says that they received an anonymous tip that confirmed that Stuart was responsible for murder, kidnapping, and the death of Detective Sakelik. As they take Stuart out, he vows revenge on Jeff, believing the reporter set him up.

When Jeff gets back to the house, Skye hugs him. Nate comes out of the kitchen and the brothers embrace.

Kelly and Meadow go to the shooting range and Kelly visualizes her target as Henry, the man who killed her parents. Meadow realizes that Kelly is imagining the killer as well and worries that she's stressed out after their parents' murder case was reopened. Kelly insists that she can handle it and starts shooting again, while Meadow joins Billy in the next room. She tells him that Kelly is mentally prepped for what he plans to do next, and thanks Billy for giving her sister the closure she needs. Billy insists that he's doing it because he loves Kelly more than life itself.

The next day, Nate cleans up and then thanks Jeff for refusing to abandon him. Jeff suggests that Nate hold off talking to the police for a few days and recommends that he see a psychiatrist. However, Nate insists that he doesn't need anything and that he's fine. He glances at the wall and realizes that Jeff has put some new Cult clippings up with the ones he had. Nate tells his brother that they should pull them down and they go to work together.

As Roger and Kirstie shop, Kirstie wants to visit her father. Roger advises against it, reminding her that Stuart is in jail on multiple murder charges. When Kirstie complains that she has nowhere to wear the dresses that they're buying, Roger offers to take her to the Bahamas once he's done filming the live season finale that night. Relieved, Kirstie assures Roger that she knows he loves her.

Skye is at her apartment going through Quentin's notes when Jeff arrives. She's surprised to see him there and asks what he plans to do now that he has Nate back. Jeff figures that he can go back to work and wonders if he can build his reputation back by writing the Cult story. He sees Quentin's notes and assures Skye that he plans to continue investigating the case so they can locate her father. When Skye says that Jeff doesn't owe her anything, he reminds her that he couldn't have found Nate without her and promises that they're not done. He then kisses Skye, who kisses him back and then leads him into the bedroom.

Cameron visits Stuart in prison and tells him that Phillip got their parents killed. Stuart insists that his father had learned something vital and was going to pass it on to the other Moon Hill parents, and that the answer still lies within Cult. Furious, Cameron tells Stuart that he and the other Moon Hill children are done with Stuart now that they know what happened to their parents. As Cameron walks out, Stuart refuses to accept that it's over.

Later, Jeff is outside Nate's house when Zavala calls to tell him that Stuart was released on bail. He also informs Jeff that they only found 31 bodies in the church, not 32 like Jeff said. As Jeff returns home, he sees Dustin come out of the house and drive away. He runs inside and finds Nate sitting on the floor going through the notes they threw away earlier. Nate has found one file with Quentin's name on it and is intrigued by his connection to the cult. Jeff tells him that Dustin is dangerous but Nate insists that Dustin was there for him when they were in rehab together. Nate hedges on whether he'll continue investigating the show but asks Jeff to trust him. Jeff tells him to pack up all the notes so he can write a story from them, and tells his brother that he'll have to earn his trust back.

Kelly gets a tip on Henry's location and calls Paz to tell him the news. He warns her that she's too close to the case and shouldn't go it alone, but Kelly hangs up on him. She goes to the warehouse she was tipped off to and goes inside. A mannequin with Henry's distinctive birthmark is bricked up in a wall, just like her brother-in-law Douglas was. As she moves in to investigate, a trapdoor gives way beneath her. She drops into a chamber where Henry is hanging from the ceiling. Billy is waiting for Kelly and gasses her unconscious.

Edie brings her mother Cathy to the set as the Cult crew prepare to film the live finale. They run into Marti and Edie explains that she's there to clean out her trailer because she' not in the finale. As they talk, Marti sees Skye goes by and approaches her friend. A clearly happy Skye admits that she had some personal business but now everything is great, and Marti realizes that she and Jeff are involved. As the actress wishes Skye luck, Skye gets a call from Jeff. He warns her that Nate may not be over his obsession with the show, and Skye promises to help him with Nate's problem. They're interrupted when Nate gets a video conference invitation. He takes it and an obscured figures tell him that they both share several mutual interests, including Cult. He tells Jeff not to write any stories on the cult and to stay away from Nate, who has already said too much. Jeff suggests that they meet and his caller tells him that he's already very close.

Stuart is working at his office and gets an unexpected visitor: Nate.

Kelly wakes up and discovers that Billy has manacled her leg to the wall by a chain. Henry is still there and Kelly remembers him as the man who killed her parents. Billy, seated nearby, tells Kelly that it's Judgment Day and wakes Henry up. The killer demands that they release him and Billy says that it's up to Kelly whether he leaves or not. He puts one bullet in Kelly's gun and gives it back to her, and tells her that she'll have to shoot either Henry or Billy. If she shoots Henry then she'll be closer to Billy than ever. If she shoots Billy than at least his pain will be over.

As the season finale concludes and the CW announces that the live scene will be broadcast in ninety minutes, Skye arrives at the house. Jeff is there and tells her that Nate was gone when he came back. He's checked the computer's web history and has discovered that Nate looked up the address of the Moon Hill house in Arrowhead.

At the studio, Roger reads the new script while the F/X men put squibs on his stomach. Kirstie is there and asks what happens, but Roger says that it'll be a surprise. He points out that all three actors are being fitted with squibs so no one will know who the real victim is and leak it before the broadcast. Kirstie wonders if Steven is there and Roger says that he hasn't seen the man but there are rumors that he's skulking around. He wonders if Kirstie is there to meet Steven, and she admits that she's a fan. However, she assures Roger that she's only there for him.

Jeff and Skye drive to the Moon Hill house and go inside. They find Nate hacking through a wall with an axe, and Stuart standing nearby. Nate insists that they're close and Stuart says that it isn't over for them. When he sees Skye, Nate realizes that she's Quentin's daughter. He tells her that her father knew all about Phillip and Moon Hill, and that the answers they are all seeking are behind the wall. Jeff asks his brother for the axe and Nate reluctantly hands it over... and Jeff starts attacking the wall. He finally breaks through and they discover that there's a passageway on the other side.

When Billy gives her the gun, Kelly orders him to get down on the floor. Billy refuses, pointing out that all she can do is shoot him if he refuses. He insists that they won't leave until she shoots one of them.

Jeff and the others go down the passageway and discover that it leads to a previously unknown shelter. Inside it is a desk with journals on it and Stuart confirms that the handwriting belongs to his father. A corpse is lying in a corner beneath a shelf, holding one of the tokens, and Stuart realizes that it's Phillip. Skye figures that the shelf fell by accident, killing the cult leader, while Jeff notices a small oblong tablet near Phillip's hand. It appears to be several hundred years old, but Nate points out that it looks just like a TV remote.

Kelly drops the gun on the floor, refusing to shoot either of them. Undeterred, Billy reminds her that Henry cut up her parents and tells her that the only way she can lose the pain is to kill him. Kelly picks up the gun but insists that she won't kill for him, and Billy tells her that she isn't doing it for him.

On the set, Kirstie, Edie, Cathy, and the other production crew watch intently, waiting to see who Kelly will choose.

Jeff reads through Phillip's journals and finds a 1987 entry where the cult leader describes how he returned to the Moon Hill house. The other parents were all killed... by the group he wanted his followers to join. A symbol on the journal matches the one on the disk Jeff found, but they realize that the symbol is an E, not an M. There is also a reference to the "Circle of Erasmus." Stuart wonders how his father survived and Jeff figures that Phillip escaped and returned to the house to hide. They examine the stone control again and realize that the E symbol is embedded into the surface.

Before they can pursue the matter, Dustin and two of the True Believers come in. Dustin tells Stuart that he's betrayed them by using their belief in Cult for his own purpose: to find Phillip and the Moon Hill parents. Jeff wonders what Dustin is going to do and the Believer says that he's going to take Stuart out in the van. As the Believers drag Stuart away, the shadowy figure comes down the stairs and Dustin tells Jeff that they should thank the man for leading him there. The figure steps out of the shadows and Skye is shocked to discover that it's her father.

Rather than shoot either man, Kelly puts the gun to her and prepare to kill herself. Billy tries to stop her but the gun go off, shooting him in the stomach. Henry laughs in triumph as Billy stumbles forward, begging for help...

...and Roger collapses on the floor of the set. Marti realizes that the prop gun had real bullets and Roger has actually been shot. As Marti calls for a doctor and Kirstie runs to her lover, Cathy secretly picks up the gun and leaves.

Quentin steps forward and picks up the stone control, and tells Jeff that he should have stayed out of it like he said. They ask what the control is and Quentin simply says, "Well, hey... these things just snap right off."

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