Season 1 Episode 10

The Prophecy of St. Clare

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap

Billy goes out into the cornfield behind the Family compound. Ranting and raving about Kelly and how she's betrayed him, he plants explosives and then detonates them... leaving the shape of the Family tattoo, the box-within-a-box, but with the corners blown off. Billy then goes back to the compound where his lawyer, Glen Nash, has brought a group of Japanese investors in. The cult leader steps forward and tells them that because of the death of his son, he plans to make his dream of the Michael Grimm Center for Children a reality with their help. However, he winces at a sudden headache and rubs at his brow before taking the investors on a tour.

Skye calls Jeff at home and tells him that she ran a check on the building where the True Believers took her to see the fake Steven Rae. The city owns it and it's currently standing abandoned, and there's no trace of the fake apartment the True Believers built there. As they discuss what to do for supper, Skye notices Edie MacDonald, the actress who plays Meadow on Cult, sitting nervously in a corner. She approaches the actress, who explains that a pair of figurine props for the show look just like ones that she saw as a child. Her mother took her to a house in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead where she met with several other parents, and the owner had the same figurines. The children of the parents tried to scare Edie and eventually Mrs. MacDonald would take Edie away, upset.

As they talk, Skye notices Peter talking to a courier delivering the scripts for the next episode. Peter approaches her and asks about Edie, and Skye asks him how she was hired. He confirms that Steven Rae hired her just like he hired all of the actors, and that there was nothing unusual about Edie. When Peter wonders why she's so curious, Skye dismisses it as nothing.

That night, Stuart invites Roger to dinner at his manor and the actor brings Kirstie with him. When she meets Stuart, Kirstie pretends that she's never met him before, and Stuart ushers them in.

Skye calls Mrs. MacDonald and claims that she's a friend of Edie's, and gets an invitation to see the woman. When Jeff and Skye arrive, Mrs. MacDonald wonders what's going on and Skye asks about the figurines. She explains that she was meeting with the Moon Hill Cult, although they weren't a cult at the time. They show her the photo of the man in the vest that they took from the taxidermy shop and Mrs. MacDonald confirms that his name is Phillip Kellian. He was the inspiration for Billy on Cult, while she was the inspiration for Kelly.

Inside, Mrs. MacDonald explains that Phillip founded the Moon Hill Cult as a sanctuary against modern life. However, she left the group when Phillip began to set himself up as a cult leader, and later she joined the police, just like Kelly did on the program. After Edie was born, Mrs. MacDonald returned there occasionally to try to convince Phillip to turn back from the dark place he was going. Phillip was a television writer and mentored fellow writer Steven Rae. She only knows of one project that they worked on together, and has the script that they wrote.

Once they finish dinner, Stuart finally gets to the reason he asked Roger there: to ask him for a significant factor. Stuart wants Roger to steal a copy of a Cult shooting script, even though they are under heavy security. Roger is reluctant to violate company protocol even though Stuart assures him that it would never leave his possession. Kirstie asks Roger if it would be hard, and the actor agrees to do what he can.

When they return to the studio, Skye runs a background check on Phillip but doesn't find any connection to Steven. Jeff goes over the script and discovers that it was a TV pilot for a man who forms a cult in the year 2005. The script has the title initials TPOSC and Skye recognizes them. They are in her father's notes, which reveal that the title was The Prophecy of St. Clare. The words "Highway 1" are next to the title in the notes, and on Mapquest there is a St. Clare's Church on Highway 1 in Ojai. The church is currently unowned and they set out to investigate it... while Peter monitors their computer use and notices the words "St. Clare."

When Jeff and Skye arrive at the church, they discover that there is a TV antenna mounted outside the main window. Someone has posted toxic waste dump signs to keep people away. Skye checks the Internet and discovers that St. Clare is the patron saint of television.

At the studio, Peter calls who he believes is Steven. It's actually Cameron, the man who impersonated Steven for Skye. Peter passes on what he's learned and Cameron tells Stuart. Stuart assures him that Steven is dead and that Cameron doesn't have to fear for his own life. However, Stuart is intrigued by the church and wonders how Jeff and Skye discovered where it is after they have been looking for it for so long, when it means so much to them.

Billy writes a book of his beliefs in his attic loft at the Family compound. Meanwhile, Kelly accompanies Meadow and Andy to church, and Meadow lights a candle for someone she loves. Meadow comes over and explains that she said a prayer for her dead husband, Douglas. A guilt-ridden Kelly blames herself for failing to rescue Douglas, but Meadow assures her sister that she saved both Meadow and her son. Andy wanders off and Meadow worries that he's still upset at the death of his father. Kelly advises her sister to give Andy time to recover, and Meadow says that she just wants everything back the way it was. She tells Kelly that she's checked with her old boss and he's said she can have her job back whenever she wants.

At the compound, Billy gets an idea and finally starts writing.

Jeff and Skye go into the church and find drawings on the walls that match the ones beneath the ranch where Nate was held prisoner. Vacuum tubes are placed in a candle rack and the altar forms a series of concentric boxes like the Family tattoo on Cult. The antenna framed in the stained glass window forms the same box-within-a-box but with the corners cut off, just like the one Billy made on the newest episode in the cornfield. They realize that the box looks like a stylized television set. Exploring, they find a room filled with televisions and a typewriter with a single sheet of aged paper inside. They find an old VHS machine and play it. On it, Phillip talks about neural fusion and the slavery of the mind.

A car pulls up outside and Stuart, Dustin from the Cult party, and Cameron come inside. Jeff and Skye grab the tape and hide in the attic, and then try to work out who Stuart is. Stuart goes to the altar and tells the others that he remembers that his father, Phillip, brought him there. The three True Believers go into the television room and look around, and Stuart tells Dustin to bring their prisoner in. He then turns on the televisions and Cameron wonders if the book is there. Stuart explains that his father watched all of the televisions simultaneously so that he could find the evil that threatened them all and protect them from it.

Dustin brings in their prisoner and Stuart insists that he's the most gifted of all of their readers. They remove the prisoner's hood, revealing that it's Nate, and Nate sees the drawings and insists that there are messages there. Stuart tells him to decipher the messages and find where the book is hidden. Nate goes to work in the television room while Dustin watches him, and Stuart and Cameron wait in the chapel.

As Dustin plays with a knife, Jeff drops the key to Nate's house near his brother. Nate spots it and manages to pick it up while tying his shoe. Realizing what it is, he looks up and sees his older brother looking down. Nate then goes out into the chapel with Dustin and scribbles in his notebook, and Cameron wonders if there's anything to find. Stuart insists that there's a dangerous truth that they're seeking. While it is being slowly revealed on the show, Stuart is confident if they find the book then they will immediately have all of the answers.

Nate tells the True Believers that the book is outside in the church cemetery and runs outside. The others follow him and Jeff and Skye come in. Jeff is eager to rescue his brother, but Skye finds one of Nate's discarded notebook pages and realizes that it has a note telling them to focus on the antenna. They pry open the frame of the stained glass window and find Phillip's book inside. However, it's in code and they have no idea what it says. As they go out, they run into Dustin and Jeff knocks him unconscious. Before they can rescue Nate, Stuart knocks Nate unconscious when he can't find the book. More True Believers arrive in a truck and Stuart tells them to take Nate back to LA, while the continue searching the church.

Jeff and Skye drive after the truck with Nate, but the driver soon spots them and calls ahead for reinforcements. Another truck with True Believers knocks Jeff and Skye's SUV off the road. Jeff manages to get the car out of the mud and away just in time, but the truck with Nate is long gone.

Kelly accompanies Meadow and Andy to Meadow's old job. As they wait for Meadow's boss, Meadow worries that Andy doesn't recognize her anymore. As the boy holds Kelly's hand, Kelly tells her sister that Andy will recover. Glen Nash--Meadow's old boss--comes out and welcomes her back, and assures her that she can work there again. As Glen and Meadow leave, a frightened Andy pees on himself.

The next day, Roger successfully steals a script and takes it to Roger's manor. When he gets no answer at the door, Roger checks the door and discovers that it's unlocked. Making his way through the house, he hears someone at the pool and assumes that it's Stuart. When he arrives, he discovers that it's Kirstie, swimming alone in the pool. Figuring the worse, Roger storms out of the house and drives away.

Billy finishes writing his book and then ties it up in a binder with three horizontal lines on the cover. He then puts it in a lockbox with another book.

Skye freezes the episode recording at the spot where Billy holds the book up, and points out to Jeff that it's similar to Phillip's. Jeff isn't interested and pours himself a drink. When Skye wonders what's wrong, Jeff shows her a small drawing of a feather at the bottom of Nate's note. He explains that their mother drew it on their napkins when she packed their lunches, and that it meant she loved them. Jeff figures that Nate put it on his note to tell Jeff the same thing.

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