Season 1 Episode 5

The Kiss

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Blood gather in the woods at Temple Rock to witness the marriage of Billy and Kelly. Billy gives Kelly a tab of acid, takes one himself, and talks about how the hallucinogenic will free their minds so that they can experience the unseen. He turns Kelly toward the fire, removes her dress, and throws it into the fire, and then asks Kelly if she gives herself to the joining. Kelly agrees and Billy kisses her, saying that she's his only love.

Jeff is at Nate's house visiting with his editor, Bert, who has come to pick up his story. Jeff finishes it and hands it over, and Bert comments about how Nate is still missing. The editor looks at the wall with Nate's notes on Cult and Jeff shows him the photo of Nate that they found at the ranch. As he looks at it, Jeff notices a similar photo on the wall and asks Bert about the medallion that Nate is wearing in both photos. Bert says that it's a sobriety medallion, and he admits that Nate had fallen off the wagon and asked Bert to be his sponsor. Jeff wonders who the other man in the photo and asks Bret who it is, and Bert reluctantly explains that the man in the photo, Dustin Wattrell, was in the sobriety program with Nate and the two of them became friends. The editor admits that he drove Dustin home on several occasions and gives Jeff his address.

At the Cult stage, the crew is getting lunch and Marti admits to Skye that she's not looking forward to the costume party that the network is hosting for 200 contest winners that night at the set. Skye plans to go, while Marti is less than thrilled that she has to give private set tours. Marti asks Skye if she's bringing Jeff with her, and Skye insists that she isn't involved with him. Peter and Lexi hear them talking and Peter suggests to Skye that they should spend some time together. She agrees, more out of pity than anything. Once Peter, walks away, Marti warns her friend against dating two men, and Skye again insists that she isn't involved with Jeff.

Jeff goes to the Wattrell house and notices a black SUV driving down the street. It goes past him without stopping and Jeff walks onto the yard. He sees Lissa Wattrell, Dustin's mother, and claims to be Dustin's caseworker. Jeff starts asking questions and Lissa says that Dustin moved out a month ago. She doesn't recognize Nate from the photo but says that he might be one of Dustin's new friends. When Jeff wonders what she means, Lissa explains that after watching Cult, Dustin made some new friends among people he called "true believers. She only saw Dustin the other day because he came back to get a Billy costume for some party that he kept talking about. The woman then tells Jeff that he should drop the whole thing and talks about how she could sense that Dustin was going bad and figures that he's going to do something at the party.

On the way back to his apartment, Jeff calls Skye and tells her what he's found out. She explains that since the network wasn't covering the winners' travel expenses, many of them sold their invitations online to local people. They figure that Dustin and his new friends bought some of the invitations Skye confirms that Dustin isn't on the guest list and figures that the party should be safe because the network is bringing in extra security. Jeff asks Skye to get him in and she admits that the only way she can do that is to bring him as her guest. He agrees but Skye warns him that everyone there has to be in costume. She assures Jeff that she'll get some costumes for them both out of Wardrobe.

That night, Jeff and Skye arrive at the party dressed as Billy and Kelly. They realize that between the contest winners, the cast, and the security, it will be difficult to find Dustin among the crowd. Marti comes over and eyes Jeff appreciatively, and Skye introduces him to the actress. As Adam, Marti's bodyguard, holds the guests back, Marti introduces one of the winners, Mike, who has won a private tour. Mike is a screenwriting teacher at UCLA and Marti is keeping an appreciative eye on him. Jeff says that they have to find someone and Marti leaves with mike. When Jeff wonders how Marti knows him by name, Skye admits that the people on the cast and crew have heard her talking to him on the phone and figure that they're involved.

As Jeff and Skye start searching Roger pulls up in his 1947 MG with Kirstie at his side. He tells her that he just has to make a token appearance and they can go to dinner, but Kirstie is glad to enjoy the party. As they go in, Kirstie makes eye contact with Duncan and his two friends, who are all dressed as Billy and standing off to one side.

As Jeff searches the crowd, one fan bumps into him and assumes at first that she's his friend because he's wearing the same costume man. As Jeff moves off, Duncan goes to the drink table, tells his two friends that it's time to party, and takes out a pack of acid tabs.

While Roger signs autographs for the fans, Skye bumps into Lexi. The makeup artist offers her a glass of punch insists that her friend drink it. Once Skye does so, she realizes that something is up and a blissed-out Lexi admits that someone has been slipping hallucinogenics into the drinks. When Skye complains, Lexi says that she doesn't see a problem since the party is so boring. Jeff comes over and spots Duncan, and Lexi tells him that Duncan was the one distributing the tabs.

Jeff and Skye follow Duncan backstage and discover that he's talking with Detective Sakelik. She's furious that he's passing out drugs and orders him to give her the tabs. As they watch, Skye starts to feel dizzy and tells Jeff that she needs to sit down.

Roger goes out to his car for some fresh air and a man, Stuart, comes over and congratulates him, talking as if they're old friends. Stuart claims that he isn't familiar with Cult and just came with his date who is a fan. He does congratulate Roger on his performance in one of his early movies, Better Angels, and Roger complains that his best days are behind him and he wishes he was dead. Stuart assures the actor that he's a lucky man, and Kirstie comes up to get Roger. The newcomer finally admits that he has watched Cult, and congratulates Roger once more before going in to find his date. When Kirstie asks Roger who Stuart is, the actor says that he's a real fan.

Jeff gets Skye to her desk where she starts tripping out and flirting with Jeff. As he tries to get her to focus on Sakelik and Dustin, Peter comes in and is surprised and hurt to see Skye with Jeff. Jeff introduces himself and Skye insists that the reporter is just a friend. When Skye tells him to find the guy, Jeff goes back to the party and she assures Peter that it isn't what it looks like. Peter claims that he didn't have any expectations and asks what she meant by finding a guy, but Skye ducks the question and leaves.

Back at the party, Jeff sees Sakelik and stops to talk to her. She claims that she has a friend in studio security and stops by to talk to him occasionally. Sakelik wonder why Jeff is there and he claims that he's found a new interest in Cult. She refuses to take the bait and Jeff tells her that he knows that something is going on and he knows that she knows it. Sakelik keeps a poker face and asks what he knows, but Jeff just walks away.

Marti takes Mike on the private tour and shows him the taxidermy set from episode 8. He starts talking about religious subtext and Marti claims that she doesn't understand what he's talking about. However, Marti lets slip that she does and Mike figures that it influences her portrayal of Kelly. On the main screen, the MC shows the footage of Kelly and Billy at their wedding and the crowd cheers. The MC invites the fans to recreate the scene as a spaced-out Skye wanders out. As she finds Jeff, the spotlight picks out the two of them and the MC gets everyone to encourage them to kiss, recreating the scene. Jeff gives Skye a brief peck and the crowd complains, and then Skye grabs him and kisses him fully on the mouth while the camera projects the whole thing on the big screen. In the shadows, a disappointed Peter watches, while Stuart stands behind him.

Mike asks Marti to show him the Temple Rock set even though it isn't prepared for the tour. As they go there, Marti notices that her bodyguard Adam has disappeared. As Marti talks about how they filmed the outdoor scene with a green screen, Mike starts talking about how Kelly is actually the one who mislead Billy. Marti disagrees and Mike ominously warns her that's not the reality. When the actress points out that none of it is reality, Mike seems to get hold of himself and agrees.

Jeff gets Sky back to her desk as the hallucinogenic starts to wear off. She assures Jeff that she wasn't herself and apologizes, and they hear someone groaning nearby. They check it out and find a stunned Adam, who tells them that Marti was going to the Temple Rock set when someone knocked him out. Jeff tells Skye to call for help and then goes after Marti.

Mike loses control again and grabs Marti, mumbling that she's Kelly and she has to stay. He chokes her unconscious just as Dustin and his two friends arrive and beat Mike to the ground. Dustin insists that they're there to protect the show from nuts like Mike and that they know what he planned because he boasted about it online. Sakelik arrives and tells Dustin to get Mike out of there. Jeff arrives just as a van pulls up with more men, and Sakelik tells them to take Jeff as well as Mike.

When the ambulance arrives, the fans gather to watch and Stuart joins them. He and Kirstie see each other and exchange glances. Meanwhile, Skye apologizes to Marti for not sticking near her but the actress assures her that she couldn't have known. Skye tries to call Jeff without success and Peter, standing nearby, notices how concerned she is when she doesn't get an answer.

The van pulls over on a deserted street and Dustin toss Jeff out. Sakelik gets out and tells him that he should have just let her do a job. Jeff wonders what she's really doing but Sakelik insists that she's a cop and that they couldn't let Mike disrupt the natural order of the show. Jeff asks if she's a True Believer and a disgusted Sakelik tells him that he has no idea what he's tampering with. She writes a URL on his hand and tells Jeff that it's the only reason he's still alive, and then drives off with the others.

The next morning, Jeff makes his way back to the studio and Skye hugs him. They then go to Nate's apartment and check out the URL. It has a video of Nate, recorded just that morning. Nate tells Jeff that he has something the True Believers want, but he's refused to give it to them until he knows that Jeff is safe. He begs Jeff to stop looking for him so that he can keep him safe, and then the video erases itself.

After a night in Roger's home, the actor escorts Kirstie to her car. She makes him promise to text her late to tell him how Marti is doing, and tells him to be careful because of all the crazies in the world. As Kirstie drives down the driveway, she passes Sakelik and Stuart, who are parked in a car watching Roger's house. She nods to Stuart, who blows her a kiss, and then goes on her way.