Season 1 Episode 9

Off to See the Wizard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

At the Family commune, Billy is in his loft working on a life-sized sculpture of Kelly. He finally tears it apart in a fit of anger and then looks at the face.

Paz invites his partner Kelly, and Meadow and Andy over for a picnic. Meadow is seated by herself, staring at Andy, and Kelly wonders if she should do something. Paz advises her to give Meadow some time to acclimate herself now that she's away from the Family. As Meadow comes over to help them, she notices a knife nearby on the grill and stared at it. Paz's son Robin comes over and Paz asks him about Andy, and the boy says that Andy left. They go to find him and run out into the street. There's no sign of Andy and a red Valiant is driving away down the alley.

Skye arrives at the production office and Peter tells her that the police have finally declared the missing executive producer, Marc Segal, an official missing person. When Skye comments that Steven Rae should be there making sure things run smoothly in Segal's absence, Peter tells her that Steven asked him to keep an eye out for any leaks in the office. Skye looks guilty and says that she has some research for Marti, and quickly leaves. She finds Marti training with a martial artist, and the actress breaks off when Skye arrives. Marti explains that since the attack on her at the party, she's decided to learn how to defend herself rather than hire a bodyguard like the network wants. When Marti mentions Segal's disappearance, Skye looks nervous and the actress wonders if she knows something. Before Skye has to respond, she gets a call from Jeff, who asks her to meet him at the jail.

At the jail, Jeff tells Skye that the police picked up Carey Mandeville when she and six other people tried to skip out on their hotel bill. Carey contacted Jeff, insisting that she would only talk to him. When she comes in, she complains that she was caught and tells them that everything she believed about Cult was true. When she was with the True Believers, they talked about Nate and how valuable he was to the group. Carey insists that she's loyal but worries that the True Believers don't believe her. Since Jeff and Skye are the only ones who know what she's talking about she wants them to get a message to Steven Rae proclaiming her loyalty and assures them that she can put them in contact with the mysterious writer.

Marti goes to her traitor and opens the door just as a man comes out. She jabs him in the throat and he goes down, but when the crew run over, Peter realizes that it's an extra. They realize that the extra was scavenging stuff from the show, and that Marti may have badly injured him.

At Jeff's house, Jeff and Skye review Carey's instructions to contact the True Believers. Skye tells Jeff about Segal's disappearance and figures that the True Believers took steps to protect the show from his interference. As they wonder why Nate is so important, they send an email to the site that Carey gave them, using a fake name for Skye. Jeff wants to go with her but Skye points out that he doesn't know about the show to pass himself off as a believer. As they get a response back, Jeff assures her that he won't let her out of his sight.

Roger is at a photoshoot with Kirstie. The photographer suggests that Roger hold a knife but the actor refuses, explaining that he only carries props from the show when he's in his Billy costume. Kirstie agrees, warning the photographer that Billy is never made of, and Roger half-jokingly agrees. She gets a tie and helps Roger put it on, and he tells the photographer that he trusts Kirstie with his life. Afterward, Kirstie meets secretly with her father, Stuart. He's well aware of her true feelings for Roger and assures her that she won't have to endure the actor much longer, and that Roger is beneath contempt. Father and daughter share a hug and Stuart tells Kirstie that there's no turning back.

That night, Skye and Jeff drive to a train station where the recruits are collected. Skye realizes that it's the same train station that they use on the show for scenes where Billy picks up his recruits. Jeff tracks the GPS in her cell phone and Skye goes inside.

Billy meets his new recruits at the station and assures them that he's simply Billy Grimm. Kelly storms in and attacks him, demanding to know what he's done with Andy. Billy insists that he doesn't know anything about Andy's disappearance as security guards pull Kelly away. She flashes her badge and orders them to back off, and warns Billy that she won't let him get way with it.

Skye spots the other recruits and goes over to approach them. One recruit, Miller comes over and asks if she's True. When she says that she is, Miller looks reluctantly at the others and says that he's not big on groups. Skye tells him that it's different with the True Believers and Miller agrees. They go over to join the others and two handlers come over to collect them. The handlers collect their cell phones and scan them for electronic tracking devices, and then put them in a van. Jeff is inside the station and doesn't notice the exchange. The handlers put the bag of cell phones in one van and a driver takes off, and then the handlers leave with the recruits in another van.

Jeff follows the decoy van until it stops. When it pulls up, he discovers that the van is empty except for the bag of cellphones and there's a red Valiant parked nearby. A man wearing a bloody apron comes out of a nearby taxidermy shop and tosses a bag of bloody items into a furnace. When he goes back inside, Jeff follows him.

The handlers take Skye and the others to an underground parking garage and welcome them to the building where Steven Rae lives. They take an elevator up.

Jeff explores the taxidermy shop and finds racks of equipment.

Skye and the others emerge from the elevator into a richly furnished penthouse apartment.

Jeff finally discover the stuffed corpse of the network exec, Mark Segal. The taxidermists have put iPod screens in his eyes and set them to show images from Cult. Startled, Jeff backs up into a rack and finds a knife like the one Billy uses and a matching vest. There's also a photo of a man standing in front of Moon Hill House, wearing the vest. Jeff grabs the three items and slips out, overhearing the taxidermists receive a call to report to the Steven Rae meeting place. The reporter beats them outside and hides in the trunk of the Valiant.

Skye tries to get a look at Steven's desk but Miller notices and tells her she shouldn't do that. The PA realizes that there are photos from the show on the desk. Before she can get a better look at them, a man comes in and introduces himself as Steven Rae. He tells the new recruits that they're special and that they are among the privileged ones who understand the true significance of Cult.

The two taxidermists arrive in the parking garage and take the elevator up. Jeff gets out of the trunk and checks the nearby van, and finds Skye's purse inside. He then takes the stairs upstairs.

Steven talks about his vision for Cult is the key to the program and then asks them if they're ready to take the next step on his journey and do whatever he asks of them... including stopping any interference.

As Jeff goes up through the stairwell, he checks the floors and discovers that they are all under construction.

While Steven talks with the other recruits, Skye asks Miller what he thinks Steve meant about stopping interference. He assures her that he has no problem doing whatever Steven asks of them as long as he's allowed into the inner circle. He questions Skye's uncertainty and she assures him that she has never stopped thinking about Steven. Skye assures Miller that she can harm someone if Steven asks it of them.

Jeff gets to the top floor and finds another floor under construction. He comes to a wall in the middle of the floor and, listening, realizes that there are people on the other side. Meanwhile, Skye goes over to Steven's desk and tries to get a better look at the photos. She realizes that they're of the cast and crew of Cult, and she's in one of them. Skye picks up the photo and hides it against her side as Steven comes over and asks her about her life. However, Steven remains vague as to what he wants her to do. He then takes the photo from her and says that souvenirs aren't allowed. He then puts it back without looking at it.

Steven goes to the bar and Sky follows him, while Jeff follows their voices on the other side of the wall. Skye notices that Steven has a tattoo similar to the one that Billy has, but it is only partially complete. She asks about it and Steven explains that only Billy is allowed to wear the full version. When Skye asks if it inspired Billy's tattoo, Steven dismisses it as unrelated and then tells Skye that he has to leave for his typical writing routine of working from midnight to dawn.

Jeff tries to get Skye's attention by whistling but she goes back to Steven's desk and grabs the photo of herself. Steven notices and alerts the handlers, and they run after her. Skye runs out the door and finds himself in the under-construction section. Jeff finds her and she tells him that the man she met isn't Steven. They go down the stairs to the parking garage and get out just in time.

A neighbor woman calls Paz and tells her that someone has broken into the neighbors' yard. He goes over with Kelly to check it out and they find a discarded toy that belongs to Andy. Kelly checks out a shed and finds Andy inside, hiding in a corner. She hugs him and Andy explains that he ran away on his own. When Kelly wonders why, Andy tells his aunt that Meadow isn't the same as she used to be.

Roger and Marti are getting some food at the studio and he brings up the incident with the extra. Marti wonders if he ever has trouble handling all of the publicity and the fans, and admits that it's getting to her. Roger assures her that she's a talented actress, and advises her not to let her concerns overwhelm her. When Marti admits that he's never been so friendly before, Roger says that he has some good stuff going on in his life for once.

Cameron, the man posing as Steven, returns to the phony office and meets Stuart. Stuart has already had the fake penthouse torn down, and Cameron tells him that someone stole the vest and the knife from the taxidermy shop. He worries about Skye and Stuart assures him that he cleaned up both locations. When Cameron complains that Sakelik used to clean up things like that for them, Stuart tells his friend to have faith in him.

Back at Jeff's home, Skye tells her friend that she knew "Steven" was a fake because the real Steven Rae doesn't have a regular writing story. The midnight-to-dawn story was spread by a publicist and is a common myth. She tells Jeff about the tattoo and they figure that Cameron is one of the Moon Hill children. As to the photo that Jeff found, they wonder if it's the man who was the inspiration for Billy, or Steven Rae himself.

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