Season 1 Episode 2

In the Blood

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

Kelly arrives at the lumber yard where the police have turned up a new victim. Paz tells her that the victim has been buried... upside down and vertically. Kelly remembers that seven years ago, the cult gathered and raised her where she was buried upside down. As she was brought out, Billy welcomed her to his family... The Blood. She warns Paz that the corpse is a message to her that he wants her back, and she figures she's the only one who can bring him down. The agents look around and Kelly finds a coin on the ground.

Jeff finishes watching the episode, pausing on the image of the coin, and then goes to Nate's desk and finds a coin just like it. Skye wakes up from where she's been dozing on the couch. She reminds Jeff that there are fans who think there are secret messages hidden in the show and they figure that Nate was one of those fans. There's been no report of Merriam's suicide and Skye points out that there was something off about her husband, Jimmy, when they saw him at the hotel. As she leaves for work, Jeff thanks her for her help.

Later, Jeff goes back to Fandomain club. The bartender, Zac, comes over and says that he had to lock it up because someone came in with a concealed knife. Jeff asks if he knew Nate but Zac says that he didn't. As Jeff asks if they play Cult, Kristie is going off of her shift. Zac tells her that it's all good and she leaves. Jeff gets a call from Billy, who says that he's one of his now. Jeff's friend and IT worker from the newspaper, E.J., comes up and jokingly startles him, and warns him that Bert didn't buy his excuse for missing the assignment meeting that morning. Jeff asks E.J. to check the disk that he found and trace the call from Nate that came in on his phone. E.J. is glad to help and tells him that they confirmed that Merriam's last name is Livingston.

At the Cult studio, Skye talks with her co-worker Peter Grey, who tells her that Marc missed a conference call with Steven Rae about how the network was taking charge. Skye checks her computer about the fan sites and points out that it's worrisome. However, Peter warns her that she could make people suspicious because they don't want to let any spoilers out.

Kirstie goes to a warehouse with several other show fans and makes a call, assuring the person at the other end that she has Marc there. Marc is taped to a chair, his lips sewn. She sits on Marc's lap and tells her superior that she'll make sure it's done. Kirstie kisses Marc on the lips and then tells the others to do a good job on him as she walks away.

Jeff and Skye go to Merriam's house and he shows her the recording he received from Billy. She tells him that it's a text that the show sends to everyone who signs up on the website. They approach her husband, Jimmy Livingston. and discover that he's packing up to leave. When they try to get answers, he grabs a shotgun and threatens them. Jeff wonders what he's so afraid of but Jimmy screams at them to leave.

When they go to the police station to see Detective Sakelik, Jeff sees a blonde woman leaving. He stares at her for a moment but then tells her Skye that it's nothing. They approach Sakelik and explain that they went to see Jimmy and he's leaving town. The detective says that they have no reason to suspect Jimmy and warns Jeff that he's harassing the husband of a suicide victim. Sakelik angrily tells him to let her do her job because it's the best chance he has of getting Nate back.

Kelly is searching the lumberyard when Billy steps over. She notices that his followers are nearby, waiting next to their red car, and points out that Billy is taking a chance coming to see her. Billy says that he heard about the upside-down burial and Kelly points out that he used it for traitors. She asked how the victim betrayed her but Billy insists that he doesn't kill. Kelly concedes that he lets his followers do all the dirty work, and Billy reminds her that she did a great deal of her. He wonders what her superior, Captain Brazil, would do if he found out what she did do short of murder. Kelly still believes that the man betrayed Billy, but he simply tells her that he hopes that she solves the murder and then walks away.

Jeff and Skye go back to Fandomain and question the customers. However, none of them know Nate. Jeff gets another text from Billy while Skye checks the Livingstons' Facebook page. Their son was killed in Afghanistan and Jimmy is a long-drive trucker. Skye notices that Merriam's funeral is already scheduled for that afternoon, and Jeff figures that they can crash the funeral and find someone among her friends and family who know something.

E.J. comes in and immediately wonders who Skye is. Jeff introduces E.J. as his tech person, much to E.J.'s disgust. She then tells Jeff that the disk wiped her laptop and then the disk itself. The only thing left on thousands of micro-images of a strange symbol representing three arms holding swords.

As they go to the funeral, Skye explains that no one sees Steven or knows where he sends his pages in. They arrive at the funeral and discover that Jimmy and the minister are the only ones there. As Skye and Jeff watch, Jimmy answers his phone. He looks around nervously and then answers it, and after a few seconds puts it away, takes a bundle out of his truck, and walks away.

Jeff and Skye follow Jimmy to the nearby funeral home and watch as he meets Sakelik. He says that he's done everything she said but Sakelik warns him that Merriam's suicide put them in a difficult position. The detective kisses Jimmy and then takes the bundle and gets in her car.

Back at Nate's apartment, Jeff tries to work out what Sakelik is up to. Skye brings up Sakelik's files and discovers that she's a superstar in the department and consults with the FBI. Jeff wants to question Sakelik but Skye points out that she'll just deny it. As they talk, Jeff gets another text from Billy. Meanwhile, Skye notices that Nate wrote Steven's name down in his notebook. She warns Jeff that he'll never get to Steven, and he wonders why Skye has been so helpful. Skye angrily points out that she hasn't asked him any questions but Jeff persists and she finally says that she thinks Jeff can help her. She explains that her father disappeared ten years ago and that he was really investigating something big that had nothing to do with union corruption. Two months ago, her father's attorney died and her father's work notes were sent to her. Her father was running an investigation on Steven Rae and Cult when he died... but Steven only created the show one year ago. Skye admits that she took the job so that she could get close to Steven and find out what happened to her father. When she says that she hasn't told anybody else, Jeff points out that she told him and Skye says that she trusts him.

As Jeff gets some beers out of the refrigerator, E.J. calls him with a website address. He then tells Skye that E.J. got a bead on the location where Nate made the call. When they bring up the map, they realize that it covers four city blocks and fifty businesses. Skye points out that the studio is close to the area and works out that it was a shooting location they used for the show.

Jeff and Skye go to a kid's fun palace with tokens that match the coin that Nate had. They wonder how Nate could have been there at 11:45, and they spot a security camera. They convince the manager to let them see the footage and when they stop it at 11:45, they see Nate meet with Jimmy and a woman. On the tape, Nate makes a call on his phone and then Jimmy yanks it out of his hand. Before they can see anything further, the tape ends.

Back at the studio, the cast rehearses a scene until Roger, the actor who plays Billy, interrupts. He tells Gale, Marc's network replacement, that he wants to incorporate some changes of his own. She asks if Marc was willing, and he insists that Marc was going to pressure Steven into making the changes. Gale tells him that they'll wait until Marc gets back to make any changes. Until then, it's Steven's show and they are there to make it work. Roger glares ominously at her and the cast watches... and then Roger smiles and tells Gale that he'll be glad to do whatever he can.

When Skye and Jeff go back to the Livingston home, they discover that Jimmy's truck is gone. They figure that he left but Jeff insists on breaking in and seeing if Jimmy left anything behind in his rush. Skye insists on going with him and inside they discover that Jimmy stripped the wallpaper off of the walls. They find traces of writing where the ink bled through the wallpaper, and realize that the writing is the same that was in Nate's notebook. They also find a spot where the three-armed symbol from the disk was written on the wall.

As they examine the walls, Jeff and Skye hear someone moving the kitchen. They investigate and find Jimmy tied up and thrown into a cupboard. He rambles on about how he let Merriam watch the show so that they could be closer but it was a mistake. Someone moves around outside and Jimmy warns them that the "true believers" are back. Skye smells propane and Jimmy says that the true believers are there to finish the job. Jeff tries to pull Jimmy out only to realize that he's tied into the cupboard. Jimmy casually tells them, "These things just snap right off" as someone throws a grenade through the window. Jeff and Skye get out just as an explosion consumes the house.

Billy meets Gil, one of his followers, at the kid's fun palace and gives him a human finger wrapped in a handkerchief. The follower confirms that he'll deliver it to Kelly and Billy explains that it is his gift to Kelly so that she can solve the murder without involving The Blood. Chuckling, Billy gives the man a token and he walks away.

The next day, Skye calls Jeff and tells him that the explosion was written off as an accident. They realize that there's nothing that they can tell the police, and Jeff wonders who the "true believers" are. Skye hasn't been able to find anything about them, and Jeff tells Skye that he's going to keep Nate's apartment in case he finds something new or someone comes looking there. He tells Skye to watch herself as she's going home and she hangs up.

As Skye works, a call comes in from Steven for one of the staff. She starts to pick up the line to listen in, but Peter comes over and interrupts her. He's brought her takeout for a late night of work and notices a smudge of soot on her face. Skye lies and says that she has no idea where it came from. When she goes off to microwave the food, Peter glances at the phone.

Roger is leaving the gym when Kirstie bumps into him. She recognizes him as Billy Grimm and insists that she's Roger's biggest fan.