Cupid (1998)

Season 1 Episode 15

Botched Makeover

Aired Unknown Unknown on ABC

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  • Shy assistant meets Cupid = makeover time! Trevor's makeover does some damage that he doesn't foresee.

    This was a really cute episode overall. An assistant on a tv show, Kristy, keeps to herself mostly but is kind, sweet, and has plenty of great ideas for the show. When she attempts to have someone listen to her about her ideas, they don't listen. Trevor's visiting his roommate who's working on the show. He meets Kristy. Kristy of course finds out about the singles sessions that Claire runs and gives it a try. She meets a womanizer that Claire kicked out of the group. Trevor doesn't realize this and insists on giving Kristy a makeover to give her more confidence.

    I love this episode because we can see Trevor auditioning for a tv show, his affection for someone like Kristy (purely as a friend) and we can see how angry he can get at womanizers. He clearly doesn't like men who use women and care nothing about their feelings. Piven was great because when he's angry in this episode he uses a lot of subtly with it and it works well considering how outgoing Cupid is normally. Despite Claire's skepticism about the makeover, it works because it and the experiences resulting from it - give Kristy a lot of self-confidence. Thus, she begins taking control of her life.

    There's also a great dancing scene with Trevor and Claire. Very cute episode.