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  • Too meta to like

    2 ep (13)
  • Sometimes too confusing

    Exactly. The show started nicely but in the middle it became too perplexed. Near the end it recovered from the downfall but I don't think anybody will pick it up.
  • Series started well, but lost momentum

    I really liked this show in the beginning. I thought the show-within-a-show idea was ingenious, mainly because they managed to make that inner show itself pretty involving, with two engaging main characters.

    By the mid-point in the season though, I found myself losing interest. The early weirdness was increasingly replaced by a more mundane crime drama, as though Twin Peaks had transformed into The Hardy Boys. There was something exhausting about all the characters with all their plots. And while the inner-show stars were intriguing, the outer-show stars were generic and forgettable.

    While early episodes had me excited for the next one, after a while I felt myself losing interest, not wanting to bother, and after episode 8 I came here and read the episode recaps to quickly find out how it all ended. I was particularly glad I did that after reading the final episode, which appears to just throw in a bunch of cliffhanger nuttiness for a second season that's never coming. The ending sounded so stupid that I actually watched the last five minutes of the final episode to see if perhaps the recap left something out, which it didn't.

    While I liked the premise, and there were some good episodes (the last notable one was when one character hallucinates being part of the cult), overall this was a show that failed to honor its early promises to be a crazy-weird mind trip, and wound up being just kind of boring.
  • love it

    I didn't really like the first 2 or 3 episodes, but after that i couldn't get enough. I have a dvr and record so i don't miss it and can watch it when my kids are sleeping. I haven't missed an episode yet. I really hope it comes back for a season 2. I wanna know what happens to roger/billy and the others of course. This show really dose play on the darker side of peoples minds. Anyway absolutely love this oh please return.
  • Less than the sum of its parts.

    Some good ideas in need of good direction, good writing and a good cast.
  • Iv - review

    I really like it !
  • CW Fanatico

    To be honest, I was more than happy to see this show go. It was not only lame but I got bored so easily and so quickly I had stopped watching it after Episode 3. Good riddance. Only wish they would bring back the LA Complex.
  • intrigued

    It is super interesting it leaves you wanting to know more. Glad it came back!
  • Nostalgic

    Sad to see it go. I thought it was a fun, mysterious show. It had a vibe to it like something made in the late 90s or early 2000s. The logo, the name, the music, everything was different (in a good way). It drew me in because of that. The concept was really innovative too, it's meta! (A show about a TV show, where the creator of the show we watch also doubles as the fictional Cult show creator). The fact that it was different was really important, it helped it stand out from everything else.

    There was a lot of unsolved questions here. What were the goals of the True Believers? Why did they need a TV show to recruit more people? What were they doing in the 10 years before the fictional cult TV show existed? Who really is Steven Rae? I want to see all these unaired episodes for some closure. What is the point of making episodes if they never see the light of day? I'm still bitter about The CW canceling The Secret Circle (one thing I will not forget), and then they cancel this! They don't know good things when they have them.
  • Addiction

    I started watching Cult because of Matt, he played Alaric in Vampire Diaries which I am addicted to and got hooked into Cult only to have it pulled. It's not fair to barely have a show running then yank it as it gets even more interesting. Bring it back please
  • Cancelled because

    CW doesn't care about fans
  • Another innovative installment gets axed, shame on you CW

    Why is it the better shows get cancelled, Cult brought something new, lots of intrigue a show within a show, a hint ot the feel of "The Ring" with hidden messages and symbolism. But NO the CW rather keep sucking on the one nice and juice, but l;ong gone dry and empty marrow bones of Supernatural and alike. Shame on you CW, why launch a show like this at all, that will need to get upto steam to get a steady crowd of viewers, like (for example) Breaking bad or Sons of Anarchy. This could have been a hit, but unfortunately the CW lacks the guts to give it a decent chance. They could at least given it a few episodes to tie up all the knots and give closure to the committed viewers by answering some answers to the intrigue an questions the show conjured up. Plain-out disrespectful to viewers like me and hopefully you, in my humble opinion, to axe a show in the middle of the season.
  • Cancelled?

    What the hell. This is going to haunt me now. I NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO ALL OF THIS BULLSHIT! Was it like another dimension? Was it all human? WHAT WAS GOING ON!? Goddammit. Seriously... shit like Revolution and the Following get to stay on, but this gets cancelled? It was actually INTERESTING. (And they're renewing that crap show Beauty and the Beast, but canning this?

  • WHAT!!!!

    I cannot believe they cancelled it, I was really into this one
  • oddly prophetic

    "hey, well these (shows) just snap right off!"
  • cancelled?

    the show is cancelled and still coming???is it like 666 park avenue that ended the show in one season?
  • Why!!! This was a really good show!

    This is not fair! This is yet another series that is pulled away from us! All the good ones are getting pulled! And the boring and bad ones are just still broadcasting..... I think that I'm gonna stop watching new series, because they pull it away after a few episodes!
  • why cancel it!

    yes... the show was getting interesing.. i agree .should have let it a go...

  • A come on!! This show was good.

    Come on guys, the show was getting interesting. Why suddenly wrap it up? Maybe another 5 episodes at least?

    If there is a show that requires a wrap up, it is - The Vampire Diaries. Seriously season 4 should have been wrapped up in 4 episodes. Its stinking badly!

    But not Cult!. The last episode was just brilliant.

    Please continue it!
  • i was really starting to think this show is good but...

    this last episode!?? what a waste of time!! the entire "you belong here, give totally not relevent to the show's story, and mishmashing the "real actors" with their dont know, i'm real dissapointed.
  • I Love Cult

    The show is kinda creepy,but it's cool as only thing is I don't think it's a show that will get picked up for another reason I say that is because of the no way they can make another season after Jeff & Skye find Nate and out everybody that's part of the kidnapping & murders including the cop.
  • What is going on?

    This is like... what? Someone please cancel this show already! I need to know what happens and for some weird reason I have to watch each episode as it comes even though I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    I started to watch this because of the actors. But they are just awful! I mean, are you dumb or just really really slow? And for some reason I had the idea that the people in the show (you know, the show inside the show) had a bigger role in the "real-life".

    Really mixed feelings about this one. And still going to keep watching.
  • Meh...

    While I like the actors that are in this, I'm really disappointed with their acting in this show. Actually, it may just be really bad writing. Some of the lines and scenes are just obscene. Like when the lady cop looks around and slowly pulls down her sleeve? That was so terribly done. I really like the story behind the show and it keeps me guessing, but I'll probably stop watching it. I almost hope it DOES get cancelled.

    EDIT: I actually did stop watching. It lost all of my attention.
  • Episode 3 - Big Question

    I think this episode entered one really big question is the cult a creation of the fans?
  • hum..

    I was looking forward to this.. The first episode was interesting enough, it got my attention. But when I saw the 2nd one the first thought that came to mind was : cancellation! oh well.. The potential is there in theory but it's not enough
  • The beginning of a big thing

    This Tv Shows has a big futur !! Suspens max

    Already one of my favorite show

    Keep doing this good work!!

    And Billy (Robert Kneppers) is badass haha
  • good start

    keep it together guys
  • Intriguing

    I love the concept of a tv show in a tv show. Not knowing what's what on any moment makes it sinister and intriguing. Hope this show stays...
  • awesome

    that's a great show!!!the season's premiere was promiseful...
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