Season 1 Episode 8

The Devil You Know

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

Billy chases two of his followers through the woods, and finally shoots them down with a bow and arrow. He confronts the dying man and tells him that he screwed up by leaving some of Meadow's hair in the trunk of Billy's red Valiant. Angry that he no longer has the upper hand over Kelly, Billy cuts off a hank of the dying man's hair and says that they're even.

Sky goes to Jeff's home with the box of her father's note that his lawyer left her, figuring that her father was working the Olivia Leland murder case. Jeff has checked online and confirmed the little-known fact that Sakelik was the beat officer eleven years ago who arrested the person supposedly responsible for the murders. The reporter suggests that they talk to Zavala, suspecting that Sakelik's partner isn't aware of what she's into, and Skye reluctantly agrees.

Roger arrives at the Cult studio in his new Jaguar and Stuart Reynolds comes over to ask how he is enjoying his gift. He invites Roger to come up to his cabin in the woods that weekend to meet with some business associates, and is impressed when Roger says that he's been checking on Stuart's family business. Stuart assures the actor that he wants him to join him on a film project and that his associates are looking to invest in it. Roger says that he'll consider it and leaves.

Jeff has Zavala meet him at Fandomain. When the detective arrives, he tells him that Sakelik is focusing on him rather than investigating Nate's disappearance. Jeff mentions how Sakelik was at the Cult press party a week ago during the attack on Marti, and Zavala insists that what his partner does on her own time is none of his business. Jeff suggests that Zavala check out the Leland case and see if Sakelik was involved.

Sakelik visits Louis Beal at his store, Moon Hill Video, and finds him watching an old VHS tape of Annabelle. He points out that she killed Annabelle, but Sakelik defends her actions, saying that Annabelle didn't want what they did. When Sakelik reminds Louis that he came to her for help, he says that he wish he had died instead, and insists that they can't kill each other in their search for the truth. The detective tells him to be strong and Louis insists that he is. When he tries to shove past her in his wheelchair, they struggle and Louis ends up falling to the floor. Sakelik embraces him and insists that they're close to their objective, and promises her friend that no one else will die.

Skye meets her mother Ginny for lunch and asks about her father's involvement in the Leland murder investigation. Ginny reluctantly says that Quentin was working on the story but the network legal department killed the piece. When she wonders her daughter is so interested, Skye says that she's close to finding out what really happened to Quentin. Ginny figures that it's about Jeff and warns her daughter that she's heading for heartache, but Skye persists. Her mother suggests that she talk to Charlotte but Skye is offended by the idea. Ginny points out that if Skye won't talk to the woman then she must not believe her father's disappearance is that important.

When Zavala returns to the office, he shows Sakelik the ballistic report on Bert's murder. It confirms that the murder weapon was used in several gangland murders, supporting her theory that it was a break-in gone bad. However, when Zavala suggests that Bert's death might be tied in with Nate's disappearance, Sakelik angrily demands to know who told her partner to pursue that line of questioning. Furious, she tells him never to question her judgment on a case and storms off.

Skye takes the box of her father's notes to Charlotte, who was Quentin's producer. As Jeff helps her in, Skye explains that she hasn't seen Charlotte since Quentin disappeared. She finally admits that her father was having an affair with Charlotte and that she and Ginny found out. Inside they talk to Charlotte, who admits that she's always feared that Quentin was dead ever since his disappearance. Skye brings up the Leland case and Charlotte explains that the network forced Quentin to hand over all of his notes. They go through the box and Charlotte spots a key that she recognizes. She explains that she and Quentin used her friend's boat docked at the marina, and that Quentin had a storage locker, 526, where he kept critical evidence he hid for his stories.

That night, Jeff and Skye go to the storage facility at the marina. Inside 526 they find several different plastic bins, each one filled with Quentin's evidence. One of them is marked "Leland Murder."

Kelly arranges a meeting with Billy in the woods, unaware that he recently killed two of his followers. She comes alone and Billy points out that she humiliated him in public. However, when Kelly wonders if he's angry with her, Billy assures her that he could never be angry. Kelly offers to trade him the hair she took from his trunk in return for her sister Meadow. She warns him that while it's not direct evidence, it's enough to bring public pressure to bear against the Family.  When Billy suggests that he could just take it from her, Kelly shows him her gun. Smiling, he offers his hand and says that they have a deal. Kelly ignores the outstretched hand and walks away... unaware that the two dead Family members are hanging from a tree branch above.

Jeff and Skye go back to his house with the evidence and find a notebook. Quentin noted that the police had reopened the Leland case and investigated a new suspect, Louis Beal. There's a business card for Louis' video store and they realize the name is the same name as the Moon Hill house where Sakelik and the other children grew up. There are several DVDs in the box as well and one of them is marked "Steven Rae."

Roger accepts Stuart's offer and when he arrives goes hunting with Stuart and his two business associates. The actor is surprised to discover that the targets they're using are cardboard standups from the show, Billy's victims. They assure Roger that it's all in good fun and invite him to take a shot.

Skye and Jeff watch the DVD video, which shows Sakelik, Annabelle, Lucas, and a fourth unidentified boy breaking into Olivia's Leland house. They watch as the four intruders confront Olivia and drag her off into a room, but the murder itself doesn't occur on-camera. However, it's clear that the tape is edited and they figure that if they can locate the original tape, they can use it to blackmail Sakelik to take them to Nate.

Roger aims at a standup of the girl from the show, the one that Billy shot in the forest. He misses the first shot but Stuart offers him a second shot. The actor hits it on the second try and the others congratulate him. When they suggest they go back, Roger insists that they stay out and continue shooting.

Jeff dials the phone number on the Moon Hill Video business card and Louis answers the phone by name.

The next day, Jeff and Skye visit the video store and realize that Louis is the disable boy they saw in the Moon Hill photos. They see the Family tattoo on his arm and show him the video. Louis, shocked, insists that it's not possible and they explain that they got it from Annabelle. The video store owner wonders why it doesn't show Sakelik killing Olivia. Zavala comes in, interrupting them, and says that he wants to talk to Louis at the station. Louis wants to make a call first and Zavala says that he can do it at the station. Before he leaves, Zavala tells Jeff to back off and let him handle it.

A short time later, Sakelik meets Stuart at the docks and he tells her that Louis has been taken in for questioning. She says that she'll take care of it but Stuart, well aware of her fight with Louis, tells her to get it under control now. He warns her that they can't risk things when they're so close to getting the answer that they've been seeking. Sakelik complains that things have gone wrong since they abducted Nate, but Stuart warns her that Nate's involvement is non-negotiable and tells her to fix the situation with Louis.

At police headquarters, Jeff and Skye nervously wait outside. Jeff doesn't want Zavala to arrest Sakelik now that they have evidence they can use to blackmail her into helping them. Sakelik suddenly gets into the car, holding onto her gun, and tells Jeff that he needs to drop the matter. She insists that she's trying to get back the life that was taken from her. When Jeff insists that he just wants Nate back, Sakelik tells him that she's just cleaning up the mess and walks away. With time running out before Zavala cracks Louis, Jeff realizes that the unedited tape must be at Louis' video store. They go to the store and break in.

Before Zavala can interrogate Louis, Sakelik gets Louis out of the station. She tosses him in the back of her car and drives off.

At the video store, Skye realizes that there's a hidden room and they soon find the entrance. Inside is a video camera and the newspaper that Nate's abductors showed to Jeff on the video to show him the date of his abduction. They search the shelves and find hundreds of videotapes, including a series dated 1987.

Sakelik takes Louis to Stuart, who says that they have to make a decision. Louis looks nervously at Stuart as the man draws his gun, but then Stuart says that Louis will have to change his name and ditch the store since he's now a fugitive from justice. Sakelik realizes what Stuart plans to do with the gun and insists that she got Louis out before Zavala could find out anything. Stuart points out that he's still vulnerable and reminds her that she has killed for their group in the past, and that he buried the bodies. When Sakelik says that the two children were a threat to their group, Stuart points out that now she is the danger to them. She tries to leave only to discover that the door is locked. Stuart approaches her and says that the answer they've seeking is close, and Sakelik reaches for her gun.

Jeff finds the 1987 tape showing the Leland murder.

Sakelik finally accepts her fate and releases her gun. She says that she loves them all and Stuart promises that she'll succeed, kissing her on the forehead.

Jeff and Skye watch the tape and confirm that it has the unedited scene showing Sakelik stabbing Olivia. They realize that they have what they need to blackmail Sakelik into taking them to Nate.

Later that night, Sakelik drives to a quiet suburban street and kills herself.

Billy takes Meadow to a park to make the exchange with Kelly, who is waiting with Andy. Kelly gives Billy the hair and says that they're even, and he tells her that he hopes her family reunion is what she wants. Once he leaves, Kelly goes back to her sister and discovers that she has a Family tattoo. Meadow describes it as a brand, the way that Billy marks his property, and she reluctantly agrees to get it removed.

Jeff and Skye go to see Zavala, but he tells them that Sakelik is dead and that the department wants to portray her as a hero. No one is interested in the tape and he's dropping the matter. Jeff insists that the True Believers are real and that they still have his brother, but Zavala walks away.

Back at Jeff's apartment, Skye and Jeff try to identify the fourth boy on the tape. Unaware that it's Stuart, they wonder if it might be Steven Rae, and if Steven gave the tape to Quentin. Jeff prepares to go through all of the tapes and notes, hoping to find a clue to Stuart's identity, and warns Skye that Sakelik's death won't stop the True Believers.

Kirstie meets Stuart and assures him that she's doing the right thing. She tries to comfort Stuart, saying that Sakelik was never trustworthy, but Stuart insists that Sakelik was one of them and her loss is devastating. As he leaves, Kirstie calls him "Daddy" and asks if their plan will work, and he assures her that nothing else matters.