Cupid (1998)

ABC (ended 1999)


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  • my review is about how cupid is the best show ever it was wrong to be taken off the air. if it was on today it would be a hit show. i am also trying to find the two unaied episodes, please help.

    this show is a masterpiece. rob thomas ,who created this show, is a genius. cupid was a show that was ahead of its time, it was an hour long show that was a romance show with comedy and drama. hour long shows of this style were not done and therefore not appreciated at the time when this show started. The story between trevor and claie was bound to be one of interesting ups and downs. the obstacles that their relationship could have gone through would have been an interesting journey if just given the chance. i recently discovered the show and therefore at fault for not being one of the true fans that watched from the very beginning. the 2 episodes that were not aired should be able to be shown somehow. i know i would be thrilled if i could be one of the people that was able to see the last episodes of the best show ever. so if anyone has or knows how to see these two episodes please let me know.

    thank you all