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  • Cupid was Rob Thomas' first TV show creation, and casting Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall showed promise.

    Romantic comedy on Cupid, the Roman god of love? Or a romantic comedy on a delusional patient and his psychologist? Anyway you pitch that, it sounds like a long shot to say the least.

    Casting Marshall and Piven as the leading duo was however brilliant, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Both acted with energy and bounced of each other.

    The writing went from witty to romantic to heartwarming to referral. Easy to recognize some of Thomas' touches later seen in other works as Veronica Mars.

    I didn't like the 'Champ' character. Too much airtime and way too little interesting. I guess they gave him too long contract and had to use him, because they had to see his side stories was dragging the show down. (As seen in the remake they had learned from this).

    Cupid was a fresh breathe, and with some easy fixes it could really have hit home with a larger crowd. I have few problems understanding the will to try with a remake later, because it couldn't have been easy to walk away from this potential. The remake messed up the casting, but that was along with the idea and writing the originals strongest part.

    Only 14 episodes aired, and a 15th possible to pick up online. They made a couple of directional errors as they went along, and I guess some of those came from inexperienced management of the show. Still. Well worth looking into, as this is early proof 'Ari Gold' is no accidental fluke and neither was cult hit Veronica Mars.
  • A warm and uplifting show.

    This was a very fun and uplifting show about love.each episode could spark your own memories about your own love life. i think this was due to the scenes with the support group. jeremy piven was hilarious in this role. if this had aired now with him and paula marshall, it would probably very popular. my favorites episodes were first loves and heart of the matter. lisa loeb was in first loves, and was a sweet look back at their first loves. watching this episode triggered my own memories, that i have not thought about in years. heart of the matter was a very "untamed heart" style episode.
    i think it was very ironic that the remake ended up having less episodes than the original.although the remake was good, and the new lead grew on you. the original cast seemed more natural. i watched both in succession, and the original just seemed to mesh well.although i absolutely loved the mariachi karaoke of the new one.
    there's a torrent floating around with the 15 episodes and the script to the 2 episodes that they did not them both and see what you think.
  • Bad, but influential.

    It's not that well known or heard of but i'd recomend it for someone who likes comedy,romance or drama because it really is a mixture of both! The story line really is individual because it has two mixed adventures and plots to be solved and by using one of them they solved the other!.i wont say anymore because that would give it away! For final i must say, that the execution is very lame, but the idea is cool. After all, we are not the "money giving men" and we can bring that show back. Good luck to the new series!
  • my review is about how cupid is the best show ever it was wrong to be taken off the air. if it was on today it would be a hit show. i am also trying to find the two unaied episodes, please help.

    this show is a masterpiece. rob thomas ,who created this show, is a genius. cupid was a show that was ahead of its time, it was an hour long show that was a romance show with comedy and drama. hour long shows of this style were not done and therefore not appreciated at the time when this show started. The story between trevor and claie was bound to be one of interesting ups and downs. the obstacles that their relationship could have gone through would have been an interesting journey if just given the chance. i recently discovered the show and therefore at fault for not being one of the true fans that watched from the very beginning. the 2 episodes that were not aired should be able to be shown somehow. i know i would be thrilled if i could be one of the people that was able to see the last episodes of the best show ever. so if anyone has or knows how to see these two episodes please let me know.

    thank you all

  • This show should have never been cancelled. It was unique, funny, and left you feeling good at the end of each episode.

    The premise of the series was simple. A man claims that he is actually Cupid, the god of love, being punished by Zeus. He was sent to earth to match up a hundred couples with true love before he can be sent back to Olympus. Trevor/Cupid, is obviously considered to have psychological problems by people on earth when he claims to be a god, and spends most of his time with his psychiatrist and a few of his friends. Through out the series though, we never learn if Trvor is actually Cupid or just a sick person. The show leads you in both directions at times.

    I loved this show. It was a nice change from all the sitcomesque shows that were on at the time. The characters were warm and likable, and the question of Trvor's godhood kept you interested. Each hour long episode could entertain their audience, even if they were not a romantic. The story did not make the lovey-dovey undertones seemed forced, so you could enjoy watching Trevor slyly trying to hook people up while his doctor watched with amazement.

    The show itself got great critic reviews at the time, it just never seemed to connect with a large audience.If this series comes out on DVD, I will certainly buy it. I don't think I ever got to watch all the episodes myself, since it kept shifting around into different time slots, so I would welcome a chance to see all of this fabulous show again.
  • Trevor Hale is a hapless guy who may or may not be Cupid, the Greek god of love. After being arrested, he falls under the care of psychiatrist Claire. His self-professed mission is to get 100 people to find their 'true love' so that he may return to Mount

    As great as he is in "Entourage", Jeremy Piven was even better as the lead character Trevor Hale in this witty, romantic-comedy-drama as a guy who may or may not have been Cupid, the greek god of love. I'll admit the chemistry between him and the skeptical Claire (Paula Marshall) was very Moonlighting-ish, like many other shows in the post-Moonlighting era, but it worked. The performances were great and the stories were getting even better before they pulled the plug on this show. David Johansen (better know as Buster Poindexter) had a great recurring cameo as Zeus, the head Greek god, or maybe he was just a homeless guy. No show explored the ups and downs of love more honestly and eloquently than this show. Don't think of it as just a romantic comedy. The show had a heart and soul and was able to explore the hypocriscy of 'true love' as well. The last couple of episodes ended badly for the couples involved, setting Trevor back in his quest.
  • A few of us really liked this show

    So many years later, it seems weird to write a review of the programme but I miss it, too - it was a good reason to stay in on Saturday nights. Not since Moonlighting had I seen two characters spar with such wit as Jeremy Piven and the wonderful Paula Marshall. The concept was fun but it was really to watch the two principals battling each week that I tuned in. It's unfortunate that it never found an audience - television needs more character-driven comedies, or was this a drama with comedy? Oh well, at least I have a half dozen episodes on tape so it might be time to revisit Cupid.
  • One of the best shows about love ever produced. Unique, funny, irreverent -- it is an astoundingly effective mileau for talking about and showing love in all its aspects -- eros, agape, et al, etc.

    Why do the shows I love keep getting cancelled by idiot network execs? This poor show got relentlessly bounced around the schedule, usually between "death" timeslots, so that, even with its short run, you never really knew when it would be on. Only the dedicated fan could spot it after week 3.

    The premise is that Trevor Hale claims to be the real god, Cupid, who has been banished to Earth because he P.O.'d Zeus, and is stuck here, powerless, until he unites 50 couples.

    He's powerless, so, he can't prove he's Cupid, just claim it. Needless to say, he's presumed to be a nut case, and is put under the care of a psychiatrist, Claire Allen, who is a specialist on love and relationships, having published several "Dr. Phil" type books on the matter.

    Trevor (doc's orders) regularly attends her large group sessions, continually needling her and making fun of her opinions on things "amour-ous"... and he's right often enough, and his positions reasonable enough all the time, that she can't honestly justify making him shut up without looking wrong in front of the members.

    Trevor's character is played to sparkling perfection by Jeremy Piven, who pulls off a fantastic meld of godlike arrogance and irreverance for all things about him, yet still seems incredibly likeable and fun to be around.

    If you want a quick glimpse of his talent for this sort of character, he has a small, throwaway (scene stealing) part in Rush Hour II as a sales clerk.

    One aspect of the character was that you never truly knew for sure if he was Cupid or not. While he was powerless, he did repeatedly display glimpses of Cupidlike qualities. He gets drunk, one time (pre-show) and a secondary character (a bartender!) comments that he's never seen anyone drink so much and live.

    Paula Marshall plays the Doctor very effectively -- a cool, intelligent, self-assured woman suddenly confronted with this undeniably sharp-witted and unusual individual who can disagree with her and often make her admit she was wrong (You may recall her as the "choreo-animator" on Sports Night)

    The show itself, which broadcast only 14 episodes (although 17 were shot) before cancellation, took its quirky look at love from many different angles. While the centerpiece of the show was romantic love, it cast its eye upon it in relentlessly inventive ways. One episode, essentially, used the background of a sequestered jury to force people to interact (in a clear homage to 12 Angry Men).

    The show deserved a much longer run on TV. Instead, we got to watch "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" for 4 years. Yay!
  • An original, funny, touching and heartfelt show about Trevor, who may or may not be Cupid, God of Love, and his attempts at matchmaking and convincing his shrink Claire, who may or may not be his destined love, Psyche, of who he is.

    Trevor, played by the vivid and energetic Jeremy Piven, is found wandering the streets, claiming to be Cupid. The mental institution eventually let him out on the condition that he sees a shrink, Claire (Paula Marshall), who is also a relationship therapist. She, on the other hand, needs a subject for her coming book, and finds that Trevor's search for love to be a good inspiration. As soon as he's out, he starts matching people up, he needs 100 couples before he can return to Mt. Olympus, and where else to start than with Claire's singles group? Genious and funny!
  • This was one of the shows that should have never been cancelled.

    Right from the pilot episode, Cupid was fresh, charming, and quirky. This was one of the shows that should have never been cancelled. I have seen the lower ratings and wonder if people are getting this show confused with the Simon Cowell reality show of the same name? Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall delivered a ubiquitous chemistry that I haven’t seen in a while. The interplay, the dialogue, and the stories were refreshing. It was a great adult drama with plot lines and characters that linger, long after the show. I miss Cupid. Hopefully the entire season will come out on DVD soon!